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I try to tweet about DevOps but I usually end up tweeting about politics. He/Him.

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@samhogy I like it - the red ones tell you to stay away from that person, and the green ones tell you to stay very… @ChristerEm @francesweetman What I mean is that people who are relying on information from the government's stateme… @francesweetman Everyone knows that murder is bad. Many people are not necessarily as up to date with news of Covid…
This is fine. @The_Dorset_Knob @katebevan Neither! It's clearly "for fuck's sake!"i literally spit out my water
Retweeted by Sean GrayI haven't touched another human being for 16 WEEKS and I hate everything. I'm still not going to the pub today beca… luck, herd.
Retweeted by Sean Gray @rosstimson ... to acknowledge your class argument, I don't think that those of us who have jobs where we can safel… @rosstimson I don't think the pubs or the hairdressers should open and I completely blame the government for this.… can only think of two possible explanations. 1. The Government is entirely incompetent 2. The Government is d…
Retweeted by Sean Gray @alittlebit @Paulxthompson This is my plan - I'm aiming to go to the supermarket at prime pub time and hoping that makes it quiet.
@REDROMINA Man goes to a Halloween parade but it rains, so he can't smoke. He sees some butterflies and buys a pot.The biggest lie in Software Engineering is that it is about computers and not people.
Retweeted by Sean GrayWhen the only people’s freedom of speech you defend are racists, you’re probably not a champion of free speech. You…
Retweeted by Sean GrayNick Ferrari | Hi @LBC next time you have Bozo on how about surprising him with this guest interviewer? #BorisOnLBC
Retweeted by Sean GrayHi @Windows! You know that thing you did in the recent update where you tried to push Edgium onto me until I had to… @ingridoliver100 I'm a single people and can confirm that this anger is very justified.You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
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An epidemiologist, an ICU doctor, and a scientist walk into a bar.... Just kidding.
Retweeted by Sean Gray @TeagueRoger @JGForsyth @ChinaResearchGp That's not a Lenovo-specific issue - all laptop manufacturers do that base… loss of free movement is a tragedy. The triumph of the closed minded. A rejection of the freedom of the individ…
Retweeted by Sean GrayConservative MPs are today asking you to applaud them for abolishing your freedom to move to 27 other countries for…
Retweeted by Sean GrayThe number of people who still don't realise that they're cheering the abolition of *their own* freedom is a direct…
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Current state: I fucking hate computers
Retweeted by Sean Gray @mikeysmith To be honest, clapping for bankers and giving big bonuses to nurses sounds much better than the other way round.How convenient he’s making his Big Speech today on the last day the UK can ask for an extension to the transition period.
Retweeted by Sean Gray @kubernetesio Hello hello! I'm trying to install kubernetes on Ubuntu as detailed on but wh… fury can barely be contained. This was entirely predictable, and parents returned their kids to schools based on…
Retweeted by Sean Grayi want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and i'm not kidding
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In answer to my question the Minister has confirmed that each glove is counted as a separate piece of PPE, so when…
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@katebevan Honestly, I'd be impressed if you could even get Twitter to agree that the Very Best Cat is a cat without starting a holy war.Oh, good. @garius This sounds like a lesson that Tolkein could've done with learning, himself. As much as I love the setting,…
Boris Johnson said this week that "I want to see bustle and I want to see activity" and told the public to come out…
Retweeted by Sean Graywhy? why would you do that?
Retweeted by Sean Gray#TheWeekInTory (Wed to Sun) 1. Let’s start with the milder corruption: it was revealed Matt Hancock tried to block…
Retweeted by Sean GrayThis is exactly what the government is planning. Don't fall for it.
Like this, but the bricks are on fire
Retweeted by Sean Gray @tashatam14 @btnbluestwos @ReedoMUFC @ChrisClarksonMP We could do both. This government will do neither. @btnbluestwos @tashatam14 @ReedoMUFC @ChrisClarksonMP The tests can be turned around pretty quickly when properly r… @Tobias_Ellwood Have you checked to make sure they're not all just testing their eyesight? @tashatam14 @ReedoMUFC @ChrisClarksonMP The value is when someone tests positive. Then they can be sent home to min… @mrjamesob Why is there a French flag on the fuselage?A thread on why I now use Linux on everything other than my gaming machine. @_Tomalak @Nick_Craver I tried to launch putty this morning - a piece of software that I have installed and has an… @JakeWilsonCraw I think I get around that one by having really long and random passwords that I can't remember, and… @smithstontinsm @JordonLee @RLong_Bailey A good start would be to stop calling every swing voter a Tory. There was… @RLong_Bailey It's odd that she doesn't seem to reserve the same venom for people who voted Labour in LIB/CON margi… @skankyfish Addendum, though: Being locked up alone 24/7 is fucking awful, and I don't know how to finish this sent… favourite zombie movie is that one where the survivors all got bored of the zombies so decide to reopen the pubs…
Retweeted by Sean Gray @JakeWilsonCraw I've removed Twitter and Facebook from my phone. I recommend it.‘’In the absence of the Coronavirus briefing, here are today’s deaths: Germany 0 Belgium 9 Netherland…
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@Michael1979 Shit like this is why I use @DuckDuckGo.Boris Johnson confronted over claim no country has working coronavirus app
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Retweeted by Sean Gray @Nebby_99 @davidwengier Good news! 5001 will actually return "$2,001 - $3,000" because Enumerable.Range doesn't wor… the pubs re-open, it doesn't mean the virus has gone away. It just means they have room for you in intensive care.
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I dunno, I just feel like an economic system that asks us to risk our lives in the middle of a pandemic by telling…
Retweeted by Sean GrayEveryone on Twitter is now on Team Racist or Team KPop. There are no other options. @mountain_stoats I don't really know what my point was. I suppose it's that it's not about the pub; I just want to see the people. @mountain_stoats Pubs shouldn't be opening, but if I'm honest, my mental health is such a mess after 14 weeks of th…'t wait to stay at home for the foreseeable future because I would rather be safe than trust a government that r…
Retweeted by Sean GrayThe government says from 4th July you may eat out with friends from more than two households of any size if you are…
Retweeted by Sean Gray @RantyHighwayman @NewCycling This looks fantastic, but that bin really should be on the far side of the crossing. I… @SpillerOfTea What happens to those who disagree with their boss over whether or not they're ready to go back in to work?
@Wesomek Why is Boris Johnson in this poll twice? @awhalefact Ok but could they please make sure they observe social distancing rules?
Here is Health Minister Helen Whately’s response to concerns from a student nurse In it she says “student nurses a…
Retweeted by Sean Gray @TomTugendhat I'm confused - if you don't want Scotland to leave the UK, why has your party been working tirelessly… @natehiggins She had the audacity to be on Twitter while not being white.I don't mean to freak out anyone, but
Retweeted by Sean Gray @CllrTimHodgson @natehiggins I think that might be hard to sell if we can't get rid of the current rabble in Westmi… @Femi_Sorry
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@GarethKaneLD Ah yes, of course! If we're not visible enough, it's our fault because they couldn't see us, but if w… @GarethKaneLD But were you wearing a helmet and high viz jacket and at least 16 lights?
@finland_uk @jessphillips Nobody's taken her freedom of speech away - she can still say whatever she wants; Twitter… good news for a change. @jrlovepanda @EmmaKennedy She hasn't been censored; she can still go and stand on the street corner and say whateve… @skankyfish From an academic point of view, that's quite an interesting screenshot. Comparing the expected and actu… could make every decision by coin toss and the results would be more competent than this. stop referring to the “NHS App”. It was developed by a private firm. The NHS tag was used to legitimise it.…
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@peteallsopp1 @retroclick1 @AEHALL1983 @DavidLammy Did they call me a bot? :D I can't see what they said because th… thread on the ‘bathroom’ issue surrounding trans rights This is not some minor distraction, it’s a real and…
Retweeted by Sean Gray @AEHALL1983 @DavidLammy Whereas Raab works for an organisation that's been defunding the police for years.
@agnessjon God I hope so!“Don’t worry about the end of freedom of movement, new customs checks in Northern Ireland or the fact that you migh…
Retweeted by Sean GrayBecoming a programmer is a total bait and switch. You start by getting this giant rush of accomplishment by writi…
Retweeted by Sean GrayJust spent half an hour swearing at docker for not copying all of the files I told it to into my image. Turns out… @mountain_stoats Also all the deaths from the virus that the government's just giving up fighting. @GregHands Great, now can you explain how you're going to fill the gap between the value of the trade deals we're t…
Retweeted by Sean GrayA message to Matt Hancock. You knew the death figures were lower because it was the weekend, yet you went ahead an…
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Programming languages that use nil instead of null, WHY?! @doctorcol @NavyLookout @pogomcl2 Yes. This is the real story.Right, we’re on a roll, let’s see if we can get Ruud Van Nistelrooy to come out in favour of proportional represent…
Retweeted by Sean Gray @ridiculous_fish @rosstimson That was literally the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Switched to KDE Plasm… @BorisJohnson has U-turned on summer free school meals for England. 🚨An extra £120m to be spent on exten…
Retweeted by Sean GrayWe're with you @MarcusRashford. No child should go hungry, so we're extending our free school meals scheme througho…
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