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Writing about fashion. Writing about other things. Zoë not Zelda. She/her.

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@aidankrainock I've just been doing a lot of charcuterie.Took a detour to Vons because I need toilet paper so am obviously in line with that and snacks and wine.But one of the security guards outside of the Children's Hospital was an older black woman who greeted me by saying… fussed up the address in my head so had to walk a few extra blocks.Overdressed to go get my flu shot because the fact that it's only 70 degrees means that this little jacket is comin…'ve been reading as much as I can about what is happening in Nigeria. This is the latest piece that I've read. @theames Amy. But also correct.This goes very well with sipping rosé while in my leopard print fancy robe and slowly dancing around my living room.Surprised that it took two days after watching the Ma Rainey's Black Bottom trailer to land here. to the Cinematic Chillout playlist on Spotify while wearing a sheet mask and am being transported back to… feel like I should watch it while eating a big bowl of Froot Loops.Yes we need new material but also I'm fucking excited. the second one right now while having a glass of rosé.
@ashantiemanee It might be sold out. It was on sale.Thank goodness for NASA because my timeline has pivoted to jokes about the Moon and away from the current discourse. @KaylaKumari This was my shit as a kid. LOVED mine.The second dress is delightfully twirly.They're both from COS.Did a bit of comfy dress shopping because who knows when isolation will end. The second one has pockets. smell of the hot comb heating up on the stove just time traveled from the past straight into my nostrils. @Kristytipsy Opinion piece in the NYDN saying the negative reaction is just about us being uncomfortable with masturbation.I can't believe that this is STILL happening. @dynamofire Seriously! @wildbrad Very excited for her to probably win another Oscar for an August Wilson role. @wildbrad Viola is giving it her all as she does with everything. @teamblock Done. @teamblock Do you need me to DM you? @teamblock I texted you! @alyssakeiko This was years before that, which tells you everything you need to know. @alyssakeiko Was at a holiday party where Messina was very much a topic of White Chris discussion. @alyssakeiko At least my friends did. @dynamofire Watched the trailer today and now I need to finish the back half like I did for The Crown S3 this weekend. @alyssakeiko We did ages ago.One friend: "It’s a love language!" Lolololololol.Have texted the same thing to multiple friends and am just waiting for the various reactions to roll in. @CerebroCast A very Samantha cross section of pop culture, thirst, and history. Lol. @CerebroCast It's you guys, The Age of Napoleon, and Thirst Aid Kit for me because everyone involved really knows their shit. @CerebroCast I'm a nerd who loves well-researched deep dives. @CerebroCast I really love it. I'm learning as much, in a different arena obviously, that I have from You Must Remember This. @SporkenWord It's amazing in my opinion.She loves things heavy on plot, which I don't always need, so I make my suggestions to her with that in mind.Her reading and loving On Beauty on my suggestion is still one of my favorite accomplishments.I understand that we have different tastes and respect that fact, but I always love when she is excited about things that I'm excited about.My mother, who isn't generally into "prestige" films, is VERY excited about Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. And I didn't… to think if a live action drama aimed at tween girls would get released in October in our current era much l…! @KaylaKumari Correct. @tnwhiskeywoman A little but I'm enjoying people's stories alongside the sadness.Now and Then turns 25 today (SOBS!) so thinking about when I sat close to friends while watching it at Cinespia. love complex, heavily styled covers as well, but these two have really been a breath of fresh air.The last two covers have had a simplicity that I really appreciate. I know it's because of the world and they'll pr… I'm late to everything these days, I'm just now taking the time to appreciate this cover portrait.…
Has anyone checked on @erinscafe in the wake of this news? @aeirlys Lol, you're probably right.Why not just do a round dozen though?, he can jump down a well.'re circling very close to "we just can't control ourselves," which doesn't surprise me as they have been using… awful takes are still coming and I only have one question. Are cis men okay? Because they seem not okay.Spotify put Being Alive from the 2007 Broadway revival of Company on my Discover Weekly, and that feels like a pers… @1c3B3rgMama The little raincoats! @Kait2lyn That was this year?!? @blgtylr He is so damn messy.Gonna take a very long walk on Sunday just so I can wear a sweater outside. always. see that things have gotten worse.Shakespearean tragedies, act 1 vs. act 5
Retweeted by Samantha Powell @dynamofire I miss El Chavo SO MUCH.In other cooking things, this shipped today!, I made scrambled eggs with this on Saturday, and they were great. an episode of Miss Fisher's. Literally nothing works.Even my usual insomnia tricks like putting on history documentaries I've seen a million times as white noise have failed recently.Have given myself over to the pre-election insomnia and am in my wingback chair listening to Lorde while gazing at my cut flowers.Looking at the discourse and wishing the drive-in had been a double feature.If you haven't seen the documentary The Two Killings of Sam Cooke, I would recommend it. It's on Netflix. @laurenshippen This seems completely reasonable considering, you know, the world.This is happening now. Evening (Drive-In) Movie Viewing: One Night in Miami. (@ Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA)'ve told myself lies about any number of things, but this was never one of them.Of all of the things I've never given a shit about not having, this is at the top of the list.My therapist tried to get me to delve into this, and I was like "I mean, how am I supposed to talk about something… figured this out via HBO Max on my computer, so hopefully this will be done by Wednesday. shoe racks arrive on Thursday, which means I can unpack my shoe boxes and start wearing things that aren't my glove flats or my Birks.
Dresses that call to mind images one might see through a microscope's eyepiece at Noir Kei Ninomiya. #PFW #SS21 silhouettes sparkle at Junya Watanabe. #PFW #SS21 show didn't happen in Paris, but I'm classifying everyone by where they normally show their major season colle… trio of waists (dropped, disappeared, defined) at Lanvin. #PFW #SS21 away again and came back to...this.So the chances that Viola Davis wins a second Oscar for an August Wilson role are high, right? @kate_mckean Lol, I did ask. I have no idea what I'm doing for a lot of this.I haven't owned a television since I left Brooklyn in 2009, so please share your Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Chromecast opinions with me.The next big purchase will be a television, which I'll do on Black Friday because I'm my mother's daughter and, therefore, LOVE a deal.I know I have nowhere to go on Saturday nights for the foreseeable future but absolutely fucking not.The windows available were 7 AM-12 PM and 12 PM-4 PM, and I almost laughed at the representative on the phone when she said that first one.In far better emails, my new bed is FINALLY ready to be delivered and will be here on Sunday.Got this email from Peloton today and, um, weren't they just having an issue with this?, of course this is what happens when I focus on Twitter for the first time in a day and a half.Here come the fireworks.Have done nothing that but finally finish the second half of S3 of The Crown and rewatch a bunch of the earlier seasons.
This is going to happen again. another Saturday night complaining about men.