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19 | sé/é | ucd | ig: seanpender0 | Oifigeach na LADT+ / LGBTQ+ Officer @SF_UCD

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@HuairiRuairi i just know if icsm english version was out longer it’d be in my top 5. twice songs jusy get more add… @HuairiRuairi fancy yup @HuairiRuairi my tastea whole month of minutes and i haven’t even used spotify for the whole year lmao @pppppppaulina bc if u didn’t have energy in the factory u were shouted atha f*ggot
the way the first role of his i think of is kitty pryde in the original xmen reminder that this is a TERF HATE account, not safe for TERFS or anyone whose idea of equality is not interse…
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Retweeted by seán pender | BLMCongratulations on getting hired! ❤️ Where you working?! — thank u! just one of the local garages but love and support for him serve @daithineary i would be if i wasn’t literally one stop outside of the leap zone @pppppppaulina it’s such a grower tho give it time @daithineary bold of u to assume i can use a leap card
I think whenever band members get too big for their britches Hayley Williams should simply eat them, I call it,,, Paravore
Retweeted by seán pender | BLM @GothBirdDad haleyword counts? did u mean bundles of anxiety?goodnight n go makes me feel safe
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xenophobic? do u even know what that means?’s your Sunday reminder that Leo Varadkar is not an ally of our community by any means and does not believe a c…
Retweeted by seán pender | BLMthat one ff lad on the tl is literally an incel stereotype @pppppppaulina i love u but this absolutely does not surprise me @Dale27620765 i mean it’ll be a common ground 😂
@Dale27620765 how much they hated covid @cishetwoman red, moss greenwho wants to go for a walk+3 for sf and +1 for sd & pbp, a win for the left of ireland m*n on Irish twitter and genuinely so lovely just wanna give a big hug — can i please get that hug on expres…👉🏻👈🏻 @stonewallsean thank uu <3 @kennethfallon thank u<3 @nmhmclghln love u bby x @niamhholohan2 thank i <3 @stxtements thank u! @eimhin_sor thank uuu @molly_agspor thank uuuu @imseanbitch thank uuuu @mimisanso thank u!!! @AodhanMacIosog thank uuuu <3got it hehe’s on sight for anyone who goes to penney’s outside of their usual opening hours. @matmisevi go join blessed terrorist in her box @matmisevi and that’s why you don’t have ur citizenship army boy
i love seeing what mutuals follow the p0rn accounts that pop up on my tlpan came to a dua lipa concert, followed kylie, and performed and PIANO BALLAD am genuinely confused about my sexuality rn #Studio2054 @Dale27620765 i know, until he said he was against it @Dale27620765 irish reunification came up, weirdest grindr conversation ever @ciarannfogarty i have standards excuse you @Dale27620765 u absolutely do not 😂 @Dale27620765 he was and all 😂 @Dale27620765 not to some people 😂someone on grindr told me they didn’t like that i was a shinner but they still wanted to meet up i hate this appnot the “make longitude over 18s” tweets incoming 🥴 boomers forget they were the annoying underage people once tooi’ve a job interview tomorrow, let’s all manifest that they don’t hear student and say no“capitalism breeds innovation” the innovation: @LeoDGrey the way his content is just him making fun of families & women on the north side like who finds that funnyirish tik tok accounts that need to be deleted number one @spicefag bc they’re attractivemileys best era yep
h word on main 😞 @christineomg5 @matmisevi @eimhin_sor stop the fact she done it in her garden on her own cause the actual event was… @eimhin_sor that’s her personal page, she also has a td page that i only found the other day 💀💀 @matmisevi @eimhin_sor and what is she doing in the dáil? serving questions after question to ministers about the area! true underdog queen 5 people who haven’t already been nominated who i could tag but if ur in a position to donate then consider thi… Garda are enabling this
Retweeted by seán pender | BLM @roisinnicloch what the actual fuck is she on
just a reminder that acab 🥰it’s not like they were sent thousands of pieces of evidence or the simple fact that these were shared without the… does your dream bedroom look like? — floor space I spoke against the increase in funding for the Greyhound industry. If RCE wants to save their industry then…
Retweeted by seán pender | BLM“do my messages not send or are people just not replying to me” in a tinder bio is a red flag for emotional manipulation @cishetwoman :* @cishetwoman took my like back and gave it to herWe need Sinn Féin to lead the next government, but this is another reminder of why we need @SocDems and @pb4p to go…
Retweeted by seán pender | BLMall sf supporters should be emailing their local reps today after them embarrassingly voting in favour of gov’t funding greyhound racingcause it’s always the workers fault 🙄 @pppppppaulina literally the first think i noticed, i was like ummmmmm does she know orrrrif u see me crying over teia being amazing and having that being recognised, yes you did!!!!! @pppppppaulina idek what’s better, the jacket or u literally filming up ur own skirtplease share some small or local Irish businesses with me :)
Retweeted by seán pender | BLMi end up making more friends than anything on tinder
@_sesn_ i’m genuinely shocked & disappointednot to be a homewrecker on main but..... is me after i watch a 5 minute mindfulness video employing literal p*dos and your concerning yourself with victim blaming’m trying to do my quantitative economics test and my neighbour is playing airplanes really loud and i’m getting d… just think it’s pretty unfair that i still have to do calculus and statistics
@pppppppaulina no but u will have me over @nmhmclghln idk what u mean used to be?zoom host let me into the meeting challenge @sapphicg0th your nose oh my god, i’m using u as a reference pic for my surgeon xx @Dale27620765 you’re better for not knowing @emmablackery ❤️❤️❤️ @daithilad you’re the only one cause that fucker prepared me for nothing @daithilad ur area of expertise