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Solskjær: "Results and performances are coming and I think #mufc is attractive for any young player out there with…
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAROmo Naija 🇳🇬🦅
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@TLF_MUGA Southampton on Monday
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARRemember when this movie was about car racing?
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARScreaming know I keep saying it but I don't think I've ever been so proud of someone I've never met. The levels are so hig…
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAREating GOOD. Monday’s pod is set up to be a classic. Don’t let us down lads @ManUtd 🤲🏽🥺 #TouchlineFracas
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARHe wants to be a tinker man so bad. Bloody Poet
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @ApparentlyImKJ Thanks bro 🤝I can’t believe I actually used to rate this Tammy guy. I would like to apologise to all United fans for the Mart…
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARFuture of our defence ⏳🤝
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARBdbsbbsbbwbwhwhhegdggegdgdgd Loftus Cheek Cameo v Sheff United 19/20 | no Goals | no assists | Skills | Just Vibes
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARKepa - disaster Abraham - wants a contract, attitude stinks, no ability Willian - 32 and cant even get 10 goals a s…
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARYeah this is mad still. @ChessyHour fight back lads 🤣
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARWhen man were saying Tammy is better than Rashford that’s when I knew Football Tribalism couldn’t be beaten. What an outrageous take
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARThis is my favourite Football related tweet of 2020 again #TouchlineFracas United should be all over Norwich’ squad, sign Pukki n a couple moreDub.
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARBebsbbsbsbsbvdgdggeshvsgs cameo loooooooolChelsea are getting fitted for a 3 piece suit by Sheffield United????
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARMcBurnie,Hendo n Norwood, La Carrington always wins 🤝
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR‘eritage
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARThe best player in the James family
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARLittle man has no choice but to grow up & play for us one day
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARYeah piss off James since he got worked by Davies
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARThis picture 😂😂😂😂😂 Lampard. Ite
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARA shahshs wtf is this video I can’t stand Chet hanks 😭
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @Reemzestilo Bro loooooool they fucked up😂😂
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @NegoTrue I’m actually crying😭😭😭
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @Reemzestilo NbbbdbsbsbbsbbaHahahahahajsjahshsjsjsjjshssjjshshzhzjsjsjshzhshshzhsjshzjzhjzzhjshsjzjzjsjzjznznzzjzjjzjsjshsjsjsjsjsjsjsjznnsjz
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @Jada__london I loved Joes energy @tucasloledo 😂Mason Mount vs Sheffield United [Highlights 19-20] Dancehall lampard way Midfield Mount got cooked, but what about his pressing? 🙁
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARI would normally say if Giroud comes on Chelsea win but Sheff are good in the air so I don’t know @OlesRed
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARBy jove we’ve done it again
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARWe must play the reserves in the FA cup @ManUtdBring me Jamal Lewis, £25mill deal
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARChelsea are still chasing attackers with that backline 😭. DONT FORGET LEGDAY.
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARSheffield United remind me of the mid table teams during the PLs peak. Play to their strengths and can actually mix…
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARLa Carrington production line doesn’t stop
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARComuncado Ofical: Our #Patreon page is now live! Exclusive KopEndFracas content and perks for our fantastic liste…
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARMonetisation k*lling my ppl forreal @Jada__london 😂😂😂 @Miss_K_Vang @Jada__london Nah nah loooooool stopYou girls really went ham. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @Jada__london Looool that bit killed me”shaped like the bottom of the shisha” @Reemzestilo Yeah of course but if we could I wouldThese lot are trying to spin a narrative. It’s not going to run
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARBruno knows himself
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARBuendia for squad depth would be nice @TheOnlySJ_ Looool this is what I’m saying 🧐 let’s change thatIf you haven’t got your refill packs yet 👇🏾🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARWho else but meLook at this evil man
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARA red table talk thread :(
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @Jayandreas__ @SollySankz Mesut on the bench in an attacking side would be greatLooool come on dawg @PHRENOL0GY F*ck that guy Kmt @PHRENOL0GY It’s 5:40 stfu 😂
@coverofplayboy Why am I not surprisedI think the left face is even worse than when he realised his dad didn’t want him 😭 and that scene was painful.
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR😂😂
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @Liiinoname :(Okay 😭
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARI knew I had seen this facial expression somewhere’m angry but LMAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARI should of know Jada was wicked when she kept her last name and just added smith for decoration.Ok
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Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 We'll be making a special announcement tomorrow at midday 👀 So set an reminder and keep your ey…
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTAR @DejiCNO FamWhere’s Pac man, come back and pattern your woman @_phelma Loooool I can’t believe itCarlton still the realist, would never put up with that bullshit
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARYo wtf is this man wtf
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARNobody cares about old school values smh prince grew up to be a punk .... @MANATEKPlC Nah Hov the GOAT, he can never be finished @lexiibam Loooool smhJBP tomorrow is about to be fire
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARSo disappointed one of my heros became this, only me and Hov left, talk about living long enough to become a Villian might be worse than Future. Her toxicness is so calming and reassuring
Retweeted by RUM ROCKSTARJada is wicked