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@Profitpk Sorry, has a structural engineer seen the building yet? @ZaeemZia @nhsrcofficial Please do District Courts. @psymetanvir Yeah, how strange a cabinet minister would be privy to secret Government information @BQadir_ @MehrTarar You believe TTP? Yeah, they are just genocidal, murdering, sectarian extremist scum, but callin… @sajeershaikh Picture is from Afghanistan. @sajeershaikh What’s that supposed to mean? 🙄 Real world no defence and security apparatus can guarantee 100% success. @ZarrarKhuhro @FarrukhKPitafi Actually politico ran a story last week that the Democrats were not liking some of the numbers. @JadoonPk Good @Le_Sabre54 Or a free “I have headache” @sajeershaikh 99% of attacks are stopped. @AshfaqAk_ @Cynosure100 @XULQIMOON Does RAW face the most sustained terror campaign in human history. Let’s say the… @__mateen If Thunders and Mirages don’t flatten ISIS hideouts in Afghanistan....😡 @ibrohi31 🖕🏻 Despicable.Playing politics over the bodies of dead children @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL You can do something about it. Do so @psymetanvir Educate the kids. Smartbomb the militants @syedalizia1992 PTM @kursed @shemreznauman My own memory of2007 is that it blew up pretty quickly @kursed @shemreznauman Never stopped. @mustafa_wynne @HNadim87 Nice. Parroting American propaganda. 🙄 People like this fellow is the reason why this keep… @kursed @shemreznauman Pretty sure HQ XI corps is actively hunting the Peshawar network @syedalizia1992 @kursed @warraich_pk Yes. @kursed @warraich_pk Good news is a relative term. Ideally you get all the attackers before they succeed, but even… @kursed @warraich_pk The good news is that these days it very difficult for attackers to carry out sustained campai… @kursed @warraich_pk Oh, absolutely. That was delusional. @kursed @warraich_pk Dude, you take out one or two of their facilitator and you get howls of protests from PTM and… @kursed @warraich_pk You cannot stop all @CherieDamour_ Your PTM wanted an end to checkposts and operations @akifsaeed65 @jonathanliew @KamranZia85 Agreed. No need anymore
For @hamzashafqaat and @ZaeemZia @dotconfucious @CNN Since it was found on the flight @LahoriElite Satire is protected @drunkflasfer @LaMadreena @NasimZehra @Benazir_Shah @GFarooqi @asmashirazi @aimaMK Can’t answer for @LaMadreena but… @fawadchaudhry @faisal_parla It also was an intelligence failure with ISI advising that an invasion an unlikely due to the perilou…
@NKMalazai Same day calibri princess is standing up for BLA @nabijans @AsharJawad Well yes. I mean the literal commander of the Indian army said that. But an alleged “Pakista… @MacaesBruno What was the numbers two weeks ago? @JeremyMcLellan Trump. For the continued entertainment. @HawkesBay That is an insult @inayat_zeb What blunder, didn’t @TahirImran Deluded @Nauina @AsimAKhan31 @Nauina @AsimAKhan31 @psymetanvir Those are green @assadahmad No. The6 are worthwhile things. But they will have a far less cumulative effect then the other stuff. @assadahmad 🙄 Lahore has those problems year around. But the smog problems becomes unbearably bad in autumn and ear… @assadahmad 1. Bomb Indian farms who are clearing by burning 2. Change your geography so you are not 1000 mile inland.
@AsadHashim @IlhanNiaz Delight is palpable @DhoIslamabad @nhsrcofficial High time to **enforce** them @geonews_urdu پاکستان کے علاوہ
@GibranAshraf @tammyhaq 🤦🏻‍♂️ @ZarrarKhuhro For the love of all that is holy, read the detailed judgement before giving your hot takes.Really? A low and slow flyinh big target? What your opinion @AsimAKhan31 @Nauina @arhuml92 Fawaad is a the one minister Unafraid to fight @faisal_parla Like when the short order came out. They had their sarcastic tweets ready. Looking at you @ZarrarKhuhro @AliAsjad1 @faisal_parla Yes @FarrukhKPitafi Supposedly the early voting patterns in many states are worrying for the democrats. Plus it’s not e… @_merajhasan Not surprised about the pork bit though. It’s not a meat which has had much of a history of consumptio… @jeremyhiggs @shobz Upon the reporters publications both on social media and in print and statements before Parliam… @TheRealBuzz Was it easy to don and doff in space or on lunar surface inside the pressurized LM? @psymetanvir A bit “branchist” are we? 😀😂 @__mateen @shobz I think it’s a good idea. @shobz Sounds like? She probably is sporting an ear to ear grin right now @mahwashajaz_ Tag’ em and in a year or so it probably will be. @netflix @bilalgilani @FaisalIqbal31 And they base that on what? @ZarrarKhuhro “If”? @mahwashajaz_ Biscuit Apprehensive 😬 @FreeRange_Duck @Junaidspeed And in Hollywood the more “censored” 40’s and 50’a produced some of the greatest films… @FreeRange_Duck @Junaidspeed Yeah, no. Some of the best TV we ever had was in the 80’s during the Zia era. As long… @Junaidspeed Exactly. 😳 @DunyaNews And stay out @FaseehMangi What’s odd? @NarangVipin First accurate thing he has said @OhTripe @Le_Sabre54 Yeah, you really are that naive. 😂🙄 @UsamaKhilji Why? It is Pakistan’s privilege tip decide who can come into our country and under what terms.
@BenazirJatoi @ZarrarKhuhro To clarify, I want this account to remain private, I have no issue professionally. @BenazirJatoi @ZarrarKhuhro Raises hand. DM since I am not comfortable sharing my name here.That’s your only accomplishment in life @CNN Turn about is fair play @ZarrarKhuhro Yeah, why do they expect us to be shocked? @maXes_MB Which are grounds for immediate execution. 😡 @NC_CyberLaw @AnamZakaria1 @ahmedwaqas992 @arhuml92 I swear that guy has access to peoples sex tapes Only explanation why he keeps getting picked @psymetanvir @AScf90 Ok, WTF is that pic? A really stupid imposter?
In #Islamabad the PAF is bombing the police HQ and ISI is attacking FBR. But the real resistance is from the SECP,… @iamthedrifter Learning from youISI should not interfere into politics. But RAW, NDS, CIA and Mossad are allowed
Retweeted by Segmentata @NKMalazai @SanamMKhi Pretty sure 1985 was during his leg injury and when he was in a relationship with Emma Sargent. So nonsensical. @VincentRK @FaheemYounus How is this any more ethical than infecting your gardeners eight old son? @SarahBelal_ Afghani citizens are expressly ineligible for online visa applications. @my55cents MutinyWe’ve been tracking this activity for months. It’s an organised campaign integrating online-offline world from both…
Retweeted by Segmentata @norbalm Lol @AScf90 @psymetanvir They are going tone disciplined very soon **No one** likes mutineers.A great man Major Brown @LaMadreena The brown bag is stupid in my opinion. Otherwise it’s just another brightly coloured package. The brown bag makes it obvious @my55cents @CNN @realDonaldTrump Lol. @OfficialDPRPP @MashwaniAzhar 😡