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@yungnerevarine I don't think that's flippant! It's a big part of what labels like progressive mean to some people;… posting was invented when Slint put these posters on their tour van
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.#日常 #Nichijou Episode 8
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @viperwave I think people are kind of gilding the lily by saying Kimmel played a big role in Trump winning, but he… BEETIGIEG
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @wwwdotyoutube @viperwave lol, what kinds of replies did you post?No relation, as far as I know, to the great composer of the same name, but just as an epilogue... @viperwave Every free service has gotten so much worse in the last five and even in the last two years.Youtube searches all being brand accounts sucks now, searching "crazy white boy" doesn't take you down the rabbit hole it used to.
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @_B_M_W_M_ @carolaverygrant @OldMemeArchive @realerjoetalley I agree that Ran is the better-looking film, but in Miyagawa's defense, most of Kagemusha is not h… @prolezone Yeah, I think Miyagawa is the better cinematographer, but Nakai was maybe more in tune with Kurosawa, ju… black blur in the lower righthand corner is blowing autumn leaves. one unfortunately looks much better in motion, but, for whatever it's worth: The Downfall of Osen's hard to see at this resolution, but the camera, dollying back from the flowers, sets a flock of birds in fligh… gag from Yataro's Sedge Hat: Yataro (Kinnosuke Nakamura in "Aw, shucks" mode) sees some men pursuing a gambl… color isn't always great, but the compositions... @realerjoetalley Yes, I think it's probably the most underrated of Ozu's color films, and not far behind Floating W…–but the opening crane shot of part two (rising through a multi-layered waterfall set, with a woman meditating unde… certainly he was as good at fluid camera movement as Miyagawa. Sword in the Moonlight (three films by the other… with all of the old studio cinematographers, it's impossible to speak of a Miki style. He shot three films for M… @LSMITHCINE How so? @Hatercles What makes you ask? @realerjoetalley I think that although Miyagawa is the better cinematographer, Nakai was perhaps more perfectly in… @Hatercles I don't believe so!Kazuo Miyagawa is certainly the greatest Japanese cinematographer, possibly the greatest in the history of world ci…'t believe they called it Scandal and not ShondaVision
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @freecialis2 @aklingus I think Network and The Verdict are probably the stronger contenders, yeah, but sometimes... @freecialis2 @aklingus That's a dark horse contender for my favorite Lumet.Heritage Foundation shit to the very end
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Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.We a living in a dark synth album IRL
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.yeah...that’s what i thought
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.Jesus. A must read.
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.Ppl got to ruin everything for me
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.DM: is pozdickx good. he replies a lot but idk him otherwise should I follow 5 of his mutuals: dude he sucks so bad
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @aboynamedposh @andreyp_ap Well, I'll be darned! The funniest thing is that I *read* that article years ago and didn't remember! @Good_Guy69 Sorry, that was a misfired. I agree with everything you said! @zuza_real He doesn't talk about his real life online much, but da_cum_goblin is actually an adjunct professor of linguistics. @Good_Guy69 What if we advanced a nuanced critique of the modern security state while also condemning white suprema… @aboynamedposh @andreyp_ap Ahh, shoot! Where is it from? @carolaverygrant I'm repulsed but I can't turn away. It's like picking a scab. @bugman_spencer @gnostiquette That's what I thought! Bass, too now, right?In the arcade and console video game Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, the controversial pop star would liberate kidnap…
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @gnostiquette Do you really play the saxophone?This excerpt from a rejection letter to Melville re Moby Dick is just amazing. the more things change...
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.Chuck Schumer is barely 70 years old and is at risk to be groomed in the Senate Discord
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @faceyouhate You have to hold onto the belief in human ingenuity or divine inspiration even when hope seems dim.
Researching the market
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr.Pain.
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, case you were wondering if the cone would slow him down from going places he’s not supposed to: he was not stopp…
Retweeted by Brigadier General William Rufus Turnipseed, Jr. @hypogeansheol @yungsantaclaus Appealing to, yes, but many of the organizations that people disparage as "woke NGOs… @hypogeansheol @yungsantaclaus My point is simply that the conservative bogeyman of wokeness doesn't really exist a… @hypogeansheol @yungsantaclaus This is what's so frustrating, man: I added, like, six tweets of careful qualificati… @hypogeansheol @yungsantaclaus I don't think there's a definition of wokeness that everyone across the political sp… @2oo_online That's right! @AnimeSandwich HahahahaStrange that when you say "The GOP bogeyman of hegemonic wokeness doesn't exist, but some of the things people call… @AnimeSandwich I'm not usually a radio guy, but that sounds appealing. How did you discover him? Through the movie? @yungsantaclaus @hypogeansheol I don't think this guy is a lib; he follows Don Hughes and the Chapos and so on. @AnimeSandwich I have not! Where did he broadcast from?It's interesting that After Hours and Kundun are the ones with more medium rather than wide angle lenses. I imagine… @WilesWj Saying "the Democratic party is not woke but does use wokeness cynically" does not strike me as being "neo… @WilesWj I completely agree that liberal idpol is bullshit. I just don't see it as ruling the Democratic party; cle… @WilesWj By "post left," I'm referring to people who claim that they are no longer leftists because the left wing "… @WilesWj I didn't say that socialists and conservatives are the same thing. I am a socialist. I said that people wi… @sonofether Yeah, I doubt even one in five Democratic voters have strong opinions about Bernie Bros. I'm just talki… @WilesWj I don't think there really is such a thing as the "post left"; those guys all seem like conservatives in d… Hours doesn't have obvious "Hitchcockian" qualities, but it feels like Hitchcock to me–maybe something about… @domi_renee @VyceVictus Somebody accused a Muslim guy I followed of supporting terrorism, called him a slur in Arab… @wmcnugg @WokeDudeBro I don't really know enough about California politics to say definitively, but that sounds plausible to me. @plazmaburn Yeah, I resist the idea that there's any moral or intellectual equivalency to the total lunacy of Fox (… @harry_stoddard That people don't use the word woke to refer to very different ideas, some good and some bad? That… @sonofether I think it's accurate to say that his policies weren't popular with a majority of Democratic voters, or… @harry_stoddard What exactly is your objection? @yungsantaclaus @hypogeansheol I appreciate you defending me, but there's no need to insult the guy's intelligence;… @stomach_mouth I feel like it would be wise for me to back away, so I'm not going to respond any further. @stomach_mouth I've received both positive and negative feedback from different people of color. I appreciate why y… @stomach_mouth I would like to respond in good faith, but I feel like you've made some prejudgments about my intent… @stomach_mouth I mean, we're using the word thug right now in order to discuss how people use it and what they mean… @stomach_mouth I don't really think it's possible to talk about what people mean by the word woke without using the… @stomach_mouth In this case, I'm using the word to talk about the ideas that people on different sides of the polit… @stomach_mouth It's not a word I often use precisely because socialists use it to mean things like pinkwashing and… @hypogeansheol I feel like I'm using pretty straightforward language here. @stomach_mouth My entire point is that wokeness means a lot of different things to different people, none of which… @TheRutebega @Strapped_Mickey That's flattering, but all of my predictions for the primary turned out to be horseshit! @labuzamovies Yeah, if there is a set of bedrock values that a majority of American voters share, I think that's it or close to it. @WokeDudeBro Right, my point isn't that it's not a political force at all, just that it isn't the kind of kingmakin… @Chris_Miceli_ Looking back through his tweets, I see that he didn't; I think I had him confused with somebody else… last thing: Almost certainly a majority Biden voters are not woke even by GOP standards, but some number of peo… @mbowman I have no idea! @ClassicMike_ I hate that fucking tweet! If you're voting at all, you're voting for a Leopards Eating People's Face… @esthermirirose Yeah, the very fact that we talk about trans teenagers being bullies as frequently as we do is kind… @WokeDudeBro Helped, yes, but I'm not convinced it was the decisive factor; even in places like California, probabl…, the idea that the Biden administration will be woke is as willfully naïve as the idea that Trump is a d…–but not for the American public as a whole or even for all Democrats, just for a particular kind of Democratic loy…