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@misfitmarti 💋💋💋Releasing my first OFFICIAL single titled “Lust” available Thursday 4.9.29 on all streaming platforms!!! Can’t wai…
Retweeted by Sed nahthere’s a *new insidious energy to the way these young yt girls fetishize black men and literally want to REPLACE b…
Retweeted by Sed nahas adults I can see why we just want to ignore the blackfishers, I worry for the young black girls who have to sit…
Retweeted by Sed nah @Theubrgrl @Trnscnd It would be cool to see y’all lead the conversation on this @Theubrgrl I agree with that for sure. @Trnscnd has been talking about this a lot lately as well.All of these empty hotels yet we have HCPs sleeping in garages/cars/etc so they don’t endanger their families shoul…
Retweeted by Sed nah @Theubrgrl They all on my side of town @JE55ICAFANT Honestly, it’s etched into my brain forever. Must track downA bop many times as I’ve used it in a poem, the word “Silhouette” be fucking me up.Please don’t share that niggerfishing girl on my TL. Please. Just let her die with irrelevance.Frontline workers—including grocery and pharmacy workers, warehouse workers, medical personnel, farmworkers, food p…
Retweeted by Sed nahSome things just feel good to hear.Nah this coat goes too crazy a good way.Damn it.No tbh :( horses disappointment of dropping her apple...
Retweeted by Sed nah @sednahhh lmaaao read me!!!
Retweeted by Sed nah @sednahhh Wow cancer was extremely accurate
Retweeted by Sed nah @sednahhh Leo & virgo me as fuck lmfaoooo
Retweeted by Sed nah @adeyanju_aiye LmfaooooIM NOT WRONG promoter for club live on saturday nights/telepathically telling their crush how they feel/calling literall… hot BQ/teetering one step away from being the old man screaming at the wind/“where’s my phone?” Being the only constant.Capricorn: sneaking to their dick appointment/updating their resume. Also taking the liberty to do their friends, t… 8?”/making a new playlist for their 6th run of the day/getting someone pregnant\wondering why no one is getting them pregnantScorpio: falling into an endless array of YouTube wormholes/staying up till 6am being the new(or not new, but now e…“I was gonna do that anyway cause that’s just how I am”/ordering lashes Libra: working. Somehow, someway./mu… to get their mother off the phone. Cancer: relishing in people that miss them/casually playing off f… signs coping through quarantine: Aries: walking their dog/running/doing yoga/sitting outside and staring into t… @nakedgoldonline Whatever needs to be done, I am here for this.
@QuanSann Moe.Yo. is what a bad bitch looks like social distancing while celebrating 💫 Announcement tomorrow. Until then, Che…
Retweeted by Sed nahI can’t speak rn.attico pre- fall 2020
Retweeted by Sed nahyou lie but I don’t let it define you
Retweeted by Sed nahNo. 16, 1957 #colorfieldpainting #rothko
Retweeted by Sed nahI hate when I think someone is attractive from one photo and then I see the rest and it’s just not consistent :( @hellosarahlovee Fact cheque @hellosarahlovee I just started getting into my hero and I might say he’s a Taurus @yogitheshooter I’m trying not to take it personal.Quarantine mood provided by Death Grips me.some of heath ledger’s artwork <3
Retweeted by Sed nah @mikeosp Deconstruction just as important as building.Aquarius. by brickMy queen @adeyanju_aiye 🥺🥺🥺🥺Successful convinced @DrummerBoyBrown to change his avi. And it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to meDay 5 of 30
Retweeted by Sed nahAfter getting some rest: I don’t actually want to control anyone. I would just like for something in my life to go… @NAPPYNAPPA I feel like I see it everyday. @lulumamajuju If anything will be done under this quarantine, it’ll be music. @adeyanju_aiye the Gretsch might have to come home to me. The Butterfly is a cute girl. But something about this guitar....Whole lotta triggers being set off this week. It’s cool though. having any weed also has me fucked up. So this is really why we’re here.It doesn’t matter if I’m right, wrong, honest, lying, coming, going, standing still. I can not control anyone else… he’s a feature, yes. But idk on his own... my inner child needs some attention. @Trnscnd I would say by December, the lawsuits about to go crazyThis quarantine is not working for my escapism.I’ve never been one after the world’s heart. But it’s still good to be aware.Maybe the world rewards whoever can lie the best.I’ll write a song about it at some point.I remember lying about breaking something and getting beat, so the next time I told the truth about breaking someth… why it matters if I’m honest or not.This defense mechanism ain’t working like she used to.I’m happy for him and marti laying in bed like the old people in Willy Wonka quoting tik toks at 4am. This is what it has come to @stopbeingfamous Sir. @softglas I feel like I’m floating @MadeInChynna @misfitmarti She don’t missAttention 🦇 made a thing.
Retweeted by Sed nah @softglas what are you listening to right now?Same. for not responding i forgot i was real
Retweeted by Sed nahThe butterfly is so fucking cute and I could see myself playing her all day. But that Bigsby really is so sexy. My… @adeyanju_aiye That’s who the butterfly is by. I couldn’t find the actual daisy though :( @misfitmarti The first week is the hardest. Keep a quick snack available to break fast. Gratitude>complaining. Waki… @adeyanju_aiye I was looking for a flower one but couldn’t find :( @jessicnnt Right?! @notalonellc Shit happens literally everydayI would like to join it. myself a new guitar w/ unemployment money @notalonellc It’s not about shrugging the assault off. But like she’s rich. The only way her life will be ruined is… @doctorgrocery @SIREUTHEGR8 @CalRips This tweet was v Aquarius.She’ll go to jail for a spell. Come out before 25& be about her business. Unless the girl dies... then... idk.Y’all talking about that girl ruining her life... she is rich... she will be fine. @lulumamajuju Yup.Not being able to have sex to this new T Pain really has me in my feelings :(I wrote music for the first time since quarantine started. My one block I needed to push through hope to never look in the mirror and see a 🤡 staring back at me.
Retweeted by Sed nah"Wish I Didn't Miss You" 2001
Retweeted by Sed nahYes and that shit was ghetto.
Basically workers across Pennsylvania do not have the equipment and supplies that we need to take care of patients…
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