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Nika Mironova @SectorWriter Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Statistician. Misser of flights. Ripper of nylons. Traveler of places. Cringing at your aging reports. Mother of seals and crabs. Bad at making twitter bios.

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@AMummyToo I’m a fan. @OlivierOrOliver It’s bothHave vodka at home but this is needed. @YellsOnPolitics @_BillieBelieves I’ve been walking all over these money makers for years. @YellsOnPolitics @_BillieBelieves TIL there’s a lucrative market for photos of them. 🤷‍♀️ @YellsOnPolitics @_BillieBelieves Happens 🤷‍♀️ @snigskitchen John has a bottle of wine in the top left of his photo. @coachoram @drphiliplee1 Memes making reference to this tweet/image? @GwynneThomson Laughed quite a bit. I’ve seen like 70% of these in real time. @The_Napier It takes a villageTory Jesus thread: I could give you this bread Timmy but you’d probably just swap it for crack (1/)
Retweeted by Nika Mironova @drphiliplee1 I don’t name and shame though. People just guess poorly?I don’t shame though. People are into what they’re into I guess. @broomwagonblog That is acceptable.The amount of guys in my DMs after posting a photo like this is rather alarming.
@AlexanderEngli5 @AdamMackintosh9 "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"Oh Max... 🤗 | #ASRoma
Retweeted by Nika Mironova @AlexanderEngli5 @AdamMackintosh9 Not to the same degree but it was used in lieu of payments and building dependencies.Kein Platz für Rassisten. Keine Sitze für die AfD.
Retweeted by Nika Mironova @stand_for_all That’s precisely the same reason. This practice still goes on in Russia. @AdamMackintosh9 You have no idea. Vodka used to be monopolised by Czars as a way of keeping the people in line.Fun fact: vodka bottles in Russia used to be designed so you could not close the bottle once it was opened, thus fo…€ @stand_for_all “Three quarters of a bottle” doesn’t translate to Russian. @snigskitchen @DigbyWhat Ask if he thinks Lo Celso coming on over Bale was the smart choice. @ASRomaEN @HyundaiEurope Excellent result. Some work to do but it’s a foundation for something more.Well... 😅 A dramatic game in Milan - we come from behind three times to take a share of the spoils. ⚽️ Dzeko, V…
Retweeted by Nika MironovaOutstanding match. 3-3 final and I’m happy with that result against a talented AC Milan team. #MilanRoma #ASRoma #DajeRoma @selfiestick_1 Genuinely spat my wine. @SectorWriter Twitter Gods have aligned on my timeline
Retweeted by Nika Mironova @MannyGoldstein2 @DigbyWhat @snigskitchen Footage from the last Spurs victory parade? @snigskitchen @DigbyWhat York City FC! Lovely club with lovely supporters.I’m embarrassed to say how much I put on Spurs.!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS THIS MATCH IS AMAZING @snigskitchen @DigbyWhat Support my club in England Snigs. Low league, under the radar, does a lot of charity, and in a lovely city.Come on Roma!!!🎯 VERETOUT! 2-2 DAL DISCHETTO AL 71'. DAJE ROMA! #MilanRoma
Retweeted by Nika Mironova @snigskitchen @DigbyWhat No chance. no the replies can’t believe I put 50€ on Spurs to win the league. @drphiliplee1 I’m not tempting fate. Finland would win.What a brilliant match already. COME ON ROMA!!! #DajeRoma #ASRoma #MilanRomaCONCEDE TWO MINUTES IN?!? Come on. handling Tula no problem. Hopefully Roma will put up more competition against AC Milan.Don’t judge my terrible working from home fashion choices. like you’re at war in peacetime isn’t a good look Laura. And the war ended 75 years ago. Let it go. @lituainianach @techpriest @gremisch @Helen_Something 28p an egg or something Dov.Salmonella from undercooked egg + Hospitalised = Free meals from the NHS Genius money saving technique. 🙄
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@ElyEelee Yellow @YesMissMurphy He looks older than Jason IsaacsIf Maria ever looks at you like she did the mobile notification going off, you’d better hope she’s merciful. an oil tanker off UK shores. I see how Brexit won the referendum.
Retweeted by Nika MironovaFrankie’s posting deliciousness again @tris_siam No truffles going near them please.Side of halloumi. I can’t cook eggs for the life of me. what’s the plan here. 🤔’ve done it. I’ve found the best bio on Tinder.
Retweeted by Nika MironovaMight give this one a miss. Doesn’t look machine-washable.
Retweeted by Nika Mironova“Why don’t working class parents just sell their pearls?” isn’t something I expected to read today, but there we ar…
Retweeted by Nika Mironova26. Don’t know if I have one. I don’t want to measure up to others and wouldn’t want others to do the same. Every… Seals or crabs. I love them both.24. Invisibility.23. Lots of people make me laugh. I couldn’t narrow it down to even 10.22. Acerbic wit, well-dressed, and punctual.21. Wake up, light breakfast, bath for a while, so watch AS Roma play (in-person), meet friends after for a meal (c… History or Geography. Maths teachers were always boring growing up.19. Otto von Bismarck as the guy was probably the most interesting historical leader and kept the ship afloat in very uneasy times.18. A hot bath, bottle of ice cold vodka, Strauss II or Tchaikovsky playing in the background, a pack of cigarettes, and some candles.17. Football. No question.16. It would be hubris to think planet Earth is the only place in the universe that can support intelligent life.15. Football manager or food critic.14. I’m most grateful for my family and friends. The connections made on here are also special. I’m reminded that e… not knowing my two favourite animals... Sudden uncertainty12. Russian as far back as the late 1800s. Prior to that my family were serfs so... hard to keep track.11. Komsomolskaya station just to mess with people.10. Probably wouldn’t go back before 1991 as that’s not a good time to be Russian, don’t want to go to the future e… Big bowl of bibimbap, a Roman-style pizza, and a reasonably priced Bordeaux.8. 23° C, partly cloudy but sun is out. @ElyEelee Comes with the territory. And I don’t see how ‘comfy’ answers is really pertinent to... anything. “She li… Maybe one. My parents only wanted one and got twins out of it.Mmmmmyes how I take my tea is really going to affect that. 🙄 Never done a Pacific Island holiday, so likely that? I don’t plan, just play them by ear once arrived.5. I like both but was always raised with dogs.4. Seeing kindness in a world where it seems so rare.3. Summer as it means light dresses and drinks by the beach. Sunny days are nice but there’s also the smell of summ… Shocker but I don’t really like desserts. Give me more of the main course or a second appetiser.1. Splash of milk and a tiny dollop of honeyAlright I’ll do it
@HonestDrJohn I eat it. You don't, as my tweet said.You don’t need to eat it. Digby okay? @HonestDrJohn I'm in Liechtenstein. Saucisse de Toulouse isn't really in my interest. I love Dijon mustard though.I'm having bratwurst with Dijon horseradish mustard and sauerkraut for dinner. Is this assimilation?God Lukaku is so talented... #GenoaInter @JimMFelton Can't wait to tell a restaurant I won't go to that I won't eat there. That's the logic... @Glitterbeard_ They fight the poor. @Dani_L_112 @JimMFelton OH MY GOD I love your hair.