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thinking about lady gaga performing lovegame at the joanne world tour
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me playing victim to a situation i created.
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙Stop calling men medium ugly if you’re attracted to him. If he isn’t the conventional beauty standard that doesn’t…é really snapped with this song
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙bernie listening to “me, myself and i” - beyoncé
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Watch Azealia Banks reveal the truth behind her "Cooking Dead Cat" fiasco to Kyle & Jackie O on @KIIS1065
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@theshaqshow @KingBobbyDeal I would’ve shot that bitch
nobody: Jennifer Lopez out of nowhere:
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙not the chromatica national guard😭
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙What’s Kamala’s plan to bring Nene back on RHOA?
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙 @WayToRecovery_ @_raamsey @brittanyy_colee @LF_livingproof @badgallzl I ain’t playing with no ones health though."this land is your land, this land is my land from Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, straight to LA, New York, Vega…
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙lady gaga really did that.
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙I’m not about listen to that shit.Why do animated movies get famous actors to voice the characters ? like those kids don’t give a fuck. Give those ro…
Halle Berry in “Strictly business”(1991)
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙Same name same energy 🥴🤣
If a consumer buys a product and they don’t like it they are free to give their opinion of it whether it’s positive or negative.
Its the snack break that gets me but that 11:59 Sends me through the roof😂😭
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙 @IAmQuisB @MorgLaMignonne @sirrkhalil I be forgetting Garcelle Is a housewive. She’s in the pretty Trinity too.
@LF_livingproof @badgallzl I’m not letting someone who doesn’t have correct grammar play in mouth. Also she is putt… @theshaqshow Call me Jillian Michaels @theshaqshow Moderations @AlbertoAliment Email them @tinaqueen_15 Issa Rae- Capricorn “heavy sarcasm” @YoFrenchBREad I love that movie @imtonichilds I hate Z gallerie it’s so tacky
❤️ this tweet to receive reminders when new episodes of Marvel Studios’ #WandaVision start streaming on @DisneyPlus.
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Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙 @TheFameTricon The little monsters aren’t in the photo @beyonseh Who else was doin it like this at 24 @DamnYouKakarot I could not pass up the opportunity this time 😂Y’all know who Impeached 45 not once but twice?!!! My sis is brownskin and her husband is dark and all 3 of their boys are high yella fellas.’all waist ain’t small y’all face ain’t cute. But that thang be thanging
And we will still be quoting what she says for months said “imma boil this dead cat and imma also give a look” @hscorpius_ @Beyonce This was my favorite part of the whole performance.LOOOL i fully put Beyoncé's vocals on a drill beat. I'm having fun w/ this 🤣
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙Lightskin doppelgänger coalition @Abanks1stborn I hate when people do this to me. I’m like tf can I do ?Cast full of big nosed people. I know this movie is gonna be good. suns and moons be under 25, but both knees crack like glow sticks 🥴
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙 @Epithymia__ A thique vegan @jessemontea @adore__jas Do not let “fast fashion” prices trick you into selling your products for less. If you’re… dead from suicide because he was scared of going to prison for his participation in the attack at the ca… @christianshimar What’s the name of this challenge so I can see if there are more kneegurs doing it ? @DejonNoMustard I just googled it. She is 💀 @DejonNoMustard Wasn’t she on little women on lifetime?Folks be like “daughter/son of oshun” in their bio but get scared of seeing people actually practicing the witchcra…
@yungskuntebony @bbymutha @Iagerfeldt @organicthug No it’s a goyardI still love Azealia 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m not gonna act like her being bipolar/ borderline schizophrenic has nothing to do wit… love my dad 🥲I be feeling sad for M**t during those manic episodesI be afraid to like shit on here cuz Twitter be “Seaof23 liked this post” all on the damn timeline for everyone to see. @more4lez @more4lez It’s a cafe. Put it in on maps and find it. @more4lez MR. EVERYTHINGStop giving celebrities attention especially when they do and say negative shit. Have y’all not found out we are mo…’t Erica Banks supposed to Meg the stallion label replacement for her? It’s weird how y’all was just discreditin… mind my own business. That ain’t got nothing to do with me. @Abanks1stborn Yoooo 😂🤣I be licking it from the front to the back. else was giving us story lines like this at 26? been here 10 days 🙄So all men 💀 love her 😍 hot dogs taste like cinnamon and sage with a dash of cardamom if I wanted some tea I would’ve bought some but I wanted a hot dog 😩
😂😂😂 bruh
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙Chile x halle I almost got it. life: I’m addicted to salmon
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙I’m bout to start accusing random yts for being at the Capitol riots like the Salem witch trials
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙Gives me I fuck white boys only vibes. @WelllMnk Rest In Peace @theshaqshow You’re a slut from the 90s
She’s incredibly facetious and irreverent. I can’t believe I used to listen to this pompous white bitch. gays @AlbertoAliment That’s easier for you to say. My English ear gets confused when the words start getting fast. @AlbertoAliment Damn. I wanna learn it outside of selena songs @AlbertoAliment I was talking aside from the show cuz I watched it in English 🥴This show was so good. I felt sad that she had to live such a hard life. @AlbertoAliment Can you understand spanish?Ion know how I feel about non American blacks saying “Nigga” @UrFavoriteAries I wanted to see some booty bouncing 🙄 like the rest of the buss it challenge videos.
Reporting right now! Everyone please report this acct. know why I thought this was Doja Cat @Nu_PeRSoNA @IAMKIRASADE Doja Cat was getting her ass beat.I’m only buying Girl Scout cookies from black kids. @luisslasker The replies @garcoxgang Michelle’s it’s the best part“you got ya self at the wrong house” 💀
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙 @gagadaily She drew my tattoo!!!! I hope she’s doing great. She’s an amazing artist.When she said he don’t have a job but he sells furniture out of our house 🥴🤣 have mercy😩🔥 #BussItChallenge
Retweeted by I am the 35-34 🐻💙 @JeretonUniverse Azealia didn’t pass it by. @hell_cat0 @hell_cat0 U black?