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If I die for any reason do not accept the coroner’s conclusion. Only listen to @grubstakerspod

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Things you have to do when you’re planning to implement popular policies that will be well received by the citizenr…
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I did a dive today into why West Virginia is so rapidly outpacing other states in their vaccine distribution and it…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectWhen it’s literally your job to run defense for the democrats Prospect and The Intercept have learned that Renata Hesse, a former Obama Justice Department official who then…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectDeutsche Bank employee in bio Biden to address nation after sophisticated bioterrorism attack by combat veteran who was active in the Qanon m… do the dam false flag attack alreadyStop saying that what the fuck! of the guys who spearheaded Prop 22. he is so much the guy you’d expect him to be it’s nauseating
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect @AdamFriedland Let’s get some pump and dumps goingThe reddit-americans are going to be the next generation in power in this country. That's going to be the calm cent…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectNew episode up on the patreon featuring the inspiring and true story of one Bernard Madoff
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectso two brothers, whose adopted father is a retired major general who now works for the Defense Industry and the Pe…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect @YungSpengler They already want to coup him for walking back the corrupt energy sector privatization deal his predecessor struck.🐐🐐🐐 @StupidpolX The account of the assassination itself is probably the most questionable part of the book but he reall… Biden begins his presidency in the strong position of quibbling with his supporters over $600 @drugs_is_sex It’s a big club and you’re not in it @plagueofelbows It’s real. Beck made Soros a lot of moneyWhen Glenn Beck was at his prime ranting about the coming hyper inflation he was taking undisclosed payments to urg… @EBBerger Might as well buy gold and silver now because right wing talk radio is gonna be nothing but talking about… they should also ban every person who responds like this to any news about the stimulus
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connecti have watched this probably 30 times in the past 24 hours
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectWould really like someone to ask Ayanna Pressley who she thinks murdered MLK and whether they acted alone.
Shame on the house of Dorsey. ShameHE WAS A SHITPOSTER ON TWITTER @Logo_Daedalus That’s right*crowd chanting* Smash the Clinton portrait. Smash the Clinton portrait! Poitras, the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist who was the first to work on the top secret NSA mass surveilla…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectAs the author mentions at the end he does not cover JFK’s policies toward Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union… was not some angel on Earth. He was interested in the long term prosperity and stability of the United States.… is a good warts and all overview of JFK’s foreign policy and why it led to his murder. For too long the left h…’s funny that Lauren Boebert offers people absolutely nothing except that she will bring a loaded gun into Congre… is from the same day he announced that he’s haggling down the checks he promised people phrase is a Twitter cliche, but Owen Jones genuinely does hate it every time you share this article of mine fro…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connecthe said this after $600 checks passed!
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect @MWilliams_47 Thank You for Using GTL by Drakeo the RulerWithin 18 months of emancipation, 50% of kids from the foster care system are homeless. Next time some oligarch w…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect“Looks like Biden is breaking his promise” Might as well get that on a hot key if you’re gonna be a reporter these… @MWilliams_47 It’s paleo @allegedlyzo You were right thoThat would be an example of actual 4-D chessWould be pretty funny if all of Baked’s anti-mask meltdowns (and maybe even the anti-mask movement generally) were… historically significant moment that Americans get to live through and most of the writing on it exists only… political science section of a modern book store is a grim place. @JesusZeSupaJew Tap in @gnomechomskyy Icarus was carrying documents related to the Finders and majestic 12
@anti_minotaur I think you’re missing my pointWhen people burn down congress for the wrong reasons @anti_minotaur A modern restoration of the new deal coalition @wspieler Maybe he wanted to blend in to steal the speaker's lectern. Smart strategy @anti_minotaur It could make a claim legitimacy during the new deal period but since the neoliberal turn it functio…"The Amerikkkan empire is an illegitimate settler colonial state that CANNOT be reformed and MUST BE destroyed." "… can't pretend to be against the US government if you don't wholly and unequivocally support this man cannot stress enough how much of an endless torment existence is rn
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectWhen shitposters poisons the left against AOC @SeanMcCarthyCom
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectUsing football analogies to explain to the woman crying about her son's $1000 insulin that right now the squad need… were some of the main points in favor of forcing a vote on Medicare for all during a pandemic
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectNow hold on a second. You're telling me the leftists who carried water for Elizabeth Warren...are demanding that we… is actually an evil, oligarchical body which took a 96-0 vote to unleash a hunger and unemployment epidemi… American people are reasonable. On the left they want Medicare for all, on the right they want mass arrests and… admit it, you’re gonna miss these posts after January 20th’s great that if you were just a Reddit tier Elon musk is iron man fanboy you are so much richer right now than a… @youngestwoman Lmao come on!Rep. Slotkin-former CIA analyst, on NPR this morning saying this was a once in a generation event , Our 9/11 , and…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectLmao oh no
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectIf you want a free congressional seat just move to the district of any Republican congressperson who votes to impea… does the US government uphold the politics of white supremacy, or do the people attempting to "overthrow it" uph…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectThe one and only @ggreenwald joins us to discuss the riots at the DC capitol building and why snitching to the FBI…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect @VottoPlantEmoji Military tribunalMillennial women relate to AOC because she’s histrionic👑 during all the chaos and drama in the richest country on earth:
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It is sort of funny that mainstream press by describing Qanon as a conspiracy theory that “the government is run by… of cancer in the replies but this is deliberate. We’re setting it up so that the only acceptable response will… come on now
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect years of the war on terror have been a total and unmitigated disaster for the American people and the world. Any… posting their Ws online the fact that the head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus is using the term “domestic terrorist attac… time to relisten to the episode that finally took down Sheldon Adelson
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectJust totally absurd but they have to pretend to believe this so they can say the 9/11 AUMF allows them to bomb Iran…“Racism” as defined in these terms is of course unsolvable. The protestors always mean we need more articles about… playbook for domestic dissent going forward is simple: racialize all grievances. When white people protest it’s… argument could be made that 9/11 AUMF allows them to strike Iran if it is the “new home base” of Al QaedaPompeo meeting with the head of Mossad yesterday. It’s happening Sheldon Adelson had lived just one more week he would have gotten to see the mushroom cloud over Iran that he al… you know how many of the people arrested in connection with the Capitol invasion were active users of Parler?…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect @alrighthazel That’s rightWas definitely going to accomplish something with my 31st year if it wasn’t for the pandemic.Unbelievably, 8 years have gone by. RIP my darling boy.
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectWalmart commercial: shop this way shop this wayyy (bunch of cucks wearing diverse masks & dancing to Aerosmith) M…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connectYou might rig elections You might traffic woman and kids You might control what's on the "news" But you won't take…
Retweeted by Mac Miller’s CIA fentanyl connect @on_pill Just calling balls and strikes