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Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @seaotta Seattle but prefer Scotland

Building for devs @MSEdgeDev @webhintio @webwewantfyi ● Designer ● Speaker ● Witch ● Fangirl ● #StephSpottingSupercars ● Mother of Narwhals ● Views mine she/her

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Filing taxes 💀
Yay! Feeling rejuvenated after meeting @twaffl3s and @axiomista and @hiamerica for brunch in a spot in Post Alley I’ve never been to 💜💜💜 @hiamerica 🙌 @TheLarkInn 😂I am 11. Life is simpler. I’m messaging friends on MSN Messenger and reading the Wheel of Time and Harry Potter. Pr… @reybango @kylealden 😐😐😐😑😑😑 @jamie_maguire1 @sfhtml5 @FrontendNE 🎉 @malchata 😂 good ol' autocorrect @Modejay 💜💜💜Who wants to learn about the past, present and future of HTML Controls?! My speaking engagements kick off at the… on desktop.I’m just a girl, standing in front of two boys, asking them to stop talking so loudly about blockchain at 4 am. 💗
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsMe yesterday: gonna go to barre before brunch tomorrow My legs and back this morning after kickboxing: nice optim… have to expand the photo on mobile for the full effect🤦‍♀️ @hiphippie 👏 @codepo8 I’ve been mountain biking somewhat too. 🦵 hope to up that when it gets nicer.Manager: oh hey, you finished that quickly Engineer: perf's haunted Manager: what? Engineer: *loading a flash dr…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @EricHessDesign Yes that came through the Duvall Grill 😂 @TashasEv That is unacceptable and I’m so sorry that happened to you.Subtweets abound 😂 I dunno what I’d do without music.“A Big Mood, Take 2” @bitandbang The parade of people who came through my dinner spot were like “it’s Mardi Gras!” And that didn’t seem right. I was confused 🤣 @matvelloso Okay that makes sense. Someone said Mardi Gras and I was like wait what? @matvelloso A parade of people just came through my dinner spot in costume handing out beads. @matvelloso That is not an answer Mat 😂Wait. It’s Mardi Gras? @jina This product is great for calming frizz: thanking the universe rn for that nudge and redirection I needed 🙏 Gif alt because I’m on mobile: Keanu blowi… appears AFTER selecting the checbox.This is the strangest pattern I've ever seen implemented on a website for filtering.
Y’all. A UFC Fighter is one of the trainers at the boxing club I go to and I didn’t know this until after class.… also just good advice for being a good human, but if you need to discuss design, this is excellent advice…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @JenMsft Traveling to/in Scotland Making herbal tinctures How I setup to take my own outfit photos Bass Coast Fes… thread is a goldmine of nostalgia. Especially the AIM posts. upped my weights in barre class in December and for the first time in my life I have muscle definition in my arms… constant mood 🤪 @limin_z It was a 4 day week. It’s all good. Days are messed up. @limin_z 😳 the worstI think it’s fair to say I delivered.Elizabeth Warren has now moved into second place in California. That’s you. That’s me. That’s us. Don’t shut up. Do…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsAlso! All! The! Exclamation! Points!’s sunset over #PikePlace Market was magical. 😍🌅😍🌅😍 #VisitSeattle
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells(gif alt b/c mobile: person slamming down paper saying boom)Had lunch with @molant today. Him: so what other drama do you know of Me: gin & tonic. Meaning I drink a gin& tonic in the bathtub. Echinacea & lavender gin from Edinburgh… @gregwhitworth @kylealden I tagged you in Teams and sent the link. @limin_z absolutely not 😂 my bloopers aren't funny, they're just me realizing halfway through a take it's not going… @gregwhitworth @kylealden Sure thing! I'm moving some things around so it'll be a bit different that what's in the recordining. @kylealden You know what the secret is. I actually don't know how secret secret it is. 10/10 gif use.
No more please. Not this week.If I have to listen to or watch another video of myself this week I might keel over and die. Recorded something f… feels very very good to know so many people have my back. 💜 That is all.I will be joining some truly amazing speakers at @aneventapart in Washington, DC this coming April. I hope you can…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsTo play with Web Dual Screen API: 1- Install the #SurfaceNeo emulator: 2- Enable the Experi…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsI woke up at 4:30 with nerves because I'm doing a dry run for my talk with some folks at work today. Nerves are good. @_scottlow 😂😅The face you make when you get into work and realize you forgot your shoes for your workout 😞⭐ This is a great read, by @seaotta 🎩 Hat tip to @redcrew for the link.
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @kylealden @spookymatter Congrats you two! 😊 be sappy! Sappy is good!How many cumulative waking hours have been lost to the snooze button.Me and buying a new pure barre branded sweatshirt: name a more iconic duo
In case you're ever curious about what my team and I are up to with @EdgeDevTools, you can check out the convenient…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsFetch requests in action
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @ChristianSonne @jensimmons What if someone is locked into their hosting provider who doesn’t support a free cert f… @ChristianSonne @jensimmons But the point I’m trying to make is people may not have access for whatever reason. Or… @ChristianSonne @jensimmons *stares at my hosting provider menacingly* @ChristianSonne @jensimmons I think that might have been the point I was trying to make deep down thinking about st… @marionpdaly 😂 I love it @marionpdaly @bitandbang I did close my office blinds so I could dance at my standing desk so. Yeah.Making GIFs outta iPhone live shots thank u @bitandbang for that tip 👏 Currently listening: 3 - Britney Spears gi… else dances while they're using their standing desk... @jensimmons I feel like this would break the web and also makes me think about students or people (not businesses)… would break the web imo is a really interesting idea… have browsers use custom properties in their default browser stylesheets.
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsCW: Abuse, violence Important reminder about how hero worship kills community and can spread toxic behaviour to ea…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsBad UX just makes me fume. Internet provider, Wave, changed billing systems. Asks you to sign up on the new platfor… out I really didn't need that extra espresso this morning and now have all the jitters.If you use CSS and/or JS: I made a 1-page survey that shows off some of my mockups for potential new Firefox DevTo…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsNew post: In-Browser Performance Linting with Feature Policies Really like how the Featur…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @NorthFaceHiker @kylealden @reybango hehe, yes I follow that subreddit too.Turns out that fancy espresso machine they installed in the break room makes a good cup of coffee.ICYMI – We posted about recent improvements for our macOS users on our Insider forum. Prior to MS Edge 79, users ma…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsThese are the highlights from Elizabeth Warren's 2020 candidate roast, a.k.a. the Nevada debate
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsDo not mistake a strong, smart woman who uses her voice for an angry one. @SenWarren @ewarren #ALLIN #presidentElizabethWarren
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsSenator Warren hands him his ass and then Bloomberg repeatedly fumbles it back to her for her to give it to him aga…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsI like this 👇👇👇 @kylealden @reybango How bad is your patio Kyle 😂I do a daily tarot card draw, one card, for guidance/things to consider and be mindful of as my day progresses. To… @reybango Can I call the police about the grime on your patio bricks? I'm coming to visit just to power wash your patio 😂 @Dr0037 I’m very lucky. Nearly all of my managers in my career have been amazing. There have been 2 that were terri… @TheLarkInn I love it I’m here for it it’s true @TruBluDevil I looked at my calendar today and was like WTFYou know I’d say things are going pretty good if you walk into your manager’s office for your 1:1 and when he asks… how pre-speaking career I was like, "oh god how do I fill 25-30 minutes of a talk with content, how is that p…
How in the hell is it February 19th? January decided to be a dumpster fire and drag itself out and February just going to fly by? @_scottlow @brave 😤 emulator I'm using: Trying to pull up some HTML Controls related things. 😂I am amused by the fact that there were so many links out to sites for Furries in 1996. web circa 1996 was a much more wholesome, pure place