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Mark Smith, the Man in Seat 61, travel writer & author of train travel website. If you need help with train travel, drop me a line...

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Our friends at @EuropeanRailTT report that the EuroCity Emona from Vienna to Ljubljana will be extended beyond the…
Retweeted by The Man in Seat 61Changing flaps when stopping patterns or logos changed was a huge pain. But I *miss* this sound... @laurensdk Nope! @seatsixtyone The best national anthem factoid is that, when Spain played the Netherlands in the World Cup final in…
Retweeted by The Man in Seat 61I'll have to see what Mrs 61 says about this...
@catrjones Great to meet you Cat, and always good to talk trains and travel - looking forward to seeing how…**dy-lootly...
HS1 CEO seeks government help for Eurostar via @BTUKGerman government covid-19 aid is being given to national operators DB, but not to other operators & AllRail member…
@Fangio3 Unfortunately not. I’ve done what I can at it isn’t... (You just have to know your trains...!) #travel in #Finland 🇫🇮 - #train to #Rovaniemi with a nice @_DiningCar
Retweeted by The Man in Seat 61Another excellent #HS2 thread from @Greens4HS2
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EU rail passenger rights will be debated again in Brussels next week. 🚂 transport should be promoted. Any weakening…
Retweeted by The Man in Seat 61 @GeoffBell2 It was indefinite, then rumoured permanent, now I believe permanent. @TrainTracksEU As official as it's going to get, I think.The Paris-Venice Thello sleeper train is dead, on a route with high demand, an ideal distance for a sleeper. Can't… can't get my head round October being 'In time for summer...'KiwiRail launches new premium class on TranzAlpine and Coastal Pacific services (we non-Kiwis may have to wait a wh…
@OnTheRails @DirectLine I wondered that, so did a quick check. 2 weeks to BE & DE £46. @tiregun @DirectLine Normal insurance companies don't cover you for travel to a country where the FCO advises again… cancelled my @DirectLine Line annual travel insurance yesterday after using them for years - a policy which won't… the cull continues.
Retweeted by The Man in Seat 61Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving: Channel Tunnel spat risks severing vital U.K.-France link... @AndyBTravels @paul_winginit Frecciarossa 500 Executive Class of 2012: K trying to adjust her seat, N (clearly at… @cmajrail @AndyBTravels @paul_winginit Did you get to travel in it, Chris? @AndyBTravels @paul_winginit Still, I quite enjoy travelling in a meeting room... @AndyBTravels @paul_winginit ...what on Earth was I watching?? @AndyBTravels @paul_winginit That was the Frecciarossa 500. We're talking the classier 1000. Unfortunately, my Fre… @nucleair @SimonCalder And SJ in Norway and Vy (former NSB) in Sweden. It's going to get a tad confusing...
Although Eurostar won’t be stopping in Kent in 2021, it seems everything else will... @AvfcSquirrel @SimonCalder It’s OK, Paddington & I have been great friends since my childhood... @SimonCalder @sJake487 I'm really going to have to listen to this now... @sJake487 @SimonCalder There are no concrete plans to reactivate the TEE network, only a discussion document saying… @sJake487 @SimonCalder When Ouigo started, it was in addition to existing trains, which is fine. But then SNCF conv… @kristianaas @OUIGO @jonworth @CapotrenoEd @selsrud I've never seen it done explicitly, like this. But I can name v… @kristianaas @OUIGO @jonworth @CapotrenoEd @selsrud Australia, Brazil & canada also now added. Bad luck, New Zealan… @hvondelen @SimonCalder Indeed, and that's already evident. In France, Ouigo has no catering, trying hard not to ab…'s not every day you get to discuss no-frills rail travel by email with the inimitable @SimonCalder whilst cookin… @KiwiRail @GreatJourneysNZ Wrong video?
@monieiek Because on the budget airlines they emulate, you’re in the air for perhaps an hour. You are aboard the eq… @PaulJohnson65 Spanish high speed lines are built to standard gauge @MilanLegius Careful what you wish for... @BurnheadMax Depends on who raised it. HS1 is an infra company with no trains. HS1 + SNCF are an infra company + a… @muchofamuchness Exactly... @eliasvandeun Well that's a start! This time they have 'real' competitors, so they're not trying to make themselves… will branch out into Spain next year... I just wish they'd add 1st class, add catering, drop the check-in, d… @alexfenlon Thanks Alex! @GaryDelaney They might want you back this year, Gary...An update on the Stuttgart 21 project, which replaces Stuttgart's terminus where all trains have to change directio…’s Prague-Rijeka night train a massive success: 60,000 passengers carried, 90% occupancy on a 500-passenger… @peterbreda2000 It has a certain puppy-like cuteness, yes! @peterbreda2000 The Fyra debacle: down south in the sunny heel of Italy, the former ill-fated Dutch/Belgian 'Fyra' trains appear to be working... @AndyBTravels It *can* be done!Enjoyed this over my morning coffee: Crossing the dramatic Mala Rijeka viaduct on the Montenegro to Belgrade sleep…
@RailEngSteve Love the idea - and the TEE brand. But it looks like armchair optioneering in the quest for publicity… railway can’t operate like this in the long term - ‘zombie’ rail companies with no incentive to grow revenue, i… @jeremyjh @lady_deirdre @OllyHatch I take an Anker battery, also capable of charging an iPhone 5 times over. But ha… don't ask me why a pass covering much of Europe is called 'global'. It just is, OK?!They launched a mobile version of the single-country pass for Italy a little while ago, so have been gaining experi… the timezone thing, where a midnight to midnight pass day is always measured in Central European Time even when… key requirement is to connect the app to the internet at least every 3 days to update it and keep the pass valid.… today, InterRail & Eurail global passes are available as a new 'mobile pass' which sits in an app on your smar… of franchising after 24 years. I don’t yet know how operators are incentivised to maximise passengers & revenue… 3 extra train pairs planned, Vienna-Budapest set to go hourly in 2021 - assuming travel restrictions ease. @thealterlookout We should all be flying less, and that means taking trains and ferries wherever possible. A much nicer way to go! @N0wig I’d assume it’ll be a Ro-Pax multi-purpose ferry. @thealterlookout 8g/km? No, flying is well over 30g/km/passenger. Short haul worse than long haul on a per km bas… @thealterlookout Yes it is, as a foot passenger. DECC/DEFRA show 22.54g of CO2 per passenger kilometre for a ferry…
About time! Ferry service Piraeus (Greece) to Limassol (Cyprus) due to start May 2021, weekly in summer, fortnightl…
@bhamble The overnight Warsaw-Vilnius train ran 3 times a week and used Polish sleeping-cars with interchangeable b… @AndyBTravels Frecciabianca hauled by an Intercity loco, your Intercity hauled by a Frecce power-car? @Nordkommission The issue will be fixed of course. But it's also possible the same issue will arise when you try t… @Nordkommission Be careful. An issue already found with mobile InterRail for Italy: Mobile pass numbers aren't reco… is now confirmed as standard-gauge train Warsaw-Kaunas, change at Kaunas for a 5' gauge train to Vilnius. @seontrack @IrishRail @Wexford_People @wlrfm @wexfordcoco @WaterfordCounci @WaterfordNS @SouthEastRadio marks the 10 year anniversary of the suspension of services on the South Wexford Line, connecting #Waterford
Retweeted by The Man in Seat 61 @moritzkraehe That's where my money is! Do you know, or are you guessing, Moritz? @bhamble So did I. But no it wasn't! ;0)Seems the new Warsaw-Vilnius service will indeed involve a break of gauge. Gauge-changing bogies? Jacking up at th… Twentieth Century Limited, a train I’d love to have ridden (maybe next time I sail into New York I need to char…
@JORDS100 @AlexInAir Looking at the latest infection rates, it is certainly safer in Slovenia than in the UK.
Retweeted by The Man in Seat 61 @stefanct @Jordiarrufat Rail Baltica Warsaw-Kaunas surely, like the weekend only train combo running now? Not sure… good news for travel to the Baltics... (via @Jordiarrufat) @Jordiarrufat Thanks Jordi, that’s good to hear! @Lornisima I don’t think it is. Only while there no Aberdeen portion and FTW portion serves Glasgow. Normal formati… @almurray Today’s trivia: Remarkably, one actor features in the 1943 wartime film ‘A Canterbury Tale’ and also appe… of course the Brenner route is covered on Seat61, scenes from EC81 on the fabulous Brenner route..., to be in Italy... Scenery from Munich-Innsbruck-Verona EuroCity train EC81, speeding south on the Brenner rout…, in Italy... @ash_ayl Nice pics - and lucky to get one of the two deluxes. Did the shower work? It departs 23:50 for a few week…
@vorortanleiter @AndyBTravels Lucky it’s not Welsh coronavirus which you can catch even by reading a newspaper. @vorortanleiter @AndyBTravels Ah, that’s because Italian coronavirus can spread in dining cars - fortunately German… @jonworth For this purpose, I'd go for a more flexible spec with cars that could be used individually as well as in 7-car sets. @jonworth Normally I'd say civil servants aren't generally best placed to spec a night train, even more than day tr… @jonworth It’s not like that route is over-burdened...Superb Northern Italian scenery... Andy, if I'm following right, you're now somewhere here, on a local route off t… are just 3 trains from London to the mainland today. 2 to Paris and this one to Brussels, Rotterdam and Amste…
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