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Production Manager• A&R• Studio Manager at North Production Service, @rqaproductiongh, @mixdownmusic, @Blk19studios. I LOVE BOXING. | Matthew 6:34.

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Sade - Cherish The Day @yung_d3mz @Abladzo_kwame contact him ASAP! U won't be disappointed. He is a young Legend.Throwback Thursady | Corinne Bailey Rae Next Time EP by @HitUpShabazz still bangs. Ep available on all streaming platforms. He features @AlmightyTrei
Retweeted by GeppettoThe sounds this bad bad man has coming to you guys. 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Retweeted by GeppettoROSSO THE COLDEST way Twitter make, I got used to just scrolling."Panyin di panyin...there is Rick and there is Morty." #RossoTheColdest#joli dance video 💃
Retweeted by Geppetto @tneeyaofficial I will call you.I.B.Y.O.N #NOWWest Village Dreams in SK.a decade from now we will all know the difference between those who did it out of love for the craft and those who…
Retweeted by Geppetto @Erykabadu music anyday anytime!!! Wanna get high with me?
Retweeted by Geppetto @kingnnamdi_ @NiiMensahKevin and @KevinBmore @betelgee contact them
Hey everyone, please listen to the new episode of my podcast Real Talk With Essilfie here “Quality of education v…
Retweeted by GeppettoDon't be too eager to be recognised by fools.
Retweeted by Geppetto @bdotTM @Genius @RobMarkman @ScottieBeam Is this episode up yet?SUPER ZAMMY TO THE TIP TIP TOP. Overall Best Video @official4SYTETV @MTNGhana
Retweeted by GeppettoSouth African artists like @shomadjozi, @stiffpap and @busiswaah are making music that eludes any classification by…
Retweeted by GeppettoRINGSIDE THIS SATURDAY 🌋
Retweeted by GeppettoLovely WednesdayWCW ...Cc @SOUNDPLUGG @Nana_Ankwa @NSHONAMUZICK M3DAL #oteeem @SOUNDPLUGG @MagnomBeats This record deserves a music video. If your mind dey, my mind dey. Devotion ...Cc @SOUNDPLUGG @MagnomBeats @gasmillawins #NowNew sauce unlocked 🔓
Retweeted by GeppettoNew @playdredw otw 🛩🛩
Retweeted by GeppettoHe is a VET. He is a LEGEND. The production is INSANE. level on content on my Youtube homepage making my day already.Wiley brought out two of my fav UK rappers I haven't heard in a while. #random
"My friends that make great music don’t really spend a lot of time TALKING about making great music. They simply do…
Retweeted by Geppetto✉️Struggle Mail✉️ Do you think the new Instagram update (hiding likes) will benefit up and coming artists? If so,…
Retweeted by GeppettoPeace.Where is Lars and Ernie Smuntz when you need them...
@MrDontoh AMEN! @KarolGmusic ❤️ROSALÍA and Billie Eilish on a record would be epic. Same for Becky G and Selina Gomez.
Retweeted by GeppettoDo everything with love.This will be the only time I will "God when"'How the day starts' | @b_a_a_d 🇬🇭 Healthy frienships, Love and Peace.Working on treatments. On the verge of pre-financing this shoot. Asem ooo.Tears in The Cullinan.Ça fait mal.Des moments comme ça, j'ai juste besoin de toi à côté de moi pour me défouler Mais vous choisissez. in the best of mood.
Productive week.He reveals to redeem.You are satisfying a fleshy need that God could meet if you allow Him to. But you decided not to allow Him to. So y… fight the people that God placed us around."Relationships where the purpose is not known, opens doors for the devil."Does that relationship help you?"Before the person" @Temple_GH Thank you bro. @delisworldwide 'No New Friends' LOLTrying not to lose my temper this morning.Are they adding VALUE to you or are they taking VALUE from you? @ajtracey @Stunner_Roley Ladbroke riddim
Do everything with love. @Davidnicolsey Les œuvres parlent d'elles-mêmes. More Vim.Allez dans la journée et soyez productif. Pas de mauvaise énergie. @LinzyAwuni I definitely would trade where I am living now to move back.People who are living in a lie are not ready to hear the truth.
Retweeted by GeppettoOne of best music videos in recent years. Tune is dope as well. 💯✔ @AkwaboahMusic - #HyeMeBo Video director -…
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#New Le son est frais comme un cageot de tomates venu tout droit de Bangangté, sans escale hein. @tneeyaofficial -…
Retweeted by Geppetto @JEANFEIER 'MORE LIFE' on replay. You did exactly what I would expect from you. I like the production :)..I’m crying .. it’s so good .. I made sonic glitter mom 🥺 Grand Theft Demo >. 🔗
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@il_duh 3 @il_duh 3 @il_duh 3 @il_duh 3 @il_duh 4 @il_duh 2 @il_duh 1 @il_duh 3 @il_duh 4 @il_duh 4 @il_duh 3 @il_duh 2 @il_duh 2 @il_duh 3 @il_duh 3 @Temilaade 🤩🙌Deep house and Zanku will always be a vibe. Things I do when I am bored. @Temilaade you got the legwork covered. Mu…❤️@tneeyaofficial C'est moi la jolie enfant #Joli Gorey and his cats
Retweeted by Geppetto @frayedjacket Eish. Tenks Tenks Tenks @frayedjacket LOL I don't even know what came over me saf😂 @frayedjacket LOL U mess😂 @frayedjacket 😂I dey die @TheChubbyGoat 😂ikr