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SecretArchives @SecretArchives The Cronx, Surrey, England

Purveyors of the finest transglobal breakbeat dub science since 4004 BC!

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We accidentally released two singles on Spotify on the same day. We are particularly pleased with both. If you use… Alia of the Knife is on Spotify from today. Please add it to your playlists. Thanks! #NowPlaying
Don't forget we have a YouTube channel. There are videos for some of our tunes plus videos about our recording proc… I Was Black I'd Be A Panther blog:'ve released 17 singles so far this year. They're all on Bandcamp and will all be on Spotify etc in due course (… @kazuum All very well for artists like her to to keep moaning about this year after year - but what is going to cha… you know who Saint Alia will be, then you know.
Miklagaard On our Bandcamp page now. #SecretArchivesoftheVatican #BrokenDrumRecords #Miklagaard #vikings #dubstep Viking dubstep... my new single "Miklagaard" on Spotify: (powered by @distrokid)
@rachelparris Warrior Nun!We strongly suspect you haven't listened to our latest tune yet. Please take a few minutes for a listen.... @swedenilson @mrmitchell78 Someone I worked with decided to go get a bagel and missed that bus.On Amazon from Friday. On Bandcamp already, of course. Spotify from Friday, Pre-save it now. morning! Here's a blog post about our latest track. went to Constantinople
@kingbritt On the basis that no-one pays directly for music any more, this would mean our music would never be hear… @OddsFiche @Classicbritcom He once won the Silver at the Golden Rose of Montreaux (international TV awards) and I w… @LadyJ5569 If it's any consolation, this isn't that unusual and it gets controlled every time it appears. Here's an…!! Tell it! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by SecretArchivesHere's a new track. Did you know Vikings went to Constantinople?, listen to this podcast.
@MassiveAttackUK @frankieboyle Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself.Our podcast is perfect for a Sunday evening. Listen now! on Spotify and getting a few plays...have a listen! am the lore...
The Last Days of Babylon via @YouTubeAgreed.
@aliveNamplified Transglobal breakbeat dub science...orientalist beats! @paulmac708 Ghislane Maxwell did not kill herself.On Spotify now! Please add it to your playlists.
On Spotify from tomorrow. #BLM #AlwaysAntiFa soundtrack-ish, prog-rockish but not, drum and bass but not. out our new single "Saint Alia of the Knife" distributed by @DistroKid and live on iTunes from 10 July!
Drum and bass in 9/8 time... #DnB #drumandbass #HouseAtreides #Dune #netlabels #CroydonMusic #Croydon you! :)
We believe we make unique music. This is an example. Acoustic, electronic, middle eastern, soundtrack, Croydon, dr… @andylong @Chrised90751298 @yesofficial @YesMusicPodcast I bought mine many years ago in a second hand record stor… our latest podcast: Veiled Beauty: Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 150 via @SecretArchivesVeiled Beauty: Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 150 out our latest podcast today. We've found some excellent tracks from artists around the world that you'll pro…
@chalravens He's a Tory.Uploaded "Veiled Beauty - Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 150" to @mixcloud listen now!Here's a new podcast episode - some genuinely amazing and original music from around the world. @_Bigwave_ We may have mentioned that in track we released back in 2008...
@diddlywiddly @PeterDraper108 It means both.Arakeen Resistance @OddsFiche @Risotto_Drake I see it every day. Surrounded by new expensive flats now so you can barely see the build… Resistance #SoundCloud #np're releasing about a track a week at the moment. Here's today's. Please listen and share. #genredefying #DnB on, watch know you want to. The Last Days of Babylon via @YouTubeTake a few minutes to watch our latest video (we think it's good!) ...chilled Sunday music. #Sunday #Sundayvibes
Second video for Lady of Green Silences
New video: The Last Days of Babylon Last Days of Babylon - a new video. A little different for us, too. via @YouTubeThe Last Days of Babylon, distributed by @DistroKid is live on Napster! @SplintrdCompany @DistroKid Yep. A complete waste of time, eh? @DistroKid Not bothering any more. Been on it and bounced off within minutes a few days in a row. Waste of my time.
@Plastician @shancalista @isthatscully One of the many good things about living in the Cronx.So far, only six people have viewed this video on YouTube. Probably four of those were us... :) It seems incred…
Interesting! seconds. @andylong @andylong It's an Arabian maqam called Jaharka Turki. F Gb A Bb C Db E F (If there are any other not…'s one of our videos from a short while back. We like this one. Almost no-one watches our videos but we like m… @Mike1inFive Some chilled psy-dub...
I Am The Lore A new video. We like making videos. We'd love to work with others, though, on something more amb… Am The Lore: video @MayorofLondon @djritu1 No platform staff were wearing coverings in #EastCroydonStation this morning. @mattstevensloop It's highly addictive. It's full of crap. I like it.
Every time you buy music from an artist on @Bandcamp, you are making a micro-investment in their career and ability…
Retweeted by SecretArchivesWe approve of this message. made a video today for one of our tunes, I Am The Lore. non-work day...what to do? Start a new tune? Make a video? Create some cover art? Write a blog post?
Our latest track - on SoundCloud: is the mindkiller… work today...made a chilled psy-dub tune. #psydub #dub #chillout
Here's a new Spotify playlist: Broken Drum Records Singles 2020 #Spotify #spotifyplaylist #NowPlayingMy Name Is A Killing Word On SoundCloud. #soundcloud #DnB #drumandbass we create our cover art short video about our recent cover art... #BrokenDrumRecords #coverart #artwork
Hakim has only had 15 views on YouTube. It seems so hard to get anyone to watch or listen to anything these days.… out my new single "If I Was Black I'd Be a Panther" distributed by @DistroKid and live on iTunes! out my new single "If I Was Black I'd Be a Panther" distributed by @DistroKid and live on Google Play! @andylong A new track each week at least. They go straight on Bandcamp but Spotify and other sites lag a few weeks…, people! This tune will be on Spotify this Friday but it's already on Bandcamp:
If I Was Black I'd Be a Panther, distributed by @DistroKid is now live on Amazon! a listen to this most excellent radio show today! Top tunes from around the world. All you need is dub! morning, people! At work again today but wishing I was in the studio instead... @noelbrijsavage @AmeenaRojee @drumzofthesouth I think they did some additional production on it.
For our London people....this is an AWESOME record shop. Amazing music selection but excellent books too.… know we keep throwing random tracks at you but we'd love it if people actually heard our music now and again! @AmeenaRojee @drumzofthesouth I used to attend a church in the same street as Big Apple and was completely obvious… indigenous music of our hometown. I like Croydon and am genuinely proud that this epic music came from here.… Name Is A Killing Word our Croydon homies... #OvalTavern've released 14 tracks so far during this's been interesting giving ourselves a time deadline of at l…
Here's a tune we made today. The title is a literary reference related to our previous release... morning, people! Here's a tune on Spotify to start your day. All empires die!