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@sophiebits dynamicless!
If SSR is now “serverless”, what is SSG? “serverless”-less?
I don’t usually plug FB products on this account but PSA: I really enjoy Facebook Portal. Yes it only does one thin… @sophiebits @dan_abramov @scooke998 @andrewingram @adamwathan They do “exist”. :) Public ones are still a net negative in my experience. @en_JS @wincent I’m skeptical of this in Rust tbh. It’s good that standard libraries does it but it seems to me tha…
Google Closure Compiler is really good. I’ve grown to rely on it a lot but when it doesn’t inline something it shou…
@devongovett @dan_abramov @mattgperry @framer @reactjs Eg iirc Preact slots uses global or scoped names for this which is very similar. @devongovett @dan_abramov @mattgperry @framer @reactjs I do think there’s things we can make easier though. Particu… @devongovett @dan_abramov @mattgperry @framer @reactjs The DOM is easy until you try to compose it. React is a comp… @devongovett @dan_abramov @mattgperry @framer @reactjs Even in those cases it can be a combination of a shared pare… @devongovett @dan_abramov @mattgperry @framer @reactjs The crunch is if they should actually be the same DOM nodes…
@kuvos Source code ESM is not the point of my tweet though. You can even compile CommonJS to ESM outputs. It's no d…
Retweeted by Sebastian Markbåge @kuvos Source code ESM is not the point of my tweet though. You can even compile CommonJS to ESM outputs. It's no d…
I think a lot of things like this take a long time because it's not worth to move off of status quo for any one thi… particular, a module is special from objects in that offsets can be statically computed and it's different from… guesstimate that ES modules as a compiler target for bundlers is underestimated. There has been many disappointme…
@jlongster *There has NOT been a lot of pressure. @jlongster TL;DR: Even if browsers built this, file systems might not actually work correctly anyway because basica… @jlongster Hehe. I found that too, but that lead me to find something else. Before you judge, you should read this:
@acdlite Same, but with coffee. @monasticpanic @threepointone @brian_d_vaughn @dan_abramov But for jest specifically it’s not really a browser fram… @monasticpanic @threepointone @brian_d_vaughn @dan_abramov Detecting jest is just a proxy for the unit testing styl… @monasticpanic @threepointone @brian_d_vaughn @dan_abramov It really is about the testing strategy. If you’re doing… @bradleymeck Yea. For React SSR it’s not unheard of to bundle the render code anyway for consistency with the clien…
@acdlite No. Instead you should watch Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and live review it.
@NicoloRibaudo @giuseppegurgone The alternative for non-react runtimes is to override "importSource" option to poin… @jlongster Does it work on iOS? I think browsers have been kind of semi-deprecating shared workers - which I think…
The US has a strong culture of giving locally during a crisis. It’s strange for me coming from a culture where it’s… times of crisis, children & families in our communities are some of the most vulnerable because they lack re…
Retweeted by Sebastian Markbåge @brian_d_vaughn The Bay Area reacted relatively quickly. I’m pretty happy how they’ve handled it locally TBH. Stron… kept going as normal for too long and didn’t recognize the crisis as it was unfolding and even after.My college major was on the psychology of crisis leadership. I studied the worst disasters affecting Sweden (includ… Not sure if accurate but beautiful.Logarithmic scales can be so hauntingly descriptive.
@cpojer Syntax is familiarity. Prettier's best feature is standardization. It allows people to train their brains a…
The politics of COVID-19 is a fast forward of the politics of Climate change. Will be interesting to see how it plays out. @AdamRackis Bundlers is just one example that is pretty easy to fix. The long tail of APIs gets trickier. @AdamRackis They don't need to change the import() semantics. They can just expose an additional API. The spec can follow later. @americanwombat But it's not a waterfall in terms of network, they're all streaming in upfront but executing the CP… @americanwombat The problem I have is that the promises are not chained up ahead of time. E.g. if I create a lot of… don't actually require these to be Promises. We support synchronously resolving thenables too. It's just that th… is the worst case example of this because if you use a lot of them but they all load the same chunks, Re… await import('this-was-already-preloaded'); ^ I should be able to do this synchronously on the condition that…'s not expensive compared to I/O but the design of Promises to require a tick even when it's not blocked on I/O i… don't know who needs to hear but Promise ticks are not cheap. There's some baseline overhead to just creating the… @codervandal @acemarke However, the purpose that the plugin has, is that it can now detect unusual string refs patt… @codervandal @acemarke It's an unfortunate implementation detail that leaked that you can actually write that in JS… @codervandal @acemarke Making it a separate plugin makes you ask this question and whether you want it. There are m… changes to compiler configurations is the hardest thing. So many releases and projects to coordinate.… also means taking advantage of newer variants that switch things up a bit."It also adds another development-time plugin that is said to make debugging/errors clearer: babel/plugin-transform… @acemarke fact: FB didn't even have it on. We probably thought we were clever configuring the minimum setup.😂 This is wh… is the worst. Did you know about the plugin-transform-react-jsx-self Babel plugin? Probably not. It was…
@alecdotbiz @AdamRackis @dan_abramov @AdamRackis to be clear, which version were you testing on? Are you still seeing issues with v9? @AdamRackis @alecdotbiz @dan_abramov For this use case (enter/exit) animations, I have some ideas for a built-in fo… @AdamRackis @alecdotbiz @dan_abramov This is still a mutation in render. Seems like even j…
Bagel Bites are small pizzas. Not bites of a bagel.
@cpojer @dan_abramov It would’ve gone viral on Twitter tho.1. A very short thread on the power of data graphics and scientific communication. Roughly a week ago, some very s…
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@littledan @BrendanEich @03d5d0a1 @ljharb @bterlson @lbljeffmo I believe this would use a different Symbol than Sym… @littledan @BrendanEich @03d5d0a1 @ljharb @bterlson @lbljeffmo Throughout the process for any design decision there… @threepointone How much did you reduce the angle of trajectory tho?
@mattgperry @framer @reactjs @jmeaspls It might be easy to forget to add an extra boundary though. If you have useP… @mattgperry @framer @reactjs @jmeaspls One thing to keep in mind. The reason I decided against a Hook for this, whe…
This proposal mentioned it, but left it “production” and “react-native” as separate environments but ofc There’s re… pkg.exports field proposal seems pretty good. I wish it would explicit mention resolution of “production”, “dev…
@brian_d_vaughn @jlongster No I got it, just saying they're not exactly equivalent. @jlongster It's actually implemented the same right now but React doesn't know that you can't change the reducer du…
@joshcstory @dai_shi We built it that way so that libraries could seamlessly hide context access without making it…
@coding_all_day You mean, "Congrats @sebmck !" @devknoll @dan_abramov @sseraphini @reactjs Even if we did, I don't think there will ever be an imperative way to u…
@dan_abramov @devknoll @sseraphini @reactjs Yea but that can be done with streaming SSR today too. There's nothing… @devknoll @dan_abramov @sseraphini @reactjs The issue is that you still can't let deeply nested Blocks be used to d…
@cpojer Ok, now try it with byte size.What they should be thinking is “Is this *type* of feature worth making the product twice as slow?”Let’s say your product runs in 100 CPU units. Let’s say you can add 100 convenient features on top that each makes…
@mattgperry @reactjs Unmount happens while mutating the tree. So a sibling can have been removed but this one hasn’… @kentcdodds That consistency used to be important when VMs used function length to determine optimization heuristic… @kentcdodds It’s not for simple minification like removing whitespace or renaming some variables. However after you… @kentcdodds We do it with React. We wouldn’t have to if everyone used a powerful enough compiler that lets you get…
@IAmTrySound Yea I think we’ll want to do that in a minor. Just thinking ahead if we can get the automatic stuff in… @IAmTrySound Seems unfortunate to have a folder and package for each export in a folder but that makes sense. It b… that this is a very different constraint from preserving backwards compatibility because it allows for breakin… there’s no we way we’ll *only* publish an ES module export for React in today’s ecosystem.Any ES module adoption proposal should start with: Here’s how you publish code that works both in CommonJS (with ES… the pkg.module pattern `module: “../”` doesn’t this also support multiple aliases like `module: { “foo.… @wSokra @fabiosantosart @IAmTrySound Although most environments like meta frameworks are set up to handle these as… @wSokra @fabiosantosart @IAmTrySound This is just for our own internal code in the React repo, where it’s treated a…
@ryanflorence @kognise Curious. What was this code for?
@acutmore Yea. No plans to get rid of the functionality for escape hatches. You might want to use Trusted Types on… @ryanflorence @flexdinesh TL;DR: Listen to the warning. Really bad things can happen otherwise. @ryanflorence @flexdinesh DOM structure sometimes gets patched up if the tag names don’t line up. If attributes mis…
@_paulshen @dan_abramov @elie2222 @kentcdodds The issue is that concept include a bunch of bad practices too. So it… @timkevinoxley @acdlite @DavidKPiano @dan_abramov @leogcrespo @ovidiubute @acemarke @kentcdodds @BenLesh It also is… @dan_abramov @elie2222 @kentcdodds window.inMemoryCache does make sense because having synchronous fast access to c… @dan_abramov @elie2222 @kentcdodds State stored per top level DOM node makes very little sense for anything except… @dan_abramov @elie2222 @kentcdodds “Device” is another level. Eg local storage. Restored even if the browser lifeti… @acdlite @DavidKPiano @dan_abramov @leogcrespo @ovidiubute @acemarke @kentcdodds @BenLesh So most of what you do de… @acdlite @DavidKPiano @dan_abramov @leogcrespo @ovidiubute @acemarke @kentcdodds @BenLesh I think this is more of a…