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Sean @seanlitwin Minneapolis, MN

undergrad biology student @ augsburg university || shoe guru (the “shoe sean”) || he/him

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Can’t wait to see what middle guy has in store for us 😈 be waitin in mad long lines to be votin in the ppl that put the systems into place u were protesting against all summer
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Retweeted by SeanDON DRAPER: I have an idea for a game. I call it “Halo.” ROGER STERLING: Don, I’m not sold on this. I’d rather try…
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LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the first day of early voting in Red Hook, @NYPD76Pct officers confronted community activists handing out PPE in…
Retweeted by Sean @GRRLmusic I’m fully endorsing this ideaHe’s doing great!
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mans rocking the geppetto 11's
Retweeted by Sean @Seamus_Malek “It’s the thought that counts” -Ancient Sudanese proverbIncredible to see a method actor really “in his element” Borat Goes to the Supermarket
Retweeted by SeanWatching Dune
@twothickscoops Ah a man of cinema I see 🤵 @peterberkman Handsome lad!this sucks lol
Retweeted by SeanProtestors in #Nigeria discovered today a warehouse of Covid19 food aid in Lagos that was meant for people but is l…
Retweeted by SeanI'm going to the bathroom...:)
Retweeted by Sean @twothickscoops will from gmailI also wanted it to look like a ps2 game promo somehowguess who tried making the 'heavy metal' style font
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Retweeted by Sean~5 inches of snow calls for the ShoeSean go-to winter shoes, the Undercover X Nike Gyakusou ACG Gaiter’s, an absolu…
@zizzerino The original or the remake?i'm only getting my news from videos with this style of thumbnail from now on @mrk_rbnsn the great spooky snowstorm of 2020 @mrk_rbnsn I wish it were so mister marker! to five inches o’ snow
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Retweeted by SeanWatched Lost Highway last night, really liked it. Loved the twilight zone -esque mood it portrayedPOV it's 1963 and you just got roped into a helluva gig by the CIA
Retweeted by SeanHatsune Miku has officially done more to stop coronavirus than the president of the United States
Retweeted by SeanChair Jitsu with Mikhail Sponsored by: @KILLCLIFF
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Retweeted by Seanthe olive aisle at the grocery store is really busy
Retweeted by SeanEating a burrito the way a masterful instrumentalist would play the harmonica
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@lDOLisDEAD I was there in spirit @peterberkman @justin_marquezz @arixant @wearewavedash A real dapper gent...?
scream! #ツインピークス名場面かかし #twinpeaks
Retweeted by SeanThe HYKE x adidas FYW XTA / SEEULATER GTX collection is set for a release on 11/25
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Retweeted by Sean"SICK" - OUT EVERYWHERE NOW
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Retweeted by Seanjust set up this really sick apple cart. totally tricked out! hope nothing upsets my very sick apple cart
Retweeted by SeanIT’S SNOWINGThis website has reduced my brain to a soup that sloshes around in my brain @peterberkman Their own... icon @twothickscoops @matrixreloaded_ Would highly recommend Hoka trail runners (gore-Tex)
she was a mirage in the desert...... a thirst trap.....
Retweeted by Seanthis is a reference that 90% of americans understand. weird that this guy who's so obsessed with our politics doesn…
Retweeted by SeanEpic gamer meetupJill Biden on campus?! @arixant Not to mention the lives of othersAt the Porton Down what?
Retweeted by SeanMy life would be so much easier if I had a log lady tell me things
Retweeted by SeanAlyx face mask, who dis wife, happy life 😎
Not wild about the midsole color same pair revealed by Samuel Ross!
Retweeted by SeanLet me be Heather, Kamala
Retweeted by SeanChromatin animation test, inspired by a lot of stuff I've seen over the last month
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Good afternoon
Retweeted by SeanInstagram ads are just a symbiosis of something that trended over two years ago mixed with something from less than… changs is so good
Retweeted by Sean @flossfurman Rudulf al-Julyanu
might buy some $200 japanese steak knives & instantly ruin them by using them to saw through the clamshell packaging of my new shower radio.
Retweeted by SeanWhile doctors have questioned Trump's plans to exchange open-mouth Loyalty Kisses with supporters at his rallies la…
Retweeted by Sean @om_neb Oh sweet pandemics over?!based on the "old school italians" facebook group today i really do think italian-american boomers think the sopran…
Retweeted by Sean @Seamus_Malek Seamus I think we can formally strip Tim of his partial Irish ancestry for thisspoon is cheaper than change the whole fence
Retweeted by SeanHow it started vs. how it’s going
Retweeted by SeanTo quote from my latest video (ADVICE TO THE GIRL SCOUTS FROM A REAL SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN), "Are you out here to…
Retweeted by SeanBefore this meme gets completely played out... How it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by Sean @noahjmead It’s a pretty good deal, but since Nvidia and AMD just announced new cards eBay is gonna be flooded with… someone with COVID do *this* [accidentally crashes guided missile destroyer USS John McCain into a Liberian o…
Retweeted by SeanWalk a mile in my sketchers
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Macrophages can have little a pathogen, as a treat @dickerzanti I still wanna know exactly what they do to prevent curdling, if it’s the freezing or just slow pouring…
Retweeted by Sean @noahjmead Pretty much anything newer is gonna be good, maybe look at the AMD cards in your price range @noahjmead What’s ur CPU?(listening to a chainsmokers song) oh shit is this aphex twin
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⚠️🚨 Currently in urgent need to remove both wisdom teeth directly impacting my molars and gums and can't afford sur…
Retweeted by SeanJapanese posters for the Coen brothers' No Country for Old Men
Retweeted by Sean @om_neb Omar, last we spoke I believe we talked about getting pants with cool/fun patterns on them. If the next pos… they’re all so cute but i don’t know if i can take one away from its mother and siblings pumpkin patch employee: ok
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Retweeted by SeanMe loves the Jimmy"SICK" - SINGLE NO. 3 OUT OCT 16 THANKS
Retweeted by SeanWatch an anti-surveillance make-up tutorial from @pussyrrriot 👁️
Retweeted by Sean @Seamus_Malek “As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a politician” -Joe Biden
Retweeted by Seanseems about right