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Co-director of Goodbye Volcano High. Studio director @KOOPmode. Worker owned co-op advocate. Ruthless brand merchant. he/him

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Def adding Mandy to the aesthetic research for future projects folder
@WorkWithIndies I like that you have an entire website for posting jobs but you used twitter 😂I think it is about time that I hired a proper social media and community manager. Anyone know where I might find such a person? 😂
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousProspective clients when trying to pitch that we make their online, multiplayer, procedural, base building game wit…
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousI have a lot of community manager thoughts since I work closely with the excellent @Marsmellacheck out my new light novel: I Became A Community Manager For A Day And All I Got Was Some PTSDI've said this to Kim before, but I literally can't imagine making another video game without sweet babyThe fact that I get to work with @BagelofDeath on a daily basis to make Goodbye Volcano High is one of my greatest…
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @Rokashi Yeah you absolutely need to tell me about thisA simpler timeRemember extremely awkward first dates from dating appsThis random awkward tinder date is on Signal! Your old drug dealer is on Signal!Every day I open signal, and everyday signal reminds me of two random people from my past
Rename community managers to crisis handlers and provide them with more money and mental health resources imo @mechapoetic I am extremely jealous of this jacket dang @owendeery pretty much. lumines design grafted onto tetris is just a wonderful formula imo @almeidaclauvin OH SHIT @ntheweird gamepass. I'm gonna try it on vr soon! @ArtFredAllain ohhh shit I should really try that @lazerwalker can't imagine thatalso bring lumines to pc you cowardsI started playing Tetris Effect yesterday. All I want to do is play Tetris Effect all day. @AC_Revolution the simple answer is: noanyways I think it's important to both recognize that Simon is a monster AND his ex-partner enabled and used the la… worked at scavengers studio for two years and I can unfortunately vouch for a lot of what is reported in this pie…
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbousdude was also literally pushed out of his previous studio (that he co-founded) for this shit. who keeps giving him money??I have heard many of these same stories and it seems to be an open secret in Montréal creators of @LOVESHOREGAME are hiring Character and Environment Pixel Artists for a "terrifying" new project.…
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousI'm happy to report this remains true to goodbye volcano high's development🐍🐍🐍
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous
If anyone is looking for an affordable 2 bedroom in Montréal dm me.🚨🚨🚨 Were you intending to apply to the Pixelles BIPOC Creator Program? If so, you better get a move on, because the…
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @ghoulnoise as others have said, it's definitely been worse during the pandemic, but in general montreal is low qua… no point during this song did I know what the next word would be.
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousPut Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 on PC
@HarrisFoster Thread 👇 🧵✨
@almightyplate iconic @sonofbadru I just can't imagine recovering from that with everyone dispersing and getting jobs to stay alive @sonofbadru we run out of money @everestpipkin @johnnemann we've found the rebrand @johnnemann KO_OP? more like PO_OP we're getting flushed down the toilet @Wy477Wh173 man I feel that.sure things are great now, but you never know is all I'm saying. I don't take that shit for granted everdo you ever think about the "we're shutting down our studio" message that you know you will one day inevitably have to writedamn passage really was about going steadfastly to the right huh
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbousdone dirty 😥this is really hugely heartbreaking @SanatanaMishra oh my god, this is a fucking bummer @GardensChris if you find out let me know plzgame designers who took one art history course in college arent getting bullied enough
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @visagermusic LMAO JASON ROHRER HAHAHAIt's code review time
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @wuffles Nah I’m gonna get my money from bozos 😎❤️Your shift isn't over yet, interns! 🕵️‍♀️Defeat your Impostor Syndrome in a NEW MODE where all the dungeons are st…
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousI can’t believe I let someone bribe me into a meeting I didn’t want to take and then never collected my prize 🥲**can be likeIt’s been 2 weeksHey uh if someone offered me a 75$ gift card to take a meeting with their startup, how long after I take that meeti… about video games, capitalism, death, life, solidarity, and cats for @giantbomb
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbousam I allowed to use this as a headshot for an article
@Marsmella omg dm me the gossssssmight fuck around and play yakuza for the first time insteadshenmue 3, my review:😬
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbousmade an evil wig
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousLast day to apply! Get thy eyes on this job listing, then get thy portfolios in our inbox! 🙌🏼
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousHi! I animated a short film called "EEP," about an awkward adolescent bird: (You should wa…
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousMr Blanchet and the @BlocQuebecois should apologize to @OmarAlghabra for stirring up fear and spreading rumors abou…
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous*** absolutely buzzing *** it's beginning all those hashtag the resistance people gonna be the main characters of twitter for the next 4 years because I… @Marri Do you know how the cold affects your electricity bill?
"stand and fight!" 🗡️
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbousthis is my fucking utilities company ffs[revealing a game trailer] Don’t put a release year on it Don’t put a release year on it Don’t put a release year…
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @mmmjoos I would die for this creatureI feel like more people should see the kermit sipping Lebanese coffee emoji @jennayow made for the Spirit Swap disc…
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @dirtbagboyfren @jennayow wow it's perfectiona goddess
Retweeted by Saleem DabbousI’m finally emotionally ready to play shenmue 3i found this riverdale spec on my computer from over a year ago
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @RavenWorks We’ve deployed a bunch of bots on the KO_OP server if you ever need any support with that!(Deleted my tweet, I appreciate the kind words!!) @aknightadrift I’m ok, just constantly frustrated with everything given you know...everything!Billy’s comin
@dirtbagboyfren lmaoooooo @dirtbagboyfren well if you run this search... Ya'll! We're looking for a ✨Senior UI Artist✨ to join us at Owlchemy! Details here:
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbous @kelp__water incredible @johntdrake imagine crumbs in your bed. horrifyingtaking absurd bong rips should make me eligible for the vaccine imodoing design mockups for goodbye volcano high like
Retweeted by Saleem Dabbousone thing it has going for it though is an extreme mom dump truck ass ratioOnward is probably my least favourite Pixar movie of all time (I have not seen Cars 2 or 3)lawyers: just give us your account password and we'll do this for you me: no I'll make you a third party account so… with Quebec bureaucracy and broken websites for coop legal shit and raging @bombsfall I think about those dinners a lot @TimOfLegend Oh I’ll be there for dinner @jennayow I apologize for nothing @plorry That’s very kind of you to say! I’m obv being hyperbolic but I just think so much bad comes out of it too.