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Hardcore MCC Training- !Merch @realQuig yeah my city and most of the UK is going to follow! its honestly crazy its taken this long!my city is going back on lockdown! i love lifeGood morning they are currently doing a deep clean outside my apartment. its unbelievably loud so i may not be ab… @tommyinnit @Ph1LzA tommy tweeting Philza about all his friends passing 1 mill @samuelofc cannae wait to have one in my arms! @Smajor1995 @LDShadowLady it’s to stop dust getting in their eyes scott :( @Jack_Septic_Eye was a good watch too! let’s game @LDShadowLady they wouldn’t need a visor if there was no face! i’ve always imagined it this way haha @basicallyimbea so you stream with cpu or gpu? i can’t remember which way mine was but i swapped and it saved it! @Razzbowski i will believe you razz
Hello i am a friendly bean just going about my tasks. i am not the impostor believe i’m gonna watch @hashtagutd on the tv. mental! @TaliaMar @TwitchUKI @GeeNelly @Freyyx @Giddawid win win win! @JoeyGraceffa yeah come hang out! @sophietexas_ @Technothepig why his legs doing that doe @The_Eret @CallMeCarsonYT @TubboLive Eret @Punztw Dude, there is no greater feeling! congratulations! you will smash it!switching over to fall guys now! live tweet didnt go out. trying dark souls for the first time here... i dont get mad. @Bertaroo hey.... thats me! :Doh.... i was just looking to say i was streaming dark souls.... @yammy_xox @Xiaomi did joe edit this! because it’s fire @HelenAngel honestly i hate it. and i know im probably overthinking it. but i cant get it out of my head lmao! th… finally stream dark souls today since i owe you guys it for hitting 300 sub points like 5 months ago hehehe @FOXXTAILZ i hate this logic! even if i just think something’s a dope shirt ill wear it! people need to be more chile!anyone else constantly worry that you like your friends more than they like you? or are you normal ?
@PaytonPty well obviously i didn’t believe you now lmao ! don’t take credit for someone else’s artwork! @PaytonPty oh because that drawing is from about 4 years ago ? @x_GemGem this saved me! thank you! @PaytonPty huh? when did you do this? @x_GemGem pre order was sold out by the time i got there :( @x_GemGem oh you can pre order now? damn! need to get on it! @MrBeastYT You probably got it exactly right @dreamwastaken2 just copped! @dreamwastaken2 this is beautifuli can’t believe i’m getting another final fantasy game! i was always gonna get both next gen consoles but final fa… @Animagician1 yup!viewer teams hmu!to answer the questions i am a sub for this mcc! hoping to be back in for 11! but i’ll be ready and waiting if… @LitSincerity it said not announced for uswe knew nothing about this btw lmao @MCChampionship_ @tommyinnit @TubboLive @WilburSoot @pokimanelol this will be a riot to watch lmao @Krtzyy @The_Eret @MCChampionship_ @realQuig @Smajor1995 @shelbygraces @LDShadowLady hearts been broke so many times @MCChampionship_ @Vixella @KryticZeuz @Drgluon @JamesTurnerYT this is a great name change! i #simmersupport @NovaSoBored listen tell that to my tied first for parkour last mcci’m not as good as hbomb but i am willing to train anyone in parkour if they need it! thanks for 60k followers on twitch! kinda crazy! another huge thanks to @cizzorz for the raid! legend! @Animagician1 @The_Eret i am a substitute this event! @The_Eret i’m rooting for this team! let’s go! @OliverAge24 @FallGuysGame STOP. DONT. @B0aty happy birthday mate!Me and the lovely @AORUS_UK are feeling generous! We are giving away an Aorus K1 Keyboard! We can send this world… the first @CreatorPinsYT sample today :D @DreamWasTaken actually insane! 👑goodnight. im gonna dream of being the impostor in among us. sleep well!ermm @FallGuysGame i swear im not cheating. i do not know what happened.
@KLJCitsme i am focusing on my own dreams hahai actually think i missed my chance to get to a million subs! unless i can think of something new. something fr… you were the person who donated 1$ to me twice on stream today and has now charged them back meaning i lose th… @SB_737 congrats pingu @dreamwastaken2 let’s duo speed run! but i definitely want a date in that calendar! i’ll bring ideas! @_liqht ok... @_liqht !??so mich completed @FundyLive baby mode in 2 and a half hours ( with lots of distractions like picking flowers and t… in 1 hour my gf is going to try and beat minecraft baby mode by @FundyLive she has played minecraft for a total…
should i put the among us video i have on the main channel? @EVERLYTEWILBUR @shslstar thank you! @shslstar i’m at the back and he is v tallalso here is the only picture i have of us i think @CptjuicyTV @KatieAlicia__ let’s hang out soon! @ohgeorqe yes! caught up with some friends! @smooyacs haha sleep it is! food is on the way! talk to me tomorrow! let’s among us sometimehello! just went out for 1 (socially distanced ) drink ended up being 4 drinks! now i just want to go to bed :Dwe about to win this whole thing❗️ In place of Sophietexas and Mewlings, who couldn't make MC Showdown season 1. @Seapeekay and @realQuig will be t…
Retweeted by seapeekay @celestia717 dunno what i can actually do to prove it! @celestia717 i am exactly 6 foot and will take a test to prove it. @BluesDank Swear to god if you tweet the word revolutionary.If any friends want any of my merch btw, slide in my dm's and ill see what we can do :D @distancesfutile impossible lmao! like legit! @skepnap4 thank yousince there are so many new people here now on twitter. please boost my famousbirthdays. i will never be number o… @ImAllexx feel better bossman! @FundyLive Funguy? @WilburSoot happy birthday wilboo @scerstt Mate, for the first time in my life i have a gut. and its awful. just signed back up to a gym. starting… i click in the chat box in group chats that im in just because i know they will see that im typing. then… @CptjuicyTV DJ CALED. IM DEAD.also this @TubboLive names California Pizza Kitchen: ITS A COINCIDENCE WE JUST HAVE THE SAME INITIALS. But i dont hate it. 5/10… my actual name 10/10 Cal: only my girlfriend really calls me this, cute 11/10 Seapeekay: just sounds like a… @swearboxdj ill hold you to it! @swearboxdj that little leeds, manchester, birmingham is looking tasty as a triple date. let me come film the shenanigans @swearboxdj what on earth is that tour. holy hell. @Krinios probably one of the nicest usp skins! big pull!
@Davesterio you’re actually nutsi just started watching community ( yes i know im 10 years late ) and it’s probably one of my favourite shows ever… @realQuig train megot some of the official shots back from the jollibee uk launch. jollibee is happiness.