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Seesaw sparks meaningful student engagement by combining student portfolios, an activity library for teachers, and family communication. #SeesawChat

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@JCamery Woohoo! Congratulations! 🎊🎉 @TeachBeyondBuzz @mrsnicolerubin We hear you! Thanks for the endorsement! 😍 @paigefulkerth @40Lenora @rorquisttoyes Have you joined our Facebook Groups? There's a group for many grade levels… @clemenkat A7: Ss can post opinions in @Seesaw then classmates can comment to agree/disagree. Feels like an opport…
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@MonikaLimmer @HostBrian @Jordan_priestle Check out the topics in our January PD in your PJ's. Lots of great optio… @bonniebird If you have "Students can see each other's work" turned off, only the student and connected family memb… preparation for our visit to Farooq E Azam Mosque, we have used the @google Expeditions app to explore the Seikh…
Retweeted by Seesaw @lantonha @bowlernicole We ❤️teachers!Thanks for sharing. Seesaw makes it easy to do line breaks! Try our label feature and students can manipulate the… love to see @Seesaw used in PE Class! Thanks for sharing! We'd love to see ways you use Seesaw. 👏 teaching kids! A total winning combination! 🎉 @rmoczygemba @DoInkTweets @TCEA Woo hoo!! Yes it is a great day to renew your Seesaw Ambassadorship!!! 😃Thanks for sharing, Erin! They can be used for Chromebooks and on any computer! Good stuff! @mickie_mueller Thank you for your kinds words! We love our Seesaw Community! @andersonschamps Drafts and multipage are premium features. The rest are all free!Booksnaps are A-mazing! Visible learning at its finest. Including the reflection and the "why" the part was snappe… out our Facebook groups- there's one for every grade. Awesome ideas, tips, and sharing happening! Here's t… @makingwithtech @MonikaLimmer @nzchrissy Awesome idea!!! @Seesaw has really expanded and grown in it's capabilities in the last year or so. Sometimes my students discover…
Retweeted by SeesawWe ❤️to see teachers engaged while learning about Seesaw! Totally terrific! @2ndGradeMama Thanks for coming tonight! @HeyMrsMatheny Woo hoo! Glad to have you as part of our amazing community! 🥰Wow! You have given your students so many ways to show and share their understanding! 😍 @jptrudeau You should be able to click on the three dots and choose "Get Item QR code". Let us know if that works for you!With the start of the new year, we wanted to make sure you're in the know: Here are our new features that take lear…
@MorganSBurns Lattice multiplication- Parents will appreciate an explanation and a visual! ✖️👀 @CBGaymanES Yum! I hope they get to "taste test"! Great way to share with parents and work through the how to process. 🍨😋 @MissLoweEDU Okay @Seesaw community, let's share your best ways to use Seesaw for #formative assessments!Speedy recovery! Love that you can stay connected through @Seesaw and get some virtual hugs!❤️ this out! Such a cool space for kids to record! WHY makes the learning visible to all. An integral part of the learning process! about higher order thinking skills and many layers of learning taking place in this activity! A-mazing!⬇️ Love how @Seesaw makes using Seesaw even better.
Retweeted by Seesaw @cardiganway @WriteTeachChat Aha! Yes! Reinforcing listening skills is so important! Often the missing piece. 👂🧩 @BassettsFirsts Love the message- share on you blog for all to see!
@mrsgjfk_dana Yay!! So excited to have you join our Seesaw family! @MrWC_Y4 @MrDurraniY5 @ICT_MrP You can used shared devices and/or 1:1! Check out our website for more information.… here wishes they could zoom in Seesaw? 🙋‍♂️ Annotate on PDFs? 🙋‍♀️ Now you can! Zoom in on any PDF, Google doc… to best use technology? 🤔Try using it to make student thinking visible - here is one idea. 🙌@Seesaw is one of…
Retweeted by Seesaw @AdriannaAstle Choose Upload, then Upload from Google Drive and then choose Images. Check out all of our help reso… to all! We are here to support you! 👋 presented their ⁦@CoSpaces_Edu⁩ projects, posted in ⁦⁦@Seesaw⁩, to other classes and this teacher just loved the…
Retweeted by SeesawThis morning, the children have used @Seesaw in order to respond to pre-recorded verbal feedback about their writin…
Retweeted by Seesaw @Y2ER_NH Looks like you are off to a great start! Give the draft feature a try! @MsSmithGrade1 Now that’s dedication!Our community is amazing! Thanks for sharing the love! @MrsRThal We couldn't have said it better @JanaMrszipfel! Thanks for sharing the @Seesaw love! ❤️😍Great podcast! @MissLcaffee @missmaddie18 We are super pumped to have you as an Ambassador! 🎉👏 @MsVaughan10 Try some of our reflection routines to get started! 🙂
@Rerek332211 @iste @ITI_LAUSD @K2cantoo Creative use of stations - an engineering station! We ❤️that you add the reflection component !Zo, dat was de zaterdagavond, nu lekker 💤💤💤💤 #Alltogethernow
Retweeted by Seesaw @CBkdfirstgrade @CBWarwickElem @CBtmfoster So valuable to explain the process to parents with Math in Focus.…
@lkjanese @MrsDi_RES @Flipgrid @1274Jillian @Brit_Horn_IT @mrspolk_kinder Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Ple… metacognition helps students "think about their own thinking"! So powerful to allow students to go back… @AplinTeacher @lisamarieknoche @hreitDIS @dutchforkhigh @LexRich5Schools Woo Hoo! Welcome! 🎉🤩 @MarkNechanicky @teacher2teacher @William82628483 @EvaDivaWilliams @ihadztotweet @JamesAlanOLOO @amandavald @mrsjjones104 @BelviewBees Hands on activities are our favorites! Take advantage of our drawing and record tools to… @HaugRosalyn When the activities are engaging, students are engaged. The learning happens authentically- sometimes… is a time for getting your classrooms ready for the year. Not sure how to create a @Seesaw space? 💭 Check…
Retweeted by SeesawGrab a copy of this AWESOME resource!
Kindness ALWAYS matters. Honoring the legacy of Dr. King. a ten math center. It's a crowd favorite!!! Gotta love @Seesaw Once they make 5 different ways they take a pi…
Retweeted by Seesaw @nicolab2018 Learning and chocolate! Perfect together. 🍫😘 @AManionMusic @MusicFoxChapel Check out our website for ways to get started! We'd love to have you as part of our c… @LizzieFragale @FCSVanguard Please submit a trouble ticket so we can help you! @MusicFoxChapel Authentic learning at its best! The fact that Students are requesting to record is like the icing on top of the day! 🎂🍰🧁Use this as an reference throughout the unit and for reflection at the end. @mrscizek @EzraElementary @MillardPS We’d say that's a successful day as well! 👍❤️🎆Excellent example of how one post can provide a teacher with so much information about a student - number sense, or…'t wait to see the finished products and the reflections students make throughout the process! ❤️💡 @lkjanese @erika_oster @mrs_richardsy @LakeviewBobcats Here's the line-up! out the awesome ideas at you for sharing with others! 🥰 @MrsVascik @MsBrooklynWelch Come and check us out! We are here to help!✨ @MsReyna2 @kjinquiry Happy you chose us as your #1 choice,
@WCUSD15Supt @SES15_K_Neat @SES15AsstPrin @SES15Principal Intellectually Engaging Students! That’s what we like to… formative assessment to drive your instruction meets the needs of your learners at their levels. Using the s… engagement is so evident in your photos! @kristi_barri At this time, you can only at it as a link. Send your suggestion to our Customer Support team at here still needs to connect families on Seesaw? It's SO powerful when teachers, students, and families are enga…!! What an amazing first idea!! We can’t wait to see what else you create! @Miss_R_Day We have many teachers who would love to connect. @PeteTeachesSTEM @rachaellehr @primarystemchat Yay! Check out our PD in you PJ's to help you get started.!!! It is so powerful to allow even the youngest students to share their learning. Another tip is to use those… @C_Kobelsky Brrrr! That is chilly! Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Submit a help ticket at @maureenhill_ @Mr_BrentHall @heatherbyers13 Modeling expectations is crucial to student success. You can also pos… routines do you set up at the beginning of the year? We love routines that give students regular opportunitie…
@Steph_Aniee06 Thanks for sharing. Our Activity Library is filled with terrific resources from our outstanding community of teachers. 🌟 @TraciPiltz @risserb @LarsenClass Traci, you are awesome! Always great ideas!Put the technology into the hands of your students with some guidance and assistance and the possibilities are endl… you made our day! Capturing and sharing learning truly brings the classroom home! @LeonieABriggs @ticktock80 @HoylandCommonPS This makes us smile too! 🙂 @carolcalderin So sorry you are having trouble. Please send a help ticket at @RyanBerger18 We love everything about this!!! ❤️ @MrsTeague_BES @BarcroftEagles What a unique idea! 🌏🪐🎶🎵Great @Seesaw benefit for your students!
Retweeted by Seesaw @MrAndiPrice Thanks Andy for all your support and ideas. It’s honor to have you in our community. -Carl @Seesaw I love you! 😆 💓 But seriously, the digital platform that has dramatically transformed my teaching, reduce…
Retweeted by Seesaw @MrAndiPrice WHOA! Keep up the great work Mr. Price and class. We get excited when we see opportunities for student… @MissAmyPYP @inquiryfive Way to extend student reflections into a deeper dive! ⬇️🔺◼️