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@GinGyptian me and u are on the same wave @NatalieSloth @NickXIII hard tie swallow:(people don’t abandon people they love, they abandon people they were using. @oneeyedghouI i’m getting a tattoo from themwhere the bone thugs attime to get blasted off the baja blasts @DearTragedy_ i gatekeep sorry ❀️ @GinGyptian waiting on YOU my boypretty chill place ngl IN MY MOUF @seikisoft i just listened to this bangeri woke up a bigger hater than yesterday my character development is going great @kaywuzi MAKE IT STOP @oneeyedghouI not me i would die to hear ur mouth being stuffedno one can compare to her it’s not even close
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @gothicskeletons i’m picking it up?
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @gothicskeletons ? @kaywuzi eating sushi? @yungbakaaa my pride and joygood day @6uhh9 β€œwomen lover”poggy? perhaps woggy? @hpinstaller CLICK CLICK CLIKC CLIKC
@caesarpetrie 7.99 OF in bio bossthis where i can get my dick sucked? @Disliked @gwoulies she be SWINGIN that thang all i’m saying @gwoulies @Disliked have u seen her dance before ? @Disliked @gwoulies meow @kevsarcade taking a game by game @kevsarcade i talk to a blocked screen @gwoulies πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί i will tweat u soo gwood otaywβ€œlife and death" by bea jackson
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @gwoulies my kitten needs me would NEVER let my girl around roomy and hpοΎ—ο½Έο½ΆοΎžο½·
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @kisebtw @localIystupid LMFAOO
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @bIoodcuIts make sure to follow me :3 @akieris u need helpeveryone changes for the right one, prob jus not the right one
@GinGyptian found the onebruh y’all go thru the spotify following????? @bIoodcuIts i will never forgive who ever let this happen @bIoodcuIts she’s walked in on u playing smite i don’t think this is worse @bIoodcuIts so protective babeζ–°ε©šζ—…θ‘Œ
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @bIoodcuIts seems like u touched a few nerves with this one rhys @xpiscean cold showersim broke nowk tiempo que de nadie yo no me enamoro
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @hpinstaller ion kno what ur saying but i’m assuming the bitches will love it @idfgii complete downward spiral at this point @Kreigori my goatwearing glasses is a female trait (as a man) what are u trying to see ? cock? @Kreigori waiting for u uzui sir @Trilleey mini @Trilleey duckyhey lol u kno would be crazy ? wild even? if we duod for a game or two??? lmfao jk jk that’s totally a joke ik a gi… @oneeyedghouI @seikisoft glad to have hating ass brandon back i’ve missed him so much @Aishsjs1 LMFAOO @GinGyptian @Trilleey huntsman mini im getting a new one tho i think it’s okay just rather have different key caps @TophatSlays i’m BROKE @kisebtw i prefer to keep my appetiteneed me an anxiety ridden LOSER gf that’s afraid to talk to any other guy
@uyxira ? @GinGyptian ?:3
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿall u gotta say
Retweeted by π™˜π™ŸWOMEN DID THIS TO US
Retweeted by π™˜π™ŸI like my women mentally ill with nicotine and alcohol addictions
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿ @Banana_sm omg. villain arc?loving someone shouldn’t be draining
@GinGyptian talk ur shit @femininepimp way better choice @xttasy ur spitting’ve trusted the trust issues
i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded ig folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i folded i fold… is meant to be
Retweeted by π™˜π™Ÿin a silly goofy whimsical mood
@buffwraithpls @GinGyptian why she almost start laughinggoing through it a bad month