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gays give yourself a fucking break about your bodies challenge🌈 @JoshuaConkel That severe bob deserves an Oscar @uncw808 omg💖 @jdOswald2 @CorvusCorax77 😅 @thealmostbear thank you!💖 @CorvusCorax77 hugs, mister. thank you💕 @BromonaQuimby thanks! 😇4437 days ago🤩 @roughtradeX @varindersingh24 👏 @Geh4Peh riiight?!? like urban Rothko realnessI wanted something abstract and color block for a wall but hated everything that exists online. these photos that… @ParkMatthew @ItsSeansTweets cult classic!! @ItsSeansTweets of course you do!!😍the gay Seans/Shawns of Twitter really know what’s up. @erinblogan that’s depressing and accurate as hellthis Humpday needed more humping. ⭐️⭐️would not recommend @JoshuaConkel YES! be completely unapologetic like Anjelica Houston in the Grifters or Glenn Close in Dangerous Lia… 😊💕
@GulfCoastJake sprinkle it with something something Agatha and something something Bing Bong and you’ve covered gay Twitter for February @fearlesslymad hugs 💖 @Homeoffree61 it has happened to me several times and it’s like meh. @thekjohnston maybe school shootings too?it was alcoholism all along 🎶 @ElBlackPhillipp why would anyone ever?!? @JoshuaConkel my Vitamix and I perfected pesto during the pandemic and have since put it on every damn thing @TweetChizone the spider vers @SpenserMestel I mean unless you judged on All Stars 2 or season 6, no one remembers any of you. @LorcaDamon YES 👏 @PoliVamp it really is😭 @migratingartco @Jake_Vig 🤣 @jamiedumont Galaxy Quest is a classic. @Jake_Vig “eat something. grandmothers?” -Armie Hammerthe shopping mall scene in Night of the Comet is more iconic than all of Mean Girls. don’t @ me. @kristintothemax good morning! have a great day!💖hey💕 was today years old when I realized that Elizabeth Olsen is Nellie Olson’s daughter??! Crazy… @charles_jensen 😭she was killing me. she even asked me for directions back to downtown when she dropped me off😖four movies, one decade, one actor @Muffin_Chips it’s soooo good!! and are those snoopy or Mickey Mouse suspenders? @Muffin_Chips that wallpaper 😍💖🌸🌺this Lyft driver in an Audi is asking me where to go and I’m like bish! you have leather interior but no gps?! @JoshuaConkel On my list! good to know! @rocapri you too!
never not laughing about this @Reductress headline @MatthwDayton Agreed! @Dare_Williams13 🙃please take my phone, babe. @JesryPo and this whole time I’m thinking it’s the brainchild of some housewife named Pam who got tired of her cakes stickingdon’t call it a relapse. call it a bender reveal party. @MattBukaty I’ll take emotional intelligence over physical features hence why I’m single as hell😂 @rocapri 🤗 💕open for a Larry snuggle @DaedalusUnbnd or like stop having babies too? @Muffin_Chips could be a migraine but it could also be your exhausting personality. @exodus803 @ItsSeansTweets it’s a banger for sure 🕺🏽 @Hardtimes20201 that’s truly beautiful💖gratitude is where it’s at! @ParkMatthew Beginners!!🥰♥️♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by sean paul mahoneyfour favorite performances that didn’t get nominated for Oscars @ItsSeansTweets Alexa, play “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston @ItsSeansTweets I’m literally right here 😭 @orphanrefugee @ottercandle @HoganBCMJ 😘 @HoganBCMJ @IAmAFriendOfDot @HoganBCMJ @Mikel_Jollett Red Rocks!! @nonlinearnotes the slaughter of L** D******* aside, that’s an excellent article.a couple... I a coffee addict? Or am I just trying to be alive?
Retweeted by sean paul mahoney @RealMattyMcBoy lol that was dialing it down @RealMattyMcBoy 😂😂😂he’s like “save me from these patterns!”not super interested in this couple who checked out my profile but their dog seems cool as hell @abrowngaywrites that’s a huge first step and it requires so much courage. proud of you💕
@djfm_dot_com @karen12steps 😂🤣😂can someone swing by the Cincinnati Zoo and pickup these little babies for me?🥰 @TeachToAmerica she needed a little bondo on the chin, babe. @JoshuaConkel I miss when TikTok was just a Ke$ha song @cassieglows @karen12steps yes and the drugs didn’t help🤣 @karen12steps LSD and a lot of weed. and then sat in a Burger King high as hell listening to Dress You by Madonna a… love that TikTok you sent me I mean will love it once I watch it (I won’t watch it) @thatonequeen good to know. I always assumed Kohl’s was a thrifty lesbian. @MatthwDayton correct answer @MattBukaty I @Tomster72 and this is why I love youapparently, I saved this meme a year ago today and I can’t stop laughing. @vhscleaner right? like I’m a people pleaser who also hates people. @cassieglows right!? and that acid wasn’t gonna take itself, now was it? @timmthelen so boring. @cassieglows Me too! my dad went to my parent-teacher conference sophomore year and my biology teacher told him I… @timmthelen right!! I was a reader on my own. I didn’t need their fascist assigned books!! @cassieglows same I spent more time smoking in my friends cars listening to the Cure than being in classes and I’m okay with that.also? we were supposed to read books in high school? and wait. people LIKED high school?!all these people talking about books they read in high school and I’m like okay but what drugs were you on when you took your French final? @JoshuaConkel my gay gen x ass would never! @TeachToAmerica indeed. her version of One of Us is 😭😭😭 @parabasis wait why was that a dumb tweet? some of us were given horrible books to read by outdate school systems.…
@SobrietyMatt nice!! @CorvusCorax77 omg me too.