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Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @seaotta Seattle but prefer Scotland

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@round 💜 yay! I’m glad! 😊Friend: what was that 3-4 months ago? Me: November. Friend: yeah, 4 months BC ....... ....... ....... Me: Before Corona Friend: Ye @IMTheNachoMan I don’t have any other info unfortunatelyHOW IS THIS REAL LIFE? @dubrie 🤣 @chrislhayes I’ve done 11 episodes so far 😂 @chrislhayes I am not a bartender but this seemed like a skill to pick up while I’m stuck at home. 🍸 @chrislhayes I’ve been doing a whole series called Quarantine Cocktails over on my feed. I livestream the making of… @DarkainMX Ah this was extremely insightful thank you!In a survey I ran, one of the questions asked was what title best describes your current role: - Frontend dev - Fu…
o m f g @divinetechygirl @adhall_msft Congrats!! @TheGreenGreek Cheers! 🥃✨THESE ILLUSTRATIONS 💜💜💜💜💜💜📝 New blog post! Beginner's Guide to @eleven_ty (Part I): What is a static site generator? 🔗…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsThere's a very large part of my brain telling me to skip Pure Barre tonight but I know how I'll feel if I don't joi… @brucel tbh I feel like they would all taste terrible...because they are all terrible people. But if we're doing… I have to do one more load of dishes...*rolling sleeves up* I am extremely bothered by this.Me when I find an egregious accessibility issue in a product. And then go on to find that the whole section of <t… @BrandonLive Meetings on Friday at 4:00 PM should be illegal imo @stubbornella @BryanAKA *raises hand* never mixed a cocktail in my life before quarantine. Wait no. I did one or… @deanleigh @csswizardry Mmm I love a dram of Jura ✨🥃 @kylealden @soMelanieSaid +1 @dubrie Ahaha that's why I bought a small one. I wasn't sure how often I'd be using it. At this rate we'll have to… @dubrie Yes the grenadine purchase was a bit bigger than I was expecting to say the least 😂 @deanleigh @csswizardry O_o if we're talking straight shots you follow the gin up with your rose lemonade. Are you not mixing them??? @jina I--🤦‍♀️ @molant Damn. That was tasty. Light with a little bit of bitterness. I could drink many of those. @csswizardry @deanleigh +1 Was just about to say the same thing. 😃 Minus the Stella.Y'all. My "willing spring into existence with Aperol" does not seem to have worked. Please advise. @hankchizljaw ✨✨✨ @hankchizljaw He's not streaming anymore but if Boiler Room posts his set is killer. Defo check it out.Quarantine Cocktails: The “Intro to Aperol” modern classic Cocktails coming to you in 15 minutes.This is far too lit for 11:30 am on a Friday. It's amazing.I don't know who needs to hear this but Four Tet is doing a livestream rn and it is delightful: @matvelloso @robocell I am very very reliable. @matvelloso @robocell ....did we not discuss this last I imagining Twitter conversations....Please take a few moments to take this survey! This is the 3rd & final (for the time being) as we start to research… @robocell lol no, but tomorrow at 10 AM PT will be a hollandaise make along cc: @matvelloso @TashasEv 😭 please sendI want French Toast. That's it. @oliverturner 🥃If you've been following along with my 52 Songs thread, I've created a Spotify playlist where I'm dropping all the… things being equal, I'd rather *not* be ruled by sociopaths.
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells52 Songs // Week 14: Rest of My Life (Rollout Mix) - Sigma, Shakka (ooh this is a mood, on repeat) Spotify:… Songs // Week 13: Runnin' Roll - Shiba San Spotify: YouTube: @davidbrunelle My makeup is fancy my outfit is not Friday @twaffl3s For the most part it works. They try to do workouts that don’t heavily rely on having the barre right the… might have to do Quarantine Cocktail Hour over lunch today because my makeup is perfect and I have *checks* 0 mee… may or may not have seen that I made all Front-End Challenges content ✨free✨ on @piccalill_, so here’s a thread…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsI’m really going to have to insist that we skip “spring” and go straight to summer because I am over it. @FireSaurus Cooooooool. @hankchizljaw Andy. @round ✨💜 @danielwrobert I’m only on episode 3 and I’m really struggling with the grooming of teenage girls who want to work with the cats.How is this apartment always messy? Why is this body always hungry?
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsI am on episode 2 of Tiger King and I do not know if I can continue. Wat. Just wat. O_o @davidbrunelle 💜💜💜 same David. It’s been a really rough week.Tell me u would not be terrified if this came at you in a fight. Wait for it.
Quarantine Cocktail Hour will be back tomorrow. Decided to skip today so I can do a kickboxing workout. But in… @EriPDev In Seattle/Washington state they are. Along with the weed stores 🙃 @xdesro @zachleat 💜Ah colloquially apparently they are referred to as blue jays in the PNW here but look different from an actual Blue Jay.TIL these are not Blue Jays but a Stellar’s Jay. I have a pair of them in my yard. Dunno if it’s a momma and her ba… @WalterStephanie @zachleat 👋 Hi!!! Thank you!!tbh I miss the old days of GA.THERE IS A WHOLE NEW SEASON OF GHOST ADVENTURES, WHAT. Well not quite whole as it's still premiering. But I've go… @mattnortham @zachleat I love your color palette! @davatron5000 @zachleat Hehe, purple is wholly a part of me at this point. Thanks Dave! @ckirknielsen @zachleat That animation of your name is super 80s and I love it 😎 @xdesro @zachleat omg. literally everything about this amazing. The layout 😍 the type 😍 @zachleat 💜Kudos to @Zappos for the creative way to help: "If you just want someone to talk to, a kind voice, about anything…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells⏱ The Webhint linting tool  includes a performance audit that detects if your website’s HTTP responses include unne…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @marypcbuk @kylealden Oh I've got IE shirts. Sticking with Edge today.May I recommend mixing up your morning with breakfast tacos. It is delightful. I want is the ability to choose how a photo displays on my timeline. Click for full vintage Edge. 🤦‍♀️Never not changing orgs.Today we’re going vintage. 😎 Also really glad I didn’t do my makeup as my only meeting of the day got moved 😅 bought one that says “Twenty Fucking Twenty” and it was meant in a sort of fuck yeah sense and it has now taken o… @davidhoang @davidbrunelle Beat me to it 😂We blew up six planets today, executed a bunch of Jedi and kidnapped Princess Leia but the important thing to repor…
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting Spells @SeanOnTwt ......I hesitate to even ask it?ah this gave me a chuckle ninth circle of hell is inline CSS
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsIt is me. this is cool!
Retweeted by Stephanie Stimac 🔮 Casting SpellsBuzzfeed Unsolved: Paranormal is such a delight 😂 The banter between the Skeptic and the Believer is just quality… this is why I’m proud to be at Microsoft 💜
@DanielStormApps ahaha thank you! 😄 @DanielStormApps I've never bartended!Hi @molant 👋 didn't see you wave in the broadcast @katebenko hehehe yes I do 😄 I think I got it from @dollskillQuarantine Cocktail Hour: The Gold Rush & Unboxing of yesterday’s alcohol purchase just thinking about this today. This space is only a sliver of who I am as a human. I know I share openly on he… idols are dead and my enemies are in power
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