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A Kids See Ghost cartoon series.Real Talk.
"I can't hold no grudges, my hands is too busy catching blessings." - Freddie GibbsTheme music CONVERSATION | @nii__amu 🏰FOLLOW MY LEAD | @OKAIWAV ft. @nii__amu @AlmightyTrei @HitUpShabazz ...Cc @EDGARtheDYKE @TheCoptaMood music! let’s say a big hello to @biqomusic, our emerging artiste of the week. Tap on our Instagram story for…
Retweeted by Sedudzi Tsegah @iAmAClipse Damn! @KwakuDMC Yeah. That one really hit hard.HipHop artist Huey died this year??? Damn!!!
@AlexWondergem A la KilominoCurrently... Future House playlist I am listening to is such a mood booster. I might just mess around and make something tonight. @LYZA_gh Check your mail dear. @LYZA_gh My debut tape is ready boss. @Zakiyah_Salia 💯Do better for yourself. And allow things to develop.No distractions. Center yourself. This is your time.
Retweeted by Sedudzi Tsegah @brutus_bih_ Thank you so much :) @silvadalla9 Oh nice nice. The Bono is what I need. Thanks bro. @xhuga2 LOL oh bro asem ooo.What language do the people of Sunyani and its surrounding areas speak?I have this Nzema EP in my collection. One of these days I will release it. I think people want to listen to some refreshing music. @KiraniAYAT verse on 'Akudame' >>>>>>>>>>> Sunday Vibes. @KiraniAYAT & @PapaChieMusicVIBES | 'Hide & Seek' @PapaChieMusic @PapaChieMusic - Someway is always time for courtesy.We all got limits. @TOMkadelik Lol please tell me I am trying to do"Doesn't matter what a person's name is as long as he behaves himself." ~L.M. MontgomeryI send you a message(s) and you reply in your own time. But expect me to respond immediately when you send me a mes… @kaibentlee Facts. The hardest black cab flex lol. I prefer it with the pumpkin orange interior.Listen to Blessings by Dayonthetrack #np on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by Sedudzi Tsegah @kaibentlee Very. Epitome of first class luxury. Having this with a pair of two toned black and white leather oxfor… @kulaGH is doing amazing on radio. He deserves a lot.Kirani AYAT & FTY - I Know (Visualizer)
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Retweeted by Sedudzi Tsegah @dutchavelli1 Sent you something special in the mail. Cc @fortunedane @supernova__records Artiste, @toyboi1 just came out of the shadows with his new single "MIA" (missing in action).…
Retweeted by Sedudzi Tsegah @dutchavelli1 Both are top tier but it's Indian for me. @kwvsi_ LOOOOL heh u mess. @dutchavelli1 Only if you knewLijadu sisters on women rights in music, politics and society generally in Nigeria, 1979. RIP Kehinde Lijadu.
Retweeted by Sedudzi TsegahTeshie Boi (@RealTeshieBoi) 🇬🇭"You never know the value of the day until it gets dark." - @Frickyc13 #EpiphanyThere are certain things I have come to understand. Expectations can kill a simple man. @BRYANTHEMENSAH Congratulations bro @BRYANTHEMENSAH 🥇The fact that @KOJO_Cue Album in here 🔥🔥 I tell you say Rap is the shit Stream NOT Going Outside by…
Retweeted by Sedudzi Tsegah @Essilfie__ @Essilfie__ LOL. It's dark and dangerous. This is a song I really want to shoot a video for.'Ali Bomaye' @PapaChieMusic
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FSR reruns every night. @Mr_Senanu #EdeyPainDemMinistries looool. Happy Birthday bro. got this book a few days ago and I would like my fellow men on here to get it also. Lets be the best versions of… 2:21-22 21 For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it. 22 But the wicked…
Retweeted by Sedudzi TsegahAfrica is a blessed continent.PRAYER IS VERY IMPORTANT.If you dey see your body, just know that you are worrying yourself. It's pretty unnecessary. Because I for one real… men, we need to lookout for each other more. We are much stronger that way. Be a GREAT example to your peers.Thursdays are for FSR reruns.
Mood music @HitUpShabazz @effthedj Loooolwe too busy for a wedding or a kid. 💼
Retweeted by Sedudzi TsegahNobody: Me going outside like Koolkat
Currently waves. That's what we need to be worried about.I am ready. @Temilaade Temi❤️😃YEBO! @lelowhatsgood @MestarOscar Over her broMOOD!!! cover my war wounds, no time to be sober. 🩹
Retweeted by Sedudzi Tsegah @HitUpShabazz Bucket Hat GangYo this song be so fire 🔥. Definitely top 3 of my Afro vibes
Retweeted by Sedudzi TsegahToyboi - M.I.A (Missing in Action) Freestyle prod. By @fortunedane"My ego is intact. My pen is unique"
@KiraniAYAT Lol. All the best with that "Private Kirani" with yourself.Do not shy away from alone time. Sometimes being around so many people alters your thinking. You just don't know it.We all got flaws. Nobody is a saint. Some of us just make the conscious effort to mind our business and stay in our lane. @Joojo_Dontoh Yeah, only when its a pleasant surprise.You should feel free to go about your daily activities. Because you have nothing to hide. If you can't do that, the… you are doing something and you have to be sneaky about it then clearly you shouldn't be doing it.A man's loyalty is tested when he has everything.
Rick Rubin and his musical Nirvana.
@SOUNDPLUGG Yes. @H8TERZ Yes.The universe brings you what you need in time of need.