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@y_nk @frontendTony @bitandbang @romefrontend Rome supports more than JavaScript. What other terms link HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? @tjcrowder @bobmyers It is a personal project. Discord is not involved in any way and I’m spending my personal time… @stefanpenner we are all searching for the holy grail @grillorafael How money would even be received. Distribution isn't the most difficult part and isn't a blocker. @grillorafael I don't know, that's not really what I asked.seriously though, i am actually interested in hearing about open source funding models that would allow for full-ti… bill gates and jeff bezos have not got back to me so i'm casting out to the community @BillGates @JeffBezos @tim_cook hey boys, could you give me and my friends a few billion so we can work on open sou… @nparashuram Sorry if I'm ranting. I appreciate you trying to help, especially since I know you aren't even on the… @nparashuram I'm surprised that Hermes just doesn't output a valid format, and that it isn't documented somewhere.… @nparashuram Yeah the Hermes cpuprofile format just uses sample events, and uses two of them to denote the start an… @nparashuram Neither devtools, chrome://tracing (which is Catapult, what the linked spec is from), or perfetto unde… @nparashuram Good to know, what format does Hermes even output then? What tool is it meant to be read with?
@seldo @steveklabnik little known secret is that most of the code was written while pairing with zuckTurns out you need to process it with And it's documented, nowhere? It doesn't even load i… days @kevin_vangelder @reactotron Hermes supports the Chrome inspector, so it's still running on device, but seems to be completely broken. @kevin_vangelder @reactotron I have not, but there's nothing in there that wouldn't already be covered via Chrome d… @anneboolean It's hard for people to argue with a cartoon catSampling profiler isn't available for JSC and under Hermes it produces a corrupt .cpuprofile. Very nice.It is basically impossible to profile React Native Android JS. The systrace integration seems to be internal FB onl… boosting my private alt @sebmck2 (if I don't follow you, do not request to follow me I swear)Facebook was drilling under the Oregon coast to connect a high-speed cable to Asia earlier this year when an accide…
Retweeted by SebastianWAIT this is actually ME @am_jedidiah It's already happened.CEOs who should have been CTOs
@tesseralis Haha, isn't this fun! It's open source, like you were doing before! Look we even use (private) GitHub r… @tesseralis What the fuck?? Thank you for sharing, I'm sorry you had to go through that. 46 million dollars in fund… thread will serve as a post-mortem on that project, what went wrong, as well as a catalogue of my issues with…
Retweeted by SebastianOh hey, the new site is up, which means it's time for A Thread about Gatsby (1/??)
Retweeted by Sebastian @samccone chROME @_jayphelps I raise that bet to $100,000 @rishabh_0x99 @opera I won’t be @zoontek Edge and Opera are basically reskinned ChromeI hate supporting Apple, but not as much as I hate supporting Google lolAs a Firefox user, if I needed to switch to another browser, seems like the only choice to avoid browser monoculture is switch to... Safari?
@Rich_Harris @romefrontend Forgot to link, although it's much less ambitious than what is l… @samccone @Rich_Harris @romefrontend This would only make sense if there was a way to do it without limiting Svelte… @haoqunjiang I acknowledge I'm debating something that has been legally ambiguities though, so maybe not productive… @haoqunjiang I think it can still be argued that just having it involved and used at all, while not effecting the l… @Rich_Harris @romefrontend Yeah I think so. I'm not really sure how it would work. Trying to figure out what the mi… @mhartington @manekinekko @romefrontend Doesn’t look like it properly supports LSP then! The prefix $/ is explicitl… @JakeDohm Yes it’s a known issue and it’s been open on their repo for 2 years. People deserve to be made aware of i… @youyuxi @haoqunjiang As far as I know, it doesn’t matter at all that it’s not included. The license restrictions a… @lolpython Don’t think so. The most prominent example of this type of license though is JSON and jshint with “don’t… @Daniel15 No GitHub activity from that user since that issue :Pcc @haoqunjiang who appears to be the current maintainer. Seems like this calls into question the licensing and rig…
Developers think they're being funny and edgy when picking these licenses but are really just perpetuating an immat… CLI has a dependency on the node-ipc package which is licensed under the "don't be a dick" license. Which is no… @jlengstorf @Netlify It’s back! Thank you so much! @ohhoe @jd__andrade I think your point still applies though. If someone is consistently shitting on the community (… @ohhoe @jd__andrade My tweet was a parody of one by Alex Russell. He constantly retorts with "my title isn't devrel…, let me clarify this tweet: Senior Staff Software Engineers who work on the Chrome team, are actively involve… @ooldder I wished upon a star that all my web development friends would have long & happy careers, developer advocates… @bitandbang @romefrontend Nope. It’s a “frontend toolchain” because those are the supported languages. Node code is just JavaScript. @AlexAegis @essenmitsosse @heltir @romefrontend This isn’t a business. If you really want to influence then invest…
@pacman326 @Netlify It’s been 24 hours. @sjroot @Netlify Why would you reply with this lol, are you trying to be a dick? The graph only shows a single log…"More accurate numbers" and "Better privacy". I guess it is better privacy if there's absolutely nothing logged lol have no statistics for the Rome launch because @Netlify Analytics decided to take a shit (this graph is meant to… because someone talks from a position of authority doesn't mean they know what they're talking about! @jdan You created a cross-project memeDidn't take long for someone to find the --fieri flag. You get a beautiful image of Guy Fieri in your terminal that… many people like to link and reference this xkcd, then act as if they're saying something profound lol @itsmadou Not sure on both accounts. It wont look anything like Babel because Rome has an immutable AST.
@rickhanlonii ᴶᵉˢᵗ @heltir @romefrontend Luckily the other tools that fit your use-case still exist then. If you really need custom ru… @heltir @romefrontend Don’t use it then
Retweeted by Sebastian @_rrdelaney We might have custom rules eventually. It doesn't make sense to run into it. @arpitbharti73 @romefrontend It's back up. @blacksonic86 @romefrontend It's back up.Introducing Rome: A linter for JavaScript and TypeScript. The first in a suite of tools for frontend languages that…
Retweeted by SebastianWow, it goes backwards
@bharathsrr @romefrontend Thanks! Yeah at the top is frontmatter and then all the markdown… @rufat_zeynalli @romefrontend What? @bharathsrr @romefrontend ( has more information if you're interested in learning before) @stryju @romefrontend No idea how I didn't notice that... Fixed, thanks! @kuizinas @cpojer @romefrontend What would that have done? @loktar00 @romefrontend Our docs website is the same way! We make zero HTTP requests, everything is inlined, script… @cpojer @romefrontend What about it? @bharathsrr @romefrontend You’ll find out in 27 hours? @buildsghost @romefrontend 💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺
@aweary Is it exploitative if they aren't using the work to profit their business? Are contests/competitions the sa… @samccone 234. Who can drink the most hand sanitizer before vomiting 235. Laughing contest without smiling 236. Who…
@cpojer what does that even mean?
The past few weeks I’ve switched exclusively to Crocs. Not sure how I’ll cope going out into the real world wearing regular shoes. @buildsghost saying ass is what your entire brand is built upon
@buildsghost Horny on main
@wongmjane eerie @MylesBorins Try this weekend 😉 @MylesBorins Yeah, the main reason I completely butchered the styling! They copy is still extremely rough and we ar… @MylesBorins Thanks! Add the ?veryfunny querystring for the boring version... @MylesBorins Omg I love it @stefanpenner @_jayphelps don't give me ideas now @_jayphelps yeah everyone thinks i'm a furry nowDid you know that is under construction???