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Enjoy music, pop culture references, SD Padres, & anything Cal. GO BEARS!

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UNLV football to allow 2,000 fans at home games at Allegiant Stadium | Reb Zone |
14 years ago today, Marshawn Lynch took an injury cart for a joyride 😂
Retweeted by sdxavieI will never understand #LatinosForTrump. Please share #laloalcaraz cartoons
Retweeted by sdxavie @MLB @budweiserusa #HitTheBuds #Sweepstakes Awesome contest!Confused by Twitter's retweet change? To do a simple retweet still, just click twice without adding a comment. T…
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Pale Ale .394 or Friar Ale 🍻
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Trump supporters, if celebrity opinions didn’t matter to you then why did you rush to Kirstie Alley’s defense when…
Retweeted by sdxavie @sportsbrain Go Atlanta! @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump Just wondering before I vote, what has he done quickly before telling regular Americans, “You’re Fired”?So @FoxNews you’re hardcore on Hunter Biden (that doesn’t affect @JoeBiden ) but no mention on the BS the… to the @RaysBaseball to getting to the @MLB #WorldSeries-especially to ex @padres @manuelmargot & @Hunter_Renfroe
This TikToker just nailed exactly why ‘white pride’ isn’t a thing
Retweeted by sdxavieThank you @Bar_Pink and the whole staff for everything over the years! You are a vital San Diego institution and yo…
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@SarahTrejo It’s 15-0 now, in the top of the 3rd inning. @jrev16 I guess they really want to win tonight, ha ha.😂😂😂👀👀👀 shit is getting real in the Burgh.
Retweeted by sdxavieI see it took Dodgers fans about five days to do a 180 about the importance of having healthy starting pitchers
Retweeted by sdxavie(RETWEET) This may be the most incredible data visualization I've ever seen. It shows COVID-19 transforming from a…
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Padres say Tommy Pham in 'good condition' after stabbing, surgery
Retweeted by sdxavieSome idiot in MA burnt down this display and was arrested last night. Since it's now gone maybe a few retweets woul…
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@mariolopezviva Aren’t you from SD? Didn’t you live in CV? Weren’t there rumors about you in HS? @tdoyle82 Also what Kaplan made fun of for a while-until he believed it. @PadresGeekster Always love the positivity.So bummed that the season is over. However, in the 💩 storm of 2020, the @Padres brought a lot of fun & excitement.… 6 Muslims tried to kill a Governor—Trump would've touted his Muslim ban If 6 Mexicans tried to kill a Governor—…
Retweeted by sdxavie @bernsrose @Padres Happy Birthday! Enjoy!Jackie Robinson's Daughter Rips Trump For Using Dad's Image In Ad, 'Insulted' via @TMZ
Trent Grisham has had a great first year in Slam Diego! RETWEET for a chance at a Grisham-model @SluggerNation ba…
Retweeted by sdxavie.@WilMyers and the @Padres take on the Dodgers in Game 3 of the NLDS! RETWEET for a chance at a Myers-signed…
Retweeted by sdxavieHoodie weather is right around the corner in Southern California! RETWEET for a chance at a @Dodgers or @Padres
Retweeted by sdxavie @diegobrownie YesHere we go @Padres. Time to take game #2. #TakeTheCake #FriarFaithful #KeepTheFaith
That bases loaded no runs situation looming large now.
Omg I’m dead!! this window display in Coronado!🤣 #padres #ripcardinals
Retweeted by sdxavie🚨Reminder: A White House official, on Saturday, told me the First Lady would not be visiting Trump at Walter Reed b…
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@crazycharisma Is good not included this time?SB I-805 north of E Orange Ave, all lanes blocked due to police activity.
Retweeted by sdxavie🚨Giveaway 🚨 #FriarFaithful Stand up SD! In honor of the big series win over the Redbirds I am giving away this Fern…
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Hell yeah @Padres #TakeTheCake #FriarFaithful #KeepTheFaith @crazycharisma @MsMPirate
LFG @Padres #TakeTheCake #FriarFaithful #KeepTheFaithAwesome. @PadsTony18 Apparently ESPN+ does, if you have access to it.Reminder for the afternoon crowd: There is an alternative broadcast for Pads-Cards on ESPN+ with different announce…
Retweeted by sdxavie @DarnayTripp Ruckus @thestevenwoods That’s awesome! @chloebennet OMFG! This is so stupid. Would only make sense if it was Hydra.Greg Gutfeld is on Fox News saying Trump got coronavirus because he’s brave and he was “doing it for us.” Gutfeld s…
Retweeted by sdxavieAlright, who's winning Game 3? Like for PADRES RT for NOT THE CARDINALS
Retweeted by sdxavie @TrevRosenthal Have you heard @buck09 ‘My Town’? All about SD!FREE 👕 GIVEAWAY! ✅ FOLLOW 🔄 RETWEET ❤️ LIKE For a chance to win a free shirt from our MLBPA collection!…
Retweeted by sdxavieIt’s a good sign-@311 blasting through pregame @Padres game #GoodFeelingIt’s almost time. Time to get the #TakeTheCake to the next series @Padres. #FriarFaithful #KeepTheFaith @CoreyAStewart I was in awe.Come on @Padres - need to finish this game with the win! #TakeTheCake #FriarFaithful
@crazycharisma @TeeOhEmm Looks like game moved to 4 pm? @crazycharisma About Hedges? @crazycharisma @TeeOhEmm Cool. Hopefully more days!Wait!? Hedges pinch hitting for Cleveland with them down by a run in bottom of 9th, with 2 outs?Since I’m here, had to get some tater tots @BubsBallpark. Miss this place. Go away Covid-19! @TeeOhEmm @crazycharisma where are you watching the game tomorrow? @neilthebeerman Meet me downtown before the other spot later!
@crazycharisma hey, it’s @britneyspears blasting now from @PetcoPark - I’m sure you hear it!
Retweeted by sdxavie @neilthebeerman Is she on time out, or not all invested yet? @PaulReindlSD Them. Not us. Need to not be sober right now during this game. @neilthebeerman The part with you as a dad I mean. @neilthebeerman This is awesome.Don’t like that the Astros won their series against the Twins. Sorry @neilthebeermanSo hyped for @Padres playoff game now! #GoPadres #FriarFaithful #TakeTheCake @FriarGal Braves finally scored, so White Sox-A’s game will move to ESPN, and our game should be on time at ESPN2. @neilthebeerman I’m close to Petco. At Fairweather/Rare Form with this view. It’s as close as I can get. a way to apparently celebrate my 12 year anniversary on @Twitter, with @Padres first playoff game since 2006!…
🔥FUNKO POP GIVEAWAY! 🔥 4 down 1 more to giveaway! Winner gets to choose 1 of the 5 Funko Pops in this post! Winne…
Retweeted by sdxavieRT & Follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win this Disneyland 65th Anniversary Matterhorn Bobsleds Mickey Mouse…
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The 2020 MLB playoff bracket is set‼️ RT if your team made the postseason:
Retweeted by sdxavie @FOXSportsSD @SycuanCasino #ImWithPomeranz #pickthestick @PadsFan4Ever @crazycharisma @Padres Happy Birthday! Enjoy your bday weekend! @FOXSportsSD @SycuanCasino #ImWithAgler #pickthestick
@TimFromPuyallup If not now, it will be.Lindsey Graham cried about campaign money but not about 3,297 South Carolinians who died of the virus. Got it.
Retweeted by sdxavieIt’s all about watching @MTVClassic and catching @SnoopDogg Gin and Juice and hearing that smoking smoking line. Ha… @DannyVietti Angels tried???? Albert & Othani? @ThatEricAlper The avalanches ‘Runnin Red Lights’Finally! Some good news @Padres @crazycharisma @PootPoot Kind of creepy.“We don’t even want to recognize being a part of a match where these types of actions take place.” Our full statem…
Retweeted by sdxavie @FOXSportsSD @SycuanCasino #ImWithScanlan #pickthestickNo confirmation before the inauguration.
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About to watch @beastieboys set from 2009 @Bonnaroo virtual fest. One of my favorite groups of all time.
This is sweet. gross! I would rather be
Retweeted by sdxavie @Padres @PetcoPark I know you’re not open for the season, post-season, 2020. But get rid of these poster by WMB ticket booths please.
Meanwhile in the barrio
Retweeted by sdxavie @neilthebeerman where you at?My hot girl summer is coming you guys
Retweeted by sdxavie @FOXSportsSD @SycuanCasino #ImWithScanlan #pickthestick @FriarGal
@FriarGal Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it and that the Padres won tonight for your bday!🔥FUNKO POP GIVEAWAY! 🔥 2 down 4 more to giveaway! Winner gets to choose 1 of the 5 Funko Pops in this post! Winne…
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