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@mariskreizman @joshgondelman Dann and I did this ONE TIME a few months back and they had to kick us out. @inLaurasWords How do you clean them? In other words, yes. @lrmayer Do O’Hara next!People @Remember_Sarah My mom is a professional seamstress and got out of the wedding dresses for strangers and ANYTHING f…
Saw the first Borat in a theater and a stranger slapped me in the face on the way to my seat and then told the cops…
@30to40grand All politicians are part Tracy Flick, part Paul Metzler and none of them contain an ounce of Tammy, unfortunately. @RockShrimp I’m fairly certain he wants us all to die! @BolandDrummer 🤗Why doesn’t he solve hunger, cure cancer and create world peace while he’s at it? Oh, and flying cars. What an idio… @daniel_m_lavery What on earth! Ugh @Seyth WHO LISTENS TO MODEST MOUSE 🙄 @kate_mckean How can I do this as a non-agent? It sounds wonderful. @BasicIsaac Why do priests ... It’s a chicken/egg thing; not necessarily devolving but an inevitability that they b… @PJVogt PJ! (The worst part about your great name is you can’t emphasize it with all caps, PJ!) @naanking @nanglish my boo
@mollylambert I’m here! @ChrisCrackNDC I said @gabimoskowitz Well? @karenkho Question: does your teeth clenching make your neck and ears sore? I feel almost like I have a double ear… @OnlineAlison I felt bad for her when I saw that? @mollylambert Pickled ones? Thinking about pickled vegetables actually just made me feel a little better. Love you, Molly @mollylambert I hate candy! God, how did we become friends? @mollylambert My SAD fully kicked in today. @ericspiegelman An exec I know who worked there pitched it to me as “what to look at on your phone while in line at… @djayres Thank you @amykaycannon
@ericspiegelman Cheesecake?PLEASE LET IT BE CHEESE. PLEASE LET IT BE CHEESE. PLEASE LET IT BE CHEESE. @TheTeriGamble It’s bullshit! @Ellen__cp It’s absolutely nonsensical.So basically Texas no longer has social workers. Great. @lrmayer My ex and Dann’s ex have names that are one letter different so I had to make up different names for them in my phone lol @aRobertsg @naanking Thank you, yes @30to40grand Get you a bear who can do both @ANDREWTI ANDREWYou’re either with us or you’re ingredients @TheBlackHoof @PJVogt @PJVogt RUNNNNN
@jaycowit Also: tax haven! @roseveleth V cool, indeed @joshbearman How did they miss that thing for 2,000 years wtf @michelledean As someone’s mother AGREE @JillFilipovic @dintaifungusa Yep! The one at the Americana in Glendale delivers all over the east side via postmates @JillFilipovic They travel really well from @dintaifungusa @laura_june @smudgenancy I feel like everyone who watched should be maybe not fired, but demoted? @laurenthehough Ordered to @ericspiegelman I fell asleep halfway through reading this
@lukeoneil47 They all should’ve logged off. @amalt Been there! “But she did what it said?” @_megconley I think there was one other truly shocked and victimized person on the call with him. @_megconley Right?! No one would get fired for a true accident in front of a bunch of colleagues. @Seyth Seyth, you’re one of three anomalies. @SafyHallanFarah Her older sister has a very different and slight accent and her younger sister has none, so, yes.i am going to start putting friend classifieds in my newsletter. if you're feeling lonely during quara, feel free to submit yourself.
Retweeted by Jane MarieDaughter asked the other day why we have to hold mops over people’s heads during filming and I love her.Life‘s too short to talk to men with MBAs
Retweeted by Jane Mariehi, are you doomscrolling? It's the end of another weekend, and you might be tempted to stay up late. Channel that…
Retweeted by Jane Marie @karenkho @_bitter_root @joshgondelman @maxlinsky @longform @ChrisBerube @99piorg @Radiolab @aurabogado @reveal @_bitter_root I love podcasts! @joshgondelman hosts one, plus @maxlinsky's @longform podcast, @ChrisBerube's work a…
Retweeted by Jane Marie @StarleeKine Thank you Starlee!
@naanking @OnlineAlison And then they learn the guitar! @naanking @OnlineAlison And so high maintenance that you don’t have a free second to think about how you feel 🥴 @OnlineAlison Same except I’m not boredexcuse me?
Retweeted by Jane Marie @susanorlean Carl or Puddles @LesHorn 👋🥴
Heads up: @RunJewels' "Holy CalamaVote" telecast, featuring a full performance of RTJ4 with special guests Zack de…
Retweeted by Jane Mariewhat in the Nxivm is thi—
Retweeted by Jane Marie @lrmayer @trufelman @meuceph Good riddance, parties!The important distinction here: do not order your book on Indiebound. Call your bookstore and order it there. If yo…
Retweeted by Jane Marie @trufelman @meuceph Let’s say we’re radio producers! @engagedmom @netflix Excellent parentingDo you ever just sit, completely still, and think, holy fucking shit, so many people have died who didn’t have to?
Retweeted by Jane MariePreteen characters on @netflix Babysitter’s Club talk about “getting our steps in” so... no. Just a heads up!
@mrtesslynch @mollylambert I hate my typo but YES @mrtesslynch @mollylambert No m, not if you’re gonna have to resort to Vasoline. Did it for ya! @nlyonne Brrr
@Meg_Cramer @lindaholmes Meg! @BenjaminRiskin I’d go one step further and say there was actually nefarious intent in ignoring the needs of patients with HIV. @mariskreizman NEED THIS @mollylambert 😔 @mollylambert Molly. This is important. @mollylambert Who are the other guys @DrJenGunter CONGRATS! @niasalterego Oh also anything about free-divers! @niasalterego It’s so good, G loved it too. The Blue Planet squid episode is similarly rad! @StephenWilson Oh god I just thought about how we discovered “the bends” @StephenWilson Currently watching the American Experience “Sealab” episode which is great and I also dig James Came… @jmooallem This is the #jontent we craveDeep into a binge of deep sea documentaries. It helps! @lukeoneil47 The New Wilderness @AngryBlackLady *spit take* @naanking Your mama is my kiddo which I can’t believe still happens @OnlineAlison I don’t buy it @naanking This has always puzzled me because... aren’t they bored by their own stuff? Why make things!! @StephenWilson Just think of all the bad TV you’ll get to watch. #motivation @djShmeeJay @SafyHallanFarah Yeah, if I can remember how old I am!
@SafyHallanFarah 20 over here. Bananas. @PJVogt Come on, pal. It’s pretty cool to just do it now.