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Esthetician, Content Creator, and Fenty Skin Global Ambassador. Features: Vogue, Rolling Stone, InStyle, Into The Gloss, Essence Magazine + more

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y’all getting a thumbs up 👍🏾— that’s IT.I will drop dead before I ever give a man another compliment. @HansJacobSchmi1 exactly 😌It’s expresso bc you drink it real quick.
Retweeted by Sean Garrette @ChloeMorello 😂😂😂I misspelled espresso on my story (lol) and received literally 50 DM’s correcting me...y’all have nothing else bett… @bbnojutsu it’s medical grade silicone, it’s antibacterial.My routine after shaving or after seeing my barber: Cleanse Tone Sulfur Mask Treatment/exfoliant Serum Moisturize… a few times a week I like to use a silicone cleansing brush (like the Foreo) to deep clean my beard and neck a… + discount codes for Paula’s Choice & Naturium are linked 🔗 in my bio 🖤These products can be applied + used on the face, body, and bikini area up with your favorite moisturizer, and always use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or 50 protection in the mornings.after treatment, you want to replenish, hydrate, and nourish the skin with ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic… you shave and suffer from ingrown hairs, here are a few products I love help prevent + treat Treatment: Sulfur… started making matcha lattes in my Nespresso frother — best decision ever.Net-a-Porter has excellent shipping and service too. @rosedommu lmao literally. I placed an order today and it shipped 6 hours laterI went to a drive-in movie today for the first time. It was so cute.SSENSE really has the best shipping and customer service. @jazzyjaythrees noSSS: SundaySkincareShelfie — Just posted this shelfie on Instagram (@seangarrette). Learn more about the products a…
Retweeted by Sean Garrette @YungYinkv and her neck
“coin” is such a ugly word lol🆗🆒 @seangarrette you weren’t lying about the PTR Sulfur Mask. Tried it for the first time last night, and I’m convince…
Retweeted by Sean Garrettemy handyman said that my apartment is an Airbnb dream lmao. That’s a great compliment coming from a straight man.mounted my tv today and it’s crazy how that little step brought the room together lol. Figuring out how I want to style the console under itand replaying scenarios in my head @AhniyahGold 😭😭😭UNBEARABLE. I managed to changed the batteries but it won’t stop lmao is boring boots. @AhniyahGold I hear the pain in this tweetmine not only beeps (loudly) it speaks (loudly) every 15 seconds saying “low battery”I need a man to please come change the battery in my smoke detector. I’m about to scream and I cannot reach it 😭
@juanskindiary That one is super subtle and nice! I loved the Tulipmania scent too. I bought a fragrance instead to make up for it lmao @SofaKing_classy yeah, I realized the lumens were too low. gonna switch them out this weeknot the girls lined up outside The Real Real @LaBeautyologist so beautiful. I bought new glassware and a lamp lmaoByredo hand washes are sold out globally 🥺 @jadorejcc lmaoso i’m in CB2 and I want to re do my entire homeChanneling the Princess of Crunk&B @BlkLuxeLife 🥂 @peachkult 😭chef doll them with garlic, spices, and coarse black pepper. Then I marinate them overnight with a little honey chipot… chicken thighs in the air fryer 🤤👌🏾I’ve been cleaning my house since 9am. I woke up in a mood and just cleaned until I felt better lolInstagram — @Seangarrette
Retweeted by Sean GarretteJoin the Skin Doll Community by following me on Instagram + TikTok (@seangarrette) I educate and cover topics like…
Retweeted by Sean Garrette @KhaliCeee 😭😭so.... I was standing over my candle changing a lightbulb and my damn shorts caught on fire lmaoif y’all haven’t noticed i’m very particular about everything — even lightbulbs lmaothis is random, but I do not like LED light bulbs. they have the dullest light. maybe I should switch to 100W instead of 60W @_Vaun scooter did her dirtyThere was one point in my life where I was obsessed with UK Girl groups, but specifically Girls Aloud. I would watc… @_Vaun TASTE!!!!!!I just be......... thinking, she’s needs to be arrested for attempted murder 😭
me after my brow lift and BBL @ikyledayton 👼🏾 @SOA2point0 😂😂me on shrooms feel like Dua Lipa would eat up a country song
Retweeted by Sean GarretteThe Doll on @RollingStone magazine today! Talking about @fentyskin and the importance of diversity and inclusion wi…
Retweeted by Sean GarretteOn Newsstands TODAY — I’m featured in @InStyle Magazine’s Beauty Lockdown Lessons. This is so major and i’m so hono…
Retweeted by Sean GarretteToday my feature in @TheCut’s ‘Why Is Your Skin So Good’ series went live! I shared some of my favorite products in…
Retweeted by Sean GarretteDoll Vision 20/20 🐻🤎
Retweeted by Sean Garrettefuzzy doll
Retweeted by Sean GarretteAh! finally my @WhoWhatWear Beauty Wardrobes episode is out! Part one is live on WWW IGTV — yes, we had to do two p…
Retweeted by Sean GarretteI had the chance to sit down with @TheCoveteur and talk about genderless beauty, being a black male in the beauty s…
Retweeted by Sean Garrette🐻🤎
Retweeted by Sean Garrettenew headshots? 🖤
Retweeted by Sean GarretteI’m beautiful, wow. @safikhadi @sknperfct @alicialartey @olaoncecarey thank you for joining us!I think I want to mount my television in my living roomFavourite talk to date. Thank you @seangarrette for dropping so many gems 🥺💜 #SkinTalks
Retweeted by Sean Garrette @theskinducer 🥺🖤that’s literally my favourite serum, bought my first bottle months ago bc of @seangarrette and now i’m not sure how…
Retweeted by Sean Garrette @_damidare oh yesssYes @seangarrette with the word! It’s the wisdom for me #skintalks I’m running to go buy the Paula’s choice omega complex serum ❤️❤️🔥
Retweeted by Sean GarretteThere is really no need to be overusing exfoliants the way tiktok skincare is encouraging please
Retweeted by Sean GarretteY’all heard? @seangarrette exfoliation is a bonus in a skincare routine, not an essential! #SkinTalks
Retweeted by Sean GarretteFirst of all, THEE DOLL, @seangarrette answering my skin question was the birthday present I NEEDED! Thank you all…
Retweeted by Sean Garrettei know @seangarrette wouldn't lie to us but he really didn’t lie about the PTR sulfur mask 😭
Retweeted by Sean GarretteJoin @sknperfct, @alicialartey, @LateefSaka and me now on clubhouse with the doll and global fentyskin ambassador…
Retweeted by Sean Garrettehave y’all watched #WandaVision yet? @YungYinkv @Andy they are 😭after that billboard spread, I need Dua to have 30 inch bundles permanently.This is definitely giving “and the winner of ANTM is...Dua Lipa” Tease!!
Retweeted by Sean Garrette @_clxtchzillaa__ nothing is brilliant about that lol. brands would actually be more inclined to work with you if th… @jadorejcc new york aint new york during covidiana @jadorejcc NY!
@hausofJazzy lmaooo right. baby thank yourself. @theglossier I really don’t get it @CarolineHirons 🥴😭wait, y’all be buying products and pretending they were sent as PR? 🥴I should be more active on CH but last nights room was really fun!