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Steer Calmer shredding the COVID Clown at PMQs again. So great to see.
@Eddie_TrOne the best way is to approach your payment method ask for refund from bank, credit card or paypal and e… @barryfoldout you've bought some ghosts? @jason_kincade @jeremynewberger oh very good! @TheRealHickford hahaha 😄#CivilWar Looks a bit like America may have discovered oil in America and has now decided what America needs right… @vachetm off the cuff, he seems to be donating to an american democrat thing which sounds good to me. shouting abo… @vachetm I don't know anything about it sorry.
@MrBrownsEtc many things many many stupid, awful things @MrBrownsEtc literally the only people in Spain having to be rounded up by the hundreds. But it's not about that,… when written in Tory, it is Spain's fault the UK is the number one hotspot for COVID and populated by it is written in Tory ; @kevinknoxx oh i've got some blinders. I'll try find them later @loz_nugget it's like the dance music industry "we've got a massive problem with overwork, drugs and sexual abuse… @loz_nugget doesn't matter what the crisis is, the corporate response is highly likely to be tone deaf and self-congratulatory.Some of the more deranged Ibiza venues are inviting you to come have a dip in their big COVID pool. I hope German… @vachetm "just" poorly executed is the rub tho innit 😉 @vachetm no one is disagreeing with you it wouldn't be so funny and awful if he didn't mean it @loz_nugget ha! yes mate @vachetm why, did you think I thought he was being ironic? it's absolutely sincere, and colossally shit and inappr… something so hilarious is not trending I do not know 😄guess the world has bigger fish to fry 😉I hope you will all join me in this solemn moment of deep thought from one of our great ambassadors. SILLY MAN!
Retweeted by Secret DJ innit @TudorAcid @posthuman @PlexLondon I am also not young. @TudorAcid @posthuman @PlexLondon She did! fond memories. @PlexLondon @TudorAcid @posthuman don't be sad my child it is just for laughs @F1_AN I consider it as fucker now @TudorAcid @posthuman @PlexLondon your Mum is a 1970s happy eater @PlexLondon @TudorAcid @posthuman hahaha 😄 @TudorAcid @posthuman @PlexLondon I don't think he implies that at all and I read every word of the thread with gre… @TudorAcid @posthuman @PlexLondon all the loftiness and sheer clever his detractors try to muster with their sarcas… @TudorAcid @posthuman @PlexLondon I always enjoy cool hipsters who mock Curtis. it's a palpable joy. @ConorMcNicholas spot the difference @ConorMcNicholas sure was @lee3erry always was @LordGid strong choice#SecondPeak and right on time! here come the Tory bots blaming the weekend protestors for the second wave their ma… @monosuppe better. definitely ask for better. @_julijane_ verybest @Coldwar_Steve ever? could be! that evening -- in the heavens above comes a mighty platitudinous wind! arms outstretched here comes SHIT EDM JESUS an… did mention briefly in my book that EDM is a none-more-perfect fit for the Trump era. And I could not have asked… @UKBALANCEPARTY I have to say I'm not sure I can even drum up a favourite part is him having to read Floyd's name off his iPad. what's yours? @brokenbottleboy for me it's having to read Floyd's name off his ipad.I hope you will all join me in this solemn moment of deep thought from one of our great ambassadors. SILLY MAN! @brokenbottleboy oh Lord @_julijane_ @high_z_music if the class is 'idiots' this is definitely a textbook 😄 @_julijane_ @high_z_music hardly a life! couple of years tops 😀 it's a travelogue of a bad tour, drugs and weirdness. @high_z_music @_julijane_ lots of humorous stuff 🙂 not much of a textbook 😉Many thanks for the pic @miguelcampbell . Hope you enjoy!
Retweeted by Secret DJ innitOwned the @SecretDJBook since first published but only now I finally am reading it. So far I can say it is hilariou…
Retweeted by Secret DJ innit
Tomorrow ; Trump reveals detailed plans to invade and occupy the Internet. @ohmyliver it is because they literally have no idea what it is other than 'bad terrorist'. @djmarcogiannini I don't disagree with that either 🙂 @djmarcogiannini there is a huge second wave coming. made all the worse by people playing down COVID from top to… @djmarcogiannini I would say the one thing the UK needs is a lot more scaremongering and a lot less mitigation.
@loz_nugget for sure.
@loz_nugget ah i see you've read the link but not looked at the Overton Window Trump is an example of the Overton… @loz_nugget you've completely missed my point. @loz_nugget "Industrial" and "New Beat" as well as "Krautrock" came not long after disco in Europe. America tends t… @pastagoras @miguelcampbell it's good to hopeEngrossed in the hilarious, brutally honest @SecretDJBook. Reads like Fear & Loathing for the rave scene. Manages t…
Retweeted by Secret DJ innit @JessicaLennard many thanks Ma'am. Heaven awaits you for your kind words. (Heaven nightclub, Charing X. No actua… @loz_nugget I'm afraid it is not quite so 'black and white' if you will forgive. Nothing 'starts' in anyone place… @pastagoras @miguelcampbell solid work! @loz_nugget anything that is counter to the right wing narrative is controversial now. due to ; thanks for the pic @miguelcampbell . Hope you enjoy!
@triplenickel hard to tell cos it's been fucked a long time @MrBrownsEtc be more Francethe message is "yes we said we did not break the rules, but if you did what we did, you broke the rules" utter tripewow so they will not review fines for people doing what Dom did! it really is like they want to be ousted from of… @jason_kincade @MrBrownsEtc it's all about Brexit and Cummings IS Brexit @BrianNewson yeah been doing the rounds a while now @electropaulo I'd put it more like conquistadors about to eradicate @MrBrownsEtc they've completely misjudged it their base is all about the ME ME ME and this has hit them right whe… @lee3erry bastard!
@herman_mqw @dave_leo72 it's a cracker, no doubt. @dave_leo72 @herman_mqw not at all. anyone who comes here and only goes to clubs wants their heads examining. @manueky I too have been banging on about it for years @dave_leo72 @herman_mqw very bold! very much depends on your priorities too. nightlife is poison to me now. @dave_leo72 @herman_mqw no city is a great place to live people just want it to be 😉#booforboris has really taken off round these parts and something I can happily participate in
Retweeted by Secret DJ innit @herman_mqw @dave_leo72 yeah riiiight. 😉 @lee3erry oh man! don't tell me that!wasn't 60,000 enough corpses for the Conservatives then? tell you what, if we're going to be highest death toll in… that is it then is it UK? The half-arsed 'lockdown' is over because the man who made the vague rules and killed…
Retweeted by Secret DJ innitUK is going full Trump. And the beige nazi tabloid readers will be trying SO HARD to support their team, no matte…
Retweeted by Secret DJ innit @GuyHornsby it's a buyers planet right now @ededowen ...but you can rent it for a while @ededowen well, let me just say that they are definitely as popular as money can buy 😉 @Rockit_Science @george_clinton thanks do us a review if you bought it online? you will go to heaven @CL_Loose lets just say no one in the nightlife industry is innocent 😉 @chaircrusher there are, believe it or not, even wealthy socialists 😉 @chaircrusher no they don't dude. not everyone who does very well inherits, that's a massive generalisation. I'… @chaircrusher yes dude what I am saying is not all very very rich people got their money illicitly or are nasty, b… @chaircrusher I would also argue that there are some very nice people in whatever 'the criminal classes' are. @CL_Loose well, that is another story entirely 😉 when you tug at this thread, a lot of very very cool and respected places can unravel @FarawayMatt not much no. I remember it came out not long after my piece and the loaded 'proper insider' was alle… @chaircrusher yeah I won't go so far as to say all rich people are terrible humans. they have about the same amoun…