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It needs to be Saturday right now!!! 👏
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@brenissimo Ah yes, I remember Atlanta well.Tell me about life before the pandemic. Wrong answers only, please. part of @TheFalloutHub's @QuakeCon Community Showcase this Saturday at 3pm EDT we bring together Bethesda's…
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤ @mxwllbrbnll She's quietly wise.On the one hand I need to get up and start working. On the other hand I have two dogs sleeping in my lap.Your Morning Melly and Mickah - August 4th Play your note. boy has been hard at work hunting down ‘Easter Eggs’ for the Secrets of DOOM Eternal stream .... so.... be there
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤Quakecon line up for UK is juicy <3 @Xynode @Dawnwhisper @kayPOWXD and I will be running Icereach dungeon On Sund…
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@johntdrake He's basically one of the Monstars from Space Jam. @johntdrake When they let him play his game there is nothing like it. It's like he is playing every position simultaneously. @andrearene Again, agreed, And I'm not a fan of how some industries prey on that energy. @andrearene There is, I definitely agree. @andrearene I'm not seeing as much of that - especially in the game space. As I acknowledged earlier - passion and… @andrearene No - forcing your employees to work 7 days a week - from Katzenberg's quote. @andrearene That quote always bothered me. It's so toxic! @IAmCVH he may have meant something different - but he worded it in a way that makes me think he should take a few days rest.Jeffrey Katzenberg used to say "if you don't work on Saturday don't even bother coming into the office on Sunday."… shit infuriates me. It's great to be motivated, it's fun to work hard on something you care about, but don't b… working in games for over 15 years. Don't do this. Let me put it another way. No matter how you work you w… forgot to eat today @michaelbsacks I think you've cracked the code here... @GinaLBruno @elgatogaming @QuakeCon I just got my Wave:3 mic in as well - now I don't sound like I'm 10 feet under… is the only valid cooking show format. Sorry I dont make the rules 🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤Watching how well the NBA and NHL have handled their return and then looking over at MLB and NFL... @OsirisVoices I have developed a theory in the past half hour. Dwayne Johnson has great relationships with Disney/E… @SoyIentGreen This is honestly my own theory as well. It explains a lot. It explains everything.The Rock is buying the XFL. I... have no idea what's happening anymore. is the best idea I've ever heard.
G.O.A.T.'ve been practicing my smoked spatchcocked chicken, again. do I have to do to be on the fan screen during a @celtics game? I mean, I'll go shirtless and paint myself gre… @rawrsnacks DONE. Also treats.This is what Melly looks like when she tries to get your attention. Also she makes sounds like a weird turkey. missed it last night but watching it now. #TalkNShopAMania is the worst/dumbest/best wrestling ppv. It's beautif… @JasonTheGamer @SlashLurk Can confirm that mulching leads to a better looking lawn... for way less work. It's magic. @PR3SIDENT Cory, I'm so sorry for you and the family. Sending all my love.
@PR_Flak After the mid season decision to make it impossible for Giannis to foul out no matter what he does you'd think this would go away. @Silcris88 The search term is my favorite part. 🤣 @cypheroftyr SAME! I mean, if I wasn't already going to be in the broadcast booth then this would be blacked out on… TTRPG two-parter at QuakeCon will be incredible. I'm a fan of everyone involved! @PR_Flak @celtics Him guarding Giannis will be incredible. Let's roll!
We seriously need to be starting Marcus Smart. Lacking defense from the tipoff.This has been a long week in a long month in a long year. Just happy to see the @celtics back on the court. It doe… one week left until #QuakeCon at Home! Show your hype with these official wallpapers and banners!…
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤There are so many cool events happening at #QuakeCon this year, but I'm super psyched for the @Alienware Hour strea…
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤ @DJ_Christ_2006 Love you, brother. @gb_clovy I've watched this video like 20 times and it never ceases to give me chills. SO GOOD. @EllyTheGeek They are indeed puggles! Melly will be 12 in about two months and Mickah just turned 10.THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD. (I apologize for yelling - I just really love Malcolm McDowell) mean, seriously. is how Melly and Mickah nap. In a pile. seen the content he's producing - I can honestly say this is unmissable. It's brilliant. 11am ET August 8th…, come check it out! I'll be teaming with @TESOnline and having some dungeon fun!!! Can August 8th get here a…
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤Your Morning Melly and Mickah - July 31st Something Bigger Than Yourself. @brokeassdrummer Oh I know. I reached for my phone when I gave up on sleep after a few hours in the dark and went o… I could develop any superpower it would be the ability to sleep. That's it. That's all I'm asking.But mostly thank you @TheNBPA .Thank you, 🏀.I am so nervous but.. I will be taking part in #QuakeCon this year!!✨Please don't judge me too harshly, I will do m…
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤ @EllyTheGeek I CANNOT wait for your stream! I really think this will be a highlight of the weekend! @PR_Flak @PurpleCarrotXO If they added mayo and extra celery I'd throw it in the ground. @PR_Flak @PurpleCarrotXO I was worried about this one but it looks dope.
Your damn right I pre-ordered a Pro-X Lightspeed Wireless headset. I wear headsets all day now- trying to respect my 👂 👂 @plaguecult There will be a welcome address that kicks off the streams on Friday at noon.Extremely excited to be part of Quakecon this year! It's not QUITE the same but you just can't stop peace, love,…
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤ @GilQuico Check out all weekend for Quake. Broadcasting the Finals on the Bethesda channel… @SabtheWanderer The image above is Eastern. But we do have blocks from our Australian Tama as well during Australian friendly hours. @FrothyOmen I really like this idea. 🤣 @rawrsnacks This would straight up not have happened without them. This has been an awesome experience because of t… @rawrsnacks @mxwllbrbnll Looking forward to drinks and catching up when the apocalypse finally moves on! @johntdrake @rawrsnacks I really wish I still had that damn vinyl guitar logo. Smelled terrible, pixelated, but dam… @dannyodwyer Thanks, Danny! Hope to see you there! @rawrsnacks Thanks! Though I will say I've been working with a great team who have really made this sing. Our Eve…'ve been working really hard on a fun STRAIGHT 60 HOURS of streams for #Quakecon at Home. Amazing streams coming… to @ToBeMiro - excited to see where this leads. If you need anything get at me. dude.
@NinePointFive_ @itsemmalog @KatHaplee As a player you get to be the performer AND THE AUDIENCE! @itsemmalog @KatHaplee There are SO MANY. Theater is a way more valuable parallel to game design and theory than fi… was interviewed in one of the chapters of Emma's book, How Games Get Made about working with streamers and conten… might have to play @Wolfenstein II again. I love it so much. So privileged to have been involved with it. @NPR
Retweeted by ❤Seanpai Notices YOU❤This is going to be AWESOME. it DOWN, Carsen Edwards! 🤯 #Celtics #WholeNewGame
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@mobilesinper I am definitely picking this up. My ears need this.Melly making up for lost sleep. no morning Melly and Mickah today- they didn't sleep much last night (do neither did we!) And they are res… @0period George, congrats! No one deserves this more than you.
@trixie360 the conscious decision to only listen to Pulp's "Common People" on repeat for the rest of the year. May thr… @ICENINEKILLS @Atarla My man @WilliamShatner who should definitely do a guest spot on @redlettermedia . @kateburning @andrearene I got my niece a bunch of lessons - and if I lived closer I'd just be happy to go brush do… @kateburning @andrearene I wish I could! Ever since the brain surgeries I'm not allowed to ride horses. It suuuuuuuuuuuucks. @kateburning @andrearene I took 7 years of lessons - might be mine too just twisted towards liking them... once the smell is gone. @kateburning @andrearene I loved that barn. I'd totally live in that! hahaIs this the ZOOM Charles in Charge reunion? @EgoViking I can definitely see that becoming an issue - especially in areas where there isn't a lot going on. @peterocc @justicar It's just to make it look better on screen. I think they get to keep things like custom shelves/tebles/etc. @peterocc @justicar Apparently most of the furnishings are removed right after they shoot so the families can move their own stuff in. @peterocc I think the value shoots up pretty fast which affects property taxes quite a bit. Also a number of people…