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@enbyballs hi @enbyballs yep that’s me a menace to society u got me🤷‍♀️‼️ @enbyballs yea i’m a lil crazy sometimes🤪🤪 @enbyballs ima eat 2 fat ones idgaf @enbyballs that does sound good asff im staying sane after u said that cause ima eat mfff burgers later @DarienBMG rt @enbyballs how is ur friday @enbyballs it’s ok 🙏 @xx_chiki i hope u have an amazing dayy @enbyballs @xx_chiki happy birthday‼️‼️🎊
@exJackiee it’s no longer 5G 🥲 @ectacty @WoahEmil 🥲 @no9mi this is da origin story fr @enbyballs i’m getting a cat this year idgaf‼️‼️ @enbyballs i’d be instantly happy if i had that cat @enbyballs tiny cats>>> @enbyballs so cute fr @enbyballs @7ngelus megan moment @enbyballs what can i say🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🍑 @enbyballs enormous @enbyballs 😒😒 @enbyballs wym... @enbyballs i go outside... @enbyballs cool color @no9mi the only right opinion @JoeyTheSuperJew @xx_chiki @oFabz domers** @oFabz i miss ur dome 🥲😕 @xx_chiki nice
@enbyballs LMAOOOO i was just tryna make a joke it didn’t work 😭😭 @enbyballs it’s by choice just someone else’s choice @enbyballs just not mine @enbyballs it’s by choice @enbyballs i don’t have sex‼️‼️ @enbyballs mb @enbyballs @enbyballs caught in 4k😂😂 📸 down bad! @Yuhuuur need some @prodlexington sheesh he standing and sitting he doing everything @prakdip i would just not caption it but u look good prak @prakdip interesting @XxQu1cKSc0peZz thanks @daveisabum @oFabz LOL @itsWaddles_ i’m also doing great just tired asff but we move have a good rest of ur day<3 @oFabz he said u used to be funny af on twitter @itsWaddles_ the goat back on the TL ima tear up hru 😻😻 @enbyballs all boobs@are valid @itsWaddles_ omg @enbyballs they small @enbyballs yes @FavsPriv @Yuhuuur @oFabz .... @Yuhuuur @oFabz @FavsPriv thing is i know for a fact he doesn’t play clash of clans @oFabz @Yuhuuur @FavsPriv he literally sent a vn to the gc of one of him and his boys meetings like it was a flex @Yuhuuur @oFabz @FavsPriv i mean daniel been on that wave since before u were born but go off @endeylive @FavsPriv we stay on the same page @endeylive @FavsPriv LMFFF @FavsPriv @enbyballs this is true @oFabz crying @enbyballs idk how he hasn’t been canceled yet @oFabz had to double check thought i was texting prince for a second @enbyballs can’t believe he did that fr????? @FavsPriv @notchaselyons get to work @FavsPriv @notchaselyons i ain’t even gonna say anything @enbyballs just da truth 🙏 @enbyballs trueee mine is straight so i don’t have to worry u have dope curls @enbyballs ohhh i thought it was black so is mine @enbyballs you’d still be able to do it tho if u wanted‼️ i haven’t had a bad experience with it yet @enbyballs it’s very fun fr u have black hair tho so it’s probably a little more work since i got brown hair i just… @enbyballs LOL tyyy<3 @enbyballs @enbyballs my hairs red so i just be finding red strands around da place all the time @JhbTeamm i am crying i love froste sm @reaIlyshort genshin impact players going outside be like why can’t i pick these up @icedoutomnitrix i’m tearing up @Yuhuuur wowwwweee🤤🤤😻
@prakdip oh my gawd 😻 @Hauntterr awh hell nah @LazasBautista i hope ur day is amazing<3 @XxQu1cKSc0peZz as long as u don’t play too many solo games this is true @occult2k @reaIlyshort dope @enbyballs gn night @XxQu1cKSc0peZz and sometimes u just ass @XxQu1cKSc0peZz no way @imjssher @no9mi i don’t even tweet 🔥🔥 @Layymooon estate? @no9mi epic pictures bro, #dope‼️ @silvasalavisa holy shit @reaIlyshort 🥲 @Yuhuuur @Nefertidddy HELLO⁉️⁉️ @Yuhuuur @Nefertidddy forgot my fault g @Yuhuuur @Nefertidddy @Nefertidddy @puffle_bot here's your puffle! @oFabz classic