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Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach Somewhere near Malibu MGMT: Rick Sales Entertainment Group Agency: APA

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I will never get tired of having a kind President.
Retweeted by Sebastian BachWell yes and that. @sebastianbach @SonyHall @Kaleidoband Yeahhh, see ya there 🤘🏻
Retweeted by Sebastian Bach @TribalGuitars Dont understand how it could beMy return to concerts! Show 1/4 on my @sebastianbach #SlaveToTheGrind30 tour over the next week. I saw Skid Row's S…
Retweeted by Sebastian BachLooking for a new book to read? Can't go wrong with this autobiography @sebastianbach 18 and like on #skidrow A br…
Retweeted by Sebastian Bach @Mr_Crowley696 Blah blah blah blah blah shut upThanks for the follow highlight @BryanRolli's fantastic @UltClassicRock chat with @sebastianbach. Some great Slave to the Grind dis…
Retweeted by Sebastian BachI should see if I can still hit that to see @sebastianbach tonite. Excited!! 🤩🤩
Retweeted by Sebastian Bach📸📸💜💜🤟🤟 @mrmickmars @sebastianbach, @NikkiSixx @thevinceneil @thevinceneil
Retweeted by Sebastian BachOne of our 1st ever covers SEE YA TONIGHT NEW YORK CITY @SonyHall !!! don't see why not appreciate that but the amount of misinformation complete lies and bulshit is all it is for the most part it has… York City! TONIGHT!!! Its ON! @sonyhall W Special Guests @kaleidoband see you at the show! Here's a couple pics… not miss this band New York City tonight at Sony Hall oh yeah I'm playing too!! as the years goes on you will come to the conclusion that the internet is nothing but bullshit! Just use it to… posted a photo @ Sony Hall
KI⚡⚡ RULES Haven Connecticut see you October 19th with special guest @Kaleidoband #slavetothegrind 3️⃣0️⃣"I just know that real musicians hit your heart way more hard than guys miming to a tape," says @sebastianbach:
Retweeted by Sebastian BachPart 2 of my @sebastianbach is live now at @UltClassicRock! Featuring Baz's thoughts on backing tracks and why Slav…
Retweeted by Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach Says He “Feels A Responsibility To The Stage” With @kiss and @DavidLeeRoth Retiring #rock #metal
Retweeted by Sebastian BachWE'LL DO IT LIVE: @sebastianbach says bands that use backing tracks can't replace classic acts
Retweeted by Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach - Dominator : Brazen :
Retweeted by Sebastian BachJust posted a photo @ Sony Hall
**LOW TICKET ALERT** Tonight's show in Bristol TN at @ParamountTN will be SOLD OUT! Only a couple tix left so if yo… posted a photo @ The Paramount Center for the Arts Bristol, TN!!!! Somebody better call an exorcist!!! 👻 We’re at Paramount Bristol, TN tonight with @sebastianbach !!…
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Cya TONIGHT Hopewell Virginia at the Beacon Theater w Special Guests @Kaleidoband as we celebrate the 30th Annivers… posted a photo
@OGEWSOYN Im busyWait a minute! This song is not from #SlavetotheGrind! Great to see you @bjarzombek in San Antonio! Cya tomorrow ni… posted a video @ The Beacon Theatre Hopewell @sasaunders @EddieTrunk @warehouselive We don't pre-plan encoresMinneapolis we will see you on November 21st mother Truckers! #slavetothegrind 3️⃣0️⃣ w @Kaleidoband @PeaJaeEl @Paywon @JohnMorton44 @EddieTrunk @warehouselive Yeah man hold on to 1996 for the rest of your lifeOur upcoming shows this week: Oct 12 - Hopewell, VA - Beacon Theatre Oct 13 - Bristol, TN - Paramount Center Oct…
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See you again @BogartsShows Cincinnati in a couple of weeks! #slavetothegrind 3️⃣0️⃣ you're warming up your pipes for the sUBHUMAN rACE Anniversary Tour coming to your town someday 😗 get ready!!!! to the wrong guy @JohnMorton44 @EddieTrunk @warehouselive I appreciate that. But if you are really a true fan you will come to the s…🔥🤘 @sebastianbach
Retweeted by Sebastian BachSee you soon Fort Lauderdale @CultureRoom w @Kaleidoband #slavetothegrind was recorded at New River Stidios in your… this book @sebastianbach … such a good read !
Retweeted by Sebastian BachRIP Mr Lahey @trailerparkboys get ready cya November 10th!! #Slavetothegrind 3️⃣0️⃣ @brooklynbowl w @Kaleidoband @EddieTrunk we are in good company! #rodgerdaltrey @GregRenoff Max Webster
Glad to be of some assistance! for coming Houston! See you tonight San Antonio! @JohnMorton44 @EddieTrunk @warehouselive This is a Sebastian solo show I wrote the song Slave to the Grind why wouldn't I play itThe Flash @JohnMorton44 @EddieTrunk @warehouselive You cannot compare the popularity of songs released on Atlantic Records to… @EddieTrunk @warehouselive @sebastianbach Can't wait for the San Diego show
Retweeted by Sebastian BachSee you on the @TheKISSKruise me & @Suzanne_Le cannot wait to rock out with KISS!!!!! to rock out tonight with @sebastianbach in San Antonio!! 😊😁🤘
Retweeted by Sebastian BachIn Houston last night @sebastianbach tries on my glasses & says my eyes suck (actually couple f bombs instead). Aft…
Retweeted by Sebastian BachJust posted a video @ VIBES Live in the Rock Box you soon Boston with Special Guest @Kaleidoband don't miss them both bands are all real all the time no tapes n… are! See you at the Fonda theater this December Los Angeles I have always wanted to play there!… Rose and Sebastian Bach at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV 🇺🇸 April 9th, 2016 📸: Tony Trujillo
Retweeted by Sebastian BachRight on we are excited too see you tonight San Antonio! @JohnMorton44 @EddieTrunk @warehouselive Because we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the very first heavy me…❤️❤️📸@sebastianbach @thevinceneil
Retweeted by Sebastian BachSan Antonio Texas we will see you TONIGHT at @TheRockBoxSA! Houston was so much fun last night we are still recuper… @sebastianbach The Threat. Live in Houston @warehouselive
Retweeted by Sebastian BachThanks for coming out! Hopefully we will have a meet and greet next time and we can say hi! You guys rock thank you… for coming tonight Houston! See you tonight San Antonio! I know that's two two nights in a row hahaha Don't… posted a photo @ Warehouse Live
Hey Houston! The lineup is around the block mother Truckers! You always come through Texas this show is going to ki… @sebastianbach @Kaleidoband Can't wait for San Antonio tomorrow night 🤘🤘
Retweeted by Sebastian BachHow does a 2021 tour shirt sound? I bet you don't have one of those haha @sebastianbach @warehouselive @EddieTrunk @TheRockBoxSA @Kaleidoband San Antonio I’ll be there! Can’t wait to hear…
Retweeted by Sebastian BachGreat talking to you yesterday! See you tonight Houston Texas and see you tomorrow night San Antonio Texas let's ro…! Catch us at @warehouselive tonight with @sebastianbach, hosted by @EddieTrunk !! We go on at 8:30pm! 🤘
Retweeted by Sebastian BachHouston Texas! We are so stoked for tonight! I got to say the @EddieTrunk Show on @SIRIUSXM radio has meant so much… @sebastianbach I’ll be at the SA show too!! I’m so excited!! Getting my vocal cords ready to sing with you!! 😜 lol
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@sebastianbach @EddieTrunk @Kaleidoband Great show in OKC Tuesday 10/5. Definitely get there early and see Kaleido they are great.
Retweeted by Sebastian BachTempe Cya in December! Houston see you tomorrow night @warehouselive w @EddieTrunk ! San Antonio see you Saturday n… Slave to the Grind 30th Anniversary Tour w/ special guest @Kaleidoband November 6 @CultureRoom
Retweeted by Sebastian BachFort Lauderdale! We recorded this record in your town #SlavetotheGrind't do it without ya!!!
Happy Birthday to Bridgett in North Carolina from your son Blake Miller who is currently stationed overseas in Euro… Friday! @warehouselive Houston! @sebastianbach doing Slave To The Grind. See you there! All REAL and LIVE!
Retweeted by Sebastian Bach @Kaleidoband on stage with @sebastianbach was just sick. Coolest thing I’ve seen at a concert in a while. Y’all che…
Retweeted by Sebastian BachWe do it every night
@sebastianbach See you next Tuesday at the historic Beacon Theater in Hopewell, VA!!! 🤘🎸
Retweeted by Sebastian BachWaiting for the @sebastianbach concert and sitting in the truck listening to @MarkKendall_GW and @GreatWhiteRocks on @SIRIUSXM hair nation.
Retweeted by Sebastian BachYes @sebastianbach My wife and I are super pumped for this tonight! Can't wait! (Give a shout out to Shelley!)
Retweeted by Sebastian BachOklahoma City! See you TONIGHT @DiamondBallroom 30th Anniversary of #SlavetotheGrind come hear this heavy album in… posted a photo @ Diamond Ballroom Antonio see you Saturday night!! Catch us tonight at @diamondballroom with @sebastianbach on the 30th Anniversary Slave to the Grind tour!!!…
Retweeted by Sebastian BachHey @EddieTrunk ! How you doing! Houston!! how you doing? See you Friday night mother Truckers!! W Special Guests… @sebastianbach Farmer Josh and I will be at the concert in OKC tomorrow night. We got to visit with you in your bus…
Retweeted by Sebastian Bach @sebastianbach starting the countdown until your concert in OKC at Diamond Ballroom tomorrow! can’t wait 😁
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