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Sean @SeanNotShelby South Florida

UFC Things.CSO’er.McGregor Representative. Trying to be a good role model for all these children 🙏 Walkout Music - Stick & Roll by Piccalo ft Flo’Rida

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@GeezFX @lamepocalypse Modded fallout 4 is goated
Absolute FIYAAAA 😌’s a man named “simple Simon” what? @SeanOMaIIey I don’t blame you 😂 @satanas_jorge I kinda do especially getting a corner pieceI BEEN crushing on Maycee 😍🥵 🐈‍⬛ @wholesome_mma what Maycee Barber be saying at all but let her cook 🔥
Retweeted by Sean @wholesome_mma 🔥🔥🔥I had to unbutton my pants from eating too much lmao
Retweeted by Sean @holland_time They so wrong for leaving that in the ep 😂😂😂“Weight bully” this, “weight bully don’t exist” that. Shut up and look at this dumbass.
Retweeted by SeanIt’s like Reno 911..except it’s real and sad forbidden empanada 💎
Retweeted by Sean @Genasea What… @AmyCrx_ That’s a banger fight
added to the collection @Justin_Gaethje @markuhz @the3els I came a lil @2brzlP Fug it @crazyclipsonly Nun after shebsees two people kissing:
Retweeted by Sean @Majick666 @patrickallsyms Buddy was like. “HOW DARE YOU SHOW ME MY FLAWS!” @patrickallsyms Dude got caught with a hole in his uppercut defense and thought dude was throwing heat. Gets pissed…
Retweeted by SeanNgl I really like the way Dustin doubles up on his hooks 🪝 Poirier vs Justin Gaethje
Retweeted by SeanCurrent UFC champions 125- Not White 135- Not White 145- White 155- White but come on not rlly white 170- Not White…
Retweeted by Sean @AmyCrx_ Humbled n crumbled @Gods_Son_MMA They bout to remember how Shavkat finishes him @freelancegoon2 That cup gonna pay for itself that day Frfr ⛺️Bussin
Retweeted by Sean @WonderbreadMMA It would be dope tho @Genasea FactualHaven’t heard shit from the haters recently
Retweeted by SeanDoes he have more surgeries now then standing strikes in the octagon? It’s gotta be close @AmyCrx_ Adam 22 lately is actually all true 🤔💭
Retweeted by Sean @UFCShitpost In my home we will no longer say grace before dinner, instead we will all say what we are thankful for…
Retweeted by SeanSoooo… about that 3piece with the soda ⁉️
Retweeted by SeanThe UFC told Belal Muhammad he is not being passed over. They promise he will get a Title Shot immediately after Jake Gyllenhaal.
Retweeted by SeanMy assistant? Great guy never met him B. nigga is unreal bro 😭🤣
Retweeted by Sean @Genasea Next vid he just gonna stand up and start getting sturdy @Genasea 9.4 👏👏👏 @DanaExotic Kris Moutinho @qpe Strickland Khamzat Khamzat7 years but looks like 20 BELAL NEEDS FOR TITLE SHOT: - Get off the Prelims 🥱📺 - Become Entertaining 😂🫵 - Beat Shavkat 🇰🇿🤺 - Beat Marty…
Retweeted by SeanYa Tu Sabe @BCTheTruthl And Trayvon was shot in a town called Sanford which I never heard of some small town outside of Orland… @BCTheTruthl I don’t think buddy was a rapper he just got outta prison ppl saying it’s because he disrespected Puer… @BCTheTruthl Lmao idk bro I think the issue between 69 and the ppl beating his ass was prob personal..69 comes to f… @BCTheTruthl Wait what 😂
@StecKevin Can we see his knee on X-ray? He ate kicks from Leon for 25mins but can’t walk on concrete… doesn’t add up to me @USMAN84kg @UgoMozie @dolcegabbana Uh where tf you going? @Genasea Don’t lie bro @yodalorian9 Them ribs went @SdUnbroken Grabba gang? Or lame papers @amberkerr_ @Leon_edwardsmma FactsI still can’t believe I got to see @Leon_edwardsmma keep that belt, what a fucking moment, what a night🥺❤️ will rem…
Retweeted by Sean69 finally got caught and it wasn’t NY La or Chicago…no no..sunny Florida baybee @TylerJayAmos @TheNotoriousMMA Boppa, you’d be surprised @scubaryan_ 6ix9ine caught lackin at LA Fitness 😮
Retweeted by Sean @scubaryan_
Retweeted by Sean @TheNotoriousMMA Sugar Shane Mosley would train in Big Bear -fun fact @TheNotoriousMMA Going off 🔥 @TheNotoriousMMA McGregor chain tweeting again
Retweeted by Sean @MMAJunkie @TheNotoriousMMA @John_Kavanagh You guys are Fizeiv fast 💨 @TheNotoriousMMA Yo you ever heard ‘Night Moves’ by Bob Seger? Classic jam’s a gif of the sexiest and incidentally, the baddest man on the planet- just in case you forgot ☠️ #undefeated
Retweeted by Sean @bosshogmma @DeezNutzMMA It’s such an old reference at this point lolSuper Necessary non-title fight rematches that make sense to make now. #UFC286 #UFC #MMA
Retweeted by SeanIf you enjoy being alive than you will love the brand new @MMARoasted Podcast w/ @thegregwilson @BigSexyMcCorkle
Retweeted by SeanWe all know it should be belal vs Colby for a title shot And Shavkat vs burns for next up @MMADumbTweets Does ‘everyone’ mean the opposite now? @AmyCrx_ @SSTJ117 He likes the hairline @markuhz Better question Nedfligs or Blokbussa B? @AmyCrx_ @mma_squared Ice ice baby 🧊 is so 🥶 #UFCSanAntonio
Retweeted by Sean @StecKevin @RedCorner_MMA @laura_sanko The camera guy 😂😂 he had to catch himself at the end @stylebender consider walking out to the G4 Boys 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 @RonAurich @myopinionisseen If Jon beats Stipe by UD tko ko or sub @JlJBB74MT11 Dew it @myopinionisseen @RonAurich Does anything change if he beats Stipe in impressive fashion? @22tadayjr @luisjgomez @Marty6600 Send it 🤘
@Marty6600 Is that an old gen scar? @mmaTRiLL Paul Craig is a gem 💎 @BenTheBaneDavis @myMcLovin Decent hands tho he gave Tyson a ouchie @MMAfilthycasual I feel this deeply Covington is making me argue that Belal deserves a title shot and I will never forgive him for this
Retweeted by SeanName is David Bellavia btw and shwacked a whole enemy squad while his team was pinned down @JlJBB74MT11 You think that’s badass you should look into why he’s there speaking.. mans went full John wick on a e…