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Lover of life (and bare feet and kids and people and dogs). Occasional badass. #marianne2020

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What would make people thrive? - @marwilliamson This is the same question I asked while raising my boys. How can… is amazing. May we Americans also come together in right action. #SeasonOfMoralRepair #Unify I want to know. 👇 #AskMarianneAnything @Bren_egade @CNN @SadiqKhan Ps. Whoops. Just looked at your feed. Looks like you may be Canadian. In which case, sh… @Bren_egade @CNN @SadiqKhan Exactly. #BigTruth #LoveWins #ASeasonOfMoralRepair #IStandWithMarianne Please take a lo… @DNC #MarianneWilliamson must be in the debates RT🕊
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @thecjpearson Healing the Soul of America by Marianne Williamson was published in 1997. And she’s been consistent… @LauraGuzmanTW @JuanitaWaterman @nytimes @marwilliamson I’m from Texas. This meme! 😂 @LauraGuzmanTW @JuanitaWaterman @nytimes @marwilliamson #WeWinWithMarianne @ProfessorLou1 @MaryHollywood4 I’m with you. You might get extra points from the Christmas imps for leaving it. 😉 @lynchem1 Translation: No more low flow toilets and shower heads because- rain.
@lLizzymariaca @marwilliamson @realDonaldTrump @GOP Yes. Yes. 🤭🤭😭 @ProperlySane @The_Humble_Rat_ @wonderwox @infinitebritt @victoreeah @ewarren @marwilliamson 😊 Ok. Then I’ll just r… @ProperlySane @wonderwox @The_Humble_Rat_ @infinitebritt @victoreeah @ewarren @marwilliamson Ah. I get you. My mist… @ProperlySane @The_Humble_Rat_ @wonderwox @infinitebritt @victoreeah @ewarren @marwilliamson Who and what do you stand for? @CarolCHinz @LernerBooks This idea is smart and sane and warming all at once. @JuanitaWaterman This is the article my wife sent me with the message: “I support Marianne Williamson for President… @marwilliamson Thank you New Hampshire. Your task is a serious one. Thank you for taking it seriously. 🙏🏼 @ProperlySane @wonderwox @The_Humble_Rat_ @infinitebritt @victoreeah @ewarren @marwilliamson Wielding power Keith.… @JMMcDonald1 @marwilliamson My dear, You must take a look at the Williamson whole health plan! It’s sure to help y… @marwilliamson lol 😆 Polenta elbow and so so much more. Marianne Williamson is the only one with the guts to talk… @ProperlySane @wonderwox @The_Humble_Rat_ @infinitebritt @victoreeah @ewarren @marwilliamson She’s made it clear sh… @ProperlySane @victoreeah @The_Humble_Rat_ Nope. Serious contender. @ProperlySane @infinitebritt @victoreeah @The_Humble_Rat_ @ewarren @marwilliamson Never say never @marwilliamson Right?! My seat mate on the plane today: “My son’s business is going gang busters. [ ] I see people…
@girlsreallyrule @ewarren No. If @ewarren says PERSIST, at a minimum she needs to pick a running mate who persists.… only force stronger than politicized hate is the power of politicized love.
Retweeted by Stephanie VassalloThis country will change when the people wake up, look at some things that are happening and say en masse, “That st…
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @victoreeah @marwilliamson This is a true integrative politics for the 21st century. I’ll go with the central tene…
#BigTruth I mean it. She means it. #ShesMyPresident @Clancy_Dew @taffyakner @joanwalsh Me. First candidate I’ve donated to in over 30 years. Have been waiting for some… @victoreeah @marwilliamson
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @victoreeah @marwilliamson It's hard to pick just one quote!
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@Iost_on_earth There is only one candidate experienced in sparking transformation. We can rise. #WinWithWilliamson #ShesMyPresident @marwilliamson @marwilliamson #marianne2020 #WinWithWilliamson🕊
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo#ChildrenFirst I mean it. She means it. #ShesMyPresident @laformarianne We win with Williamson. #WinWithWilliamson @KenidraRWoods_ @bronxium @marwilliamson @marwilliamson Marianne Williamson is: brilliant, heart-centered, loving, fierce, inspira…
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @joindontdie @philosophrob She’s been an activist cultivating peace far longer than Gabbard. #DeptOfPeace is the one. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by Stephanie VassalloYep👇. She’s got that right. @ASFreed @TheDailyShow Yes. Pay attention. Serious. Fierce. Intelligent. Moral. Courageous. Sensible. #ShesMyPresident#WinWithWilliamson🕊 #ShesMyPresident @bryanbehar I’m all in for a President Williamson. I’ve been betting on her all along. @SenadoraJulie @KamalaHarris @JohnDelaney @marwilliamson Ps. @SenadoraJulie, I suspect once you know her, you will… @SenadoraJulie I can’t even either. @SenadoraJulie @KamalaHarris @JohnDelaney @marwilliamson Williamson blows me away. She is the 1st candidate I’m FOR… @SenadoraJulie @KamalaHarris @JohnDelaney @marwilliamson @marwilliamson #ShesMyPresident The time is now... To ta…
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@MaryHollywood4 We win with Williamson. We win with Williamson. We win with Williamson. We win with Williamson.… @perolikeporque Marianne Williamson wins. @marwilliamson Seriously good question. I have farmers in the family. @marwilliamson I ♥️ this so much.You can have the best car mechanic in the world, but they’re not the one who can necessarily tell you what road you…
Retweeted by Stephanie VassalloThe undue influence of money in politics is the cancer underlying all the other cancers
Retweeted by Stephanie VassalloWe can walk and chew gum at the same time 👇 @jessmariewrites One day about a decade plus ago, I saw a woman smile in joy on her walk. I declared her smile my… for everyone of every age to awaken and be Fierce. @BeaBirdsong @MariaMarshall_ @mcibooks @MccarthyKitty @nidhiart Mosquito 🦟! @BeaBirdsong @MariaMarshall_ @mcibooks @MccarthyKitty @nidhiart If you think you are too small to make a difference… @jennyisfree Meditate and then go #KickAss. #ShesMyPresidentSomeone needs to call it. #marianne2020
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @AmandaSteinberg ❤️ Back at ya.I just love this. Makes me smile. Inspires me. Maybe we ought to think about that. 😂Oh yeah we should. and then go #KickAss! #ShesMyPresident @rewritingurmind @marwilliamson Thank you for pointing this out Mandalina. It’s part of earth’s #ClimateEmergency @sandyjfisher @jennyisfree @marwilliamson Courageous. Intelligent. Sharp.Thank you! We need #MamaBear FIERCE LOVE in the Oval Office. A Mother knows, sometimes love says, “No!”… is a well known saying among teachers, "Be for your students now the person you wish was there for you then.…
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @jessecrall We love you just the way you are. ☂️ and #Marianne2020 🥰Fierce #MamaBear #Love. #ShesMyPresident do you want as POTUS
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo" It's time to harness love for political purposes." @marwilliamson #Marianne2020
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @BNeidhardt @Jessecornett @reidepstein Must include Marianne Williamson to be inclusive of all voices and truly dem… @TheAndrewNadeau Amazing! Spot on.WILLIAMSON VERSUS TRUMP ◇ SHARE👏 THIS👏 NOW👏 EVERYWHERE👏 ◇ #PresidentWilliamson
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I found this inspiring. @ROC_DC_KTE @chkzulu see her plan to eliminate poverty. #ShesMyPresident @Amy_Siskind President Williamson for me. #ShesMyPresident#ChildrenFirst #ShesMyPresident ALL #WinWithMarianne. #ShesMyPresident FOR YRS these are conversations in our hearts/at home/families/friends & work. We can’t full ourse…
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo#Marianne2020 #ShesMyPresident belittle @marwilliamson's message. yet every time i see and hear her in interviews she speaks the truth with…
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo @HenryRoseSings @Janer6 @marwilliamson #ShesMyPresident.@marwilliamson is officially on the ballot in South Carolina!
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo☂️#WeWillSpeakOut forevermore"We need to create a phenomenon of our own. &..that’s not a human being. But it is an uprising of energy & motivati…
Retweeted by Stephanie Vassallo#ShesMyPresident @Putin_Trump_16 @RWPUSA Yes please.This is step number one to making our democracy and politicians work for the people. #CorporateMoneyOutOfPolitics serious female power FOR democracy, the earth, children, peace, racial repair. Please join us.