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"Dumb but fun." @ponylang core team. He/Him.

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@davidjrusek I know. Looks cool though. @davidjrusek Hehe. You sound like me.Or... Government official abuses executive order and bypasses the legislative process.'ve seen my future!'s a lot easier to be into preserving the character of a neighborhood when you can afford to live there.It's a lot easier to be against a project that will create new jobs if you already have a job. It's easier still if… mattersCan you help? Twitter suspended @GroxioLearning, by mistake. They unsuspended us, but reset followers to zero! Ma…
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2020 am pretty angry right now. @Twitter has suspended @GroxioLearning. I can only assume it has something to do wit…
Retweeted by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Bye Felisha!I'm shocked the DOJ would recommend something that clearly favors law enforcement over the privacy of its citizens.… muted you because you had it coming. -- The Seen T Allen story muted you because you replied to me and used the words "just" or "obvious". -- The Sean T Allen storyI didn't see you tweet because Twitter thought it was low quality and they were probably right. -- The Sean T Allen storyThis is an excellent idea assuming the definition of "good faith" isn't problematic. I'm in favor of codes of cond… sounds like an awful idea. It is my right as someone who runs a service to define what lawful content is obje… @davidjrusek You rang?Middle class white kids in America love to tell people how to improve the world and the lives of people they have no insight into.When I was in college, "socialist" kids who grew up comfortable because their family had money would lecture me abo… is freedom. orders. No thanks. Pass a law. @littleidea So the rule change should be "no more tool changes"?I'm not. I'm also not a show off and that's what it usually comes off as. Posturing. @old_sound Irishman @lhochstein Except the ones from the Bible. @lhochstein Also, wait, that makes you gen x @lhochstein Oregon trail wasn't educational. @lhochstein What a totally bizarre break down. It almost looks... Completely arbitrary. @omarkj Both @johnregehr Well, isn't everything a compiler? Asking @steveklabnik @lhochstein @johnregehr I do say that!That's an "interesting" definition of "primitive" and an interesting and common unspoken idea of what "progress" is. @axboe I assume you got the p1 instead of the x1 extreme because the extreme only offers Nvidia?Ah, we are in that part of the propaganda cycle again. @d_run YesJFC, it just slid off the couch (that's 2 times in 10 minutes)Bye Felishia!Here's a fun design thing. The edges on the Pixel 4a are rounded so that its kind of a curve. On the Pixel 2 it w… @MichelleBee That's horrifyingReply all doesn't spam people, people spam people. @alvrod Reply all doesn't spam people, people spam peopleReply All is the best feature of email @bketelsen I'm voting for anyone but you @tef The last one was horribleBad take. Bad take.Accurate garbage collection in uncooperative environments revisited. a weird humble brag. part of today (a thread) Rogan fans are quite a thing.
2020 @casio_juarez Ah now is showing. @casio_juarez I have no idea what this is in response to.They're about 20 feet away. Three of them. When I was a kid, I used to hang out at the beaver pond and watch them for hours.I have so many beaver photos and videos a beaver pond. @redrapids Action impresses me. Thoughts aren't much to me. I have no idea how much. Quite a lot. stopped reading at "in this day and age". -- The Sean T Allen storyShocking! kids parents are failures. How can you make it to high school without learning that you should never talk to the cops? @jmshoffstall Agreed on the end.Respect to 28 kids. Extra respect to 13 of them. to "several party attendees" yes, the "you should mind you own business" law. @siberianmi @lhochstein O and browser.Trick question. There's no such thing as historically accurate. @redrapids If people are being honest, almost no one with answer because they are taking more than they give. @siberianmi @lhochstein Same except add in that iTunes is very important to me. I basically run iTunes, windows te… @lhochstein Audio, wifi, iTunes, compatibility @lhochstein WSL 2 @steveklabnik Don't fuck with one of my favorite songs Steve. @lhochstein Number 2 is why I am no longer in category 1.But at the same time, come on, everyone knew this is what was going to happen. Don't play all shocked Schumer.My level of disgust with politicians of born parties is very high. But my disgust with Mcconnell is truly epic.Hmm no tengo experiencia seria en CLOS, pero si en MOP, sin embargo no estoy seguro q este tema sea para este tipo…
Retweeted by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Wrote a post on how we test linearizability at @VectorizedIO -
Retweeted by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @rystsov @VectorizedIO It was wicked good21 months for this release. Our linearizable, scalable Raft implementation: Try it toda…
Retweeted by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @gardenertate OoooCool @davidjrusek Ah. what'd you get? @alexras cool @davidjrusek Eh? @casio_juarez There's still lots and lots of fuckery involved for me, but I'm glad I was able to make the impact of… @eramirem Seems fine. @casio_juarez I was only able to figure this out because with express scripts, its rather transparent. Whereas with… @casio_juarez Once I figured out that I could order new 1 month supply 2 weeks after the previous one had shipped,… @casio_juarez Mine has currently, somehow, magically been unfucked. I have no idea what happened but I will keep pu… @kartar I only kind of hated Lever. @davidjrusek I saw a tweet on his twitter that says "My owner is obsessed with pillows. Every damn day they keep doing this with them."