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Current: @GWUPoE & Freelance Journalist. Former: Senate Counterterrorism Advisor & USG Intel Policy Officer. I like court records & a good story

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@M_Lynx_3000 West coast lynch gone soft. @M_Lynx_3000 Weak sock game.
Valid search when you have you have supersonic hearing. Judge will look kindly on this. it’ll go better when they execute a search warrant on a storage locker. [resends resume]Let’s check in on how the FBI executes no knock search warrants according to a TV show CBS.…
Read them first.....
Retweeted by Seamus Hughes“Officer Michael DeVito said Silva claims he is not really a terrorist.” to reup @AnnemarieBridy piece on 230. was there for the taking on the docket nearly two weeks ago. @HoustonChron bought a drone. DETAILS: Extremists plotted violence and trained at Georgia camp, feds allege
Retweeted by Seamus HughesDamn impressive reporting by ⁦@jason_a_w⁩ @MichaelBKelley @arawnsley Expense security detail to yahoo and we’re in.Looking for wildly different subject matter as a temporary mental break from impeachment coverage? Have @arawnsley
@Tom_Winter @annaschecter @richschapiro I use it primarily for memes and cat pictures. @Tom_Winter @annaschecter @richschapiro @Tom_Winter @annaschecter @richschapiro But I don’t want to drag you. I like you. @vmsalama Working theory, prove me wrong: google knows you’re gonna meet and ultimately marry him before you do bas… @emptywheel Isn’t it more that his other lawyer, save the one, hasn’t read the documents?"Piety Is in the Eye of the Bureaucrat: The Islamic State’s Strategy of Civilian Control" By Gina Vale @GinaAVale
Retweeted by Seamus HughesIncludes some interesting new details on Awlaki. neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell, nfamous from his role as the "crying Nazi" in Charlottesville, was arrested toda…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesLove clever #FOIA ideas? Here's your chance to win $$$ & indisputably prove you're the great requester of all time:
Retweeted by Seamus Hughes Uploaded the docket and court records on @RECAPtheLaw as one should.<Opens twitter> <Turns off notifications> coke traffickers. Latin American cartels. Millions in American cash laundered through a Guatemalan casino
Retweeted by Seamus Hughes @HowellONeill Co-sign. a good a time as any to remind folks that I run a consulting company on how to traverse federal court reco… I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but you should really follow @gwupoe @Jose_Pagliery There’s a method to the search decision madness or I’m well sourced in law enforcement. Who can really say for sure nowadays.Who among us doesn’t search random New Hampshire criminal filings at 930am on a Thursday.Scoop: Feds just unsealed an indictment against Christopher Cantwell for interstate threats. coke traffickers. Latin American cartels. An Iron Lady. Millions in American cash laundered through a Guate… a swing at Cups coffee in Russell should be an impeachment offense.
I’m not sure this line is getting as much play as it should. It’s quite important and it’ll make more sense in a fe… @arawnsley Maybe the real death threats are the friends we made along the way.Adam learned Spanish, I made a new Facebook friend, and we can’t travel to a country anymore. Solid workday. another wrinkle to the Methbot case. Police arrested a new member (who wasn't indicted with the rest of the cre…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesLove data? Study terrorism? Use the Global Terrorism Database? Check out the brand new @GTD_UMD twitter feed for in…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesBrb creating crowdfunding site to build a synagogue every quarter mile in Wisconsin.I’m done for the day. Going for a long walk. Judge orders a guy out of detention pending trial who was arrested a… A federal judge in Wisconsin has ordered Yousef Omar Barasneh, an alleged member of the neo-Nazi group The Bas…
Retweeted by Seamus Hughes @HMonroeNews check your inbox.Morgan Wootten’s jaw dropping life and legacy, by the numbers. These are absurd
Retweeted by Seamus HughesNever tweet. @chrisalbon Not guilty by reason of insanityEvery case settled. Didn’t get the tap, had good coffee, met thoughtful public servants. If it’s any consolation,…, @UA_magazine did a short profile of me and my research. There's also a photo of me staring off into space, whic…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesThere’s also an American angle to the ISIS drone budget. Here’s a piece I did on Maryland man, a series of shell co… on Irish Women, #RosaParks, The Handmaid's Tale author Margaret Atwood and more this season at National Boo…
Retweeted by Seamus Hughes @KurtBraddock @AU_SOC This is great news. Congrats.Class act. Treated every student the same, regardless of whether you were playing basketball. A model for how you s… @ggarciaroberts“Would anything preclude you from serving on a jury?” “I read the sealed search warrant filed by accident a few mo… called for jury duty tomorrow. Very excited to see court filings made in real-time from a different courtroom a… asks to limit public and press access in Schulte case. people Adam makes me talk to are the exact type of people you would expect Adam would make me talk to. Story TK… @orensegal
If people care about MethBot, feds just unsealed charges against a new person. cc: @jeffstone500 @briankrebs from me: a profile of Brigadier General Ahmed Foruzandeh, Qods Force general who was in charge of running Irani…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesFeds just charged the alleged leader of a large scale scam malware tech support ring., FBI released the Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report for the first half of 2019, which covers crime…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesSo overnight Apple banned about 20 “terrorgram” Telegram channels from being viewed on iOS app. This sitch occupied…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesBeat to the punch by my coauthors @amhitchens / @SeamusHughes, but proud to announce that our book (and my 1st book…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesMust read of the morning. personal news...👀
@JimLaPorta My job is to get out of your way of scoops. @Kalvapalle Yep. Either I move or I don’t for ten to twenty. @LittleMelian @gwupoe Yes. 84.Maybe don’t make fun of the overweight guys in camo till they don’t have their guns slung over their shoulders in a mass protest.On MLK day, I’m reminded of RFK’s speech on his murder. “Let us dedicate ourselves to what the Greeks wrote so ma… @arawnsley for knowing exactly what convoluted story it is and @amhitchens with the book experience, I feel… @OzKaterji @rashadzali1 Congrats!If not one follows up, did it really actually happen is a thing @gwupoe doesn’t want to find out. up the google doc on the long weekend. ‘I think I got it, now.’ Scans words before -30- Immediately closes i… ⁦@bentaub91⁩ lays down his cards, pushes all in, and makes a case. editors, besides today: reporter descends on Richmond. Me trying to get them to cover a white supremacist case any other time: Remember the young Afghan poet who lost his father, his sister, his eyes, & his 1st love to the war? There was…
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‘Researcher Tests 'Vaccine' Against Hate’ featuring findings by the great ⁦@KurtBraddock⁩‘2 Officers Shot, Killed in Hawaii; Firefighters Battle Blaze at Suspect’s Home: Report’ piece of reporting, fascinating story. @SkinnerPm Just here for the ratio. @arawnsley This is your best tweet because it combines all your niche interests seamlessly.Today we remember Deputy Chief Steven J. Bonano died on January 17, 2015, from blood cancer he contracted after inh…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesA small island off the coast of Ireland is looking for two people to run its coffee shop
Retweeted by Seamus HughesCaptain Sully and every single speech pathologists > vs all your mean tweets.
We all have the ability to evolve. We just shouldn’t be richly rewarded for the evolution so quickly.Dar al Hijrah got 100k from DHS this week. A year and a half ago its leadership was pushing the virtue of female ge… @senatorshoshana @jaketapper @RSI @RosenzweigP @jaketapper @senatorshoshana @RSI @RosenzweigP Tough for all of us, really.(Whispers) people make mistakes, they hopefully learn from them, don’t drag them if they eventually do the correct… @kenvogel @rfhyde1 Tbh, Not wrong. think you made the right choice because they were already burned, just interested if you debated it.If you’re willing, Interested in if you struggled with an internal journalistic debate on whether this line would b… in the lead up to and then on Monday there’s really only one person to follow: @jjmacnabIf you love to tell tall fish tales, we might have a job for you. The Fish and Aquatic Conservation Program at U.S.…
Retweeted by Seamus HughesI’m very much here for the meth vs addreal chemical makeup debate twitter I inadvertently started with a court doc… @amhitchens Shoulda happened years ago.