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Anti-fascist comicker. divalea at gmail DM “vote” to @resistbot to register to vote, and/or to check reg & track yr ballot.

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This went in a correct, yet unexpected direction. loved #OverTheMoon! •I’ve been listening to “Ultraluminary” over and over! The whole number was spectacular! •I y… German approves. @ohcararara Yep!
@andrewfarago D a a a a m n
@BrianWithCheese Right? They don’t like BIPOC women who don’t defer. @FromHappyRock Looks like a lost “Little Vampire Mavis” Miyazaki/Ghibli film. @BrianWithCheese Exactly. @Rschooley More like in-STINK, am I rite?That tweet where someone trashed AOC by contrasting her w a Black woman they admired because she kept her head down… on Hunter Biden is the work of a fake "intelligence firm" called Typhoon Investigations, according to resea…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.Well-off people criticizing AOC for The Suits can fuck away. That said, I’m SUPER uncomfortable and conflicted abou… @victoriaying OH YEAYUH. Inks are, at least the THIRD time the comic is drawn. (Layouts, pencils, inks.)… @victoriaying Is there gonna be a sequel to City? @victoriaying I have one like that. I like the designs, I like the characters, I think it has a good dissection of…"I hope that people will not depend on the mail," Speaker Nancy Pelosi says. "Even the Postal Service is saying it'…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM. @victoriaying Was it not coming together? Where is the were-bear? @MarkDice @AOC Sit down until you have a concept of normal that’s...normal.Fashion for Republicans Tip #2: Don’t be mad that your hairstyles look crap. Sell one of your twelve yachts and ge… @TiredFairy Fashion is pretty messed up, though. OTOH, if she’s getting shit from crusty guys with multiple homes?… @apollo_domain @RexChapman Sit down.KITTEN CHASER! L to R, top to bottom: Gorilla, Beans (aka Fairy Prince), Mika (foster mom), Velsper (aka Velly Bel…“We are the storm.” More like a dribble.SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME. @TexasGOPTexas friends: DM “resist” to @resistbot and give your GOP politicians hell, tell your Dem politicians to fight. Te… @effies Thicc Golden Ratio @cow_belle65 @chrislhayes Peas in a pod.You? You're not voting for a person. You're not voting for a political party. You're voting for a better worl…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM. @MichaelTedersSr @girlscouts Nobody asked you.Delete the tweet, @girlscouts, but I won’t forget that someone(s) in GSA thought it appropriate to praise a woman w… want to see DeJoy in DeJail. I want the whole damn 45 admin in jail. I’m living for it. @seattletimes Do not send your ballot in the mail! Goto an official drop box or drop it off at the voting site. DO…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.People making one of my favorite movies, Ratatouille, into a musical. Thread by @PuccaNoodles:
Take your ballot to an official drop box or vote in person. Speaking as a person who has jumped through a ridiculou… @tziehmer97 @rebeccawatson Biggest laugh I've had today, and I'm taking care of four kittens.For real, when I heard the fireworks, I was hoping the celebration was about something else entirely.Okay, WHO IN THE WORLD who has a WHOLE-ASS job has time to write 18 PAGES of blither about making sure his daddy ge… Kavanaugh was part of the team that gave us War Criminal Bush. He's beholden to the someone that paid off his… @caulkthewagon My daughter.NEW: DC fed judge issues unusual highly detailed directive to Postal Service to inform supervisors and workers abou…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM. @PuccaNoodles But...but what if it's the magic hat that conveys rigging wisdom?Today, I #choosedemocracy. I decided to be part of protecting the election, because it's better than having panic… House wouldn't take them-- Waffle House employees have to WORK during disasters. @Sasquatch_MB @DOIPressSec @Interior If they do, they tear it out and feed it to #MoscowMitch, 45, Tuppence, or Vaaaanky. @DOIPressSec Fuuuuuck you.Voter suppression is no poll locations on Indian Reservations on election day in MT! This means ppl on my rez will…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.Oh boy, the Dodgers won, so now people in Tarzana can set off fireworks when we have Santa Anna winds and wildfires…
Don’t give up. We ain’t over.
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.Vote.
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM. @9to5nerds I would totally wish one on every single Republican, and every Republican-shoved member of SCOTUS.Well, I'M having a panic attack. It's not helping, and it sucks. @avram @Ragnell I feel bad enough, Avram. I don't need this. @IvankaTrump You're evil, evil, evil. @nancysweatyedi1 Yes.THREAD: resources for reproductive rights and care, help for LGBTQI, and minorities. FIGHT. @JonahFurman @SunriseKern You can't force GOP to grow back the hearts they cut out and handed to McConnell.PUNCH FASCISTS. PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD, because you will be punching for 225 THOUSAND PLUS people.We win South Carolina and it’s a new south, and we get a true leader in Jaime Harrison in the Senate, and McConnell…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.Remember the below when you hear their screams for mercy and calls for civility and no-partisanship. Make the Repu…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.“Stay angry, little Meg,” Mrs Whatsit whispered. “You will need all your anger now.”
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.REMINDER: Both Ackbee and Beer Kav were on the team that pushed the 2000 ballot count to the Supreme Court, where t… votes is not "overwhelming," you shit. It's at least FOUR weak, sad people bereft of conscience. ACB lied, and…
@veryheathmiller @FastLindyRick @catvalente The roadrunner is perfection. I adore them. @FastLindyRick Sure enough, you make LEGO fan art. What a niche! @FastLindyRick @veryheathmiller @catvalente AMAZEBALLS. I love it.I’m gonna sleep. Work and a n e w c o m i c won’t wait. Love to all. Wear your mask over your nose AND your mouth. Vote. Punch fascists. @FastLindyRick @veryheathmiller @catvalente Who made that LEGO Space Opera diorama? @boredofthis44 I loathe Owens, but I won’t let this go unremarked. A pregnant person can have morning sickness the… @sarahkendzior @businessinsider This is a high level of likes for me. I don’t have a Sound Cloud. Register and vot… remain disappointed in every Dem, every team, every “good person” who went to 45. They went already knowing what… the 45’s voice. He’s had that rasp, but now it’s raspier. Hi, Covid. Kudos to Leslie Stahl for coming well-ar… @JulietJeske @chick_in_kiev Not just a cat lady. A resister AND a cat lady. @chick_in_kiev Because you asked them to, or because some applecrap swatted you?Oh, @PeteButtigieg, you've done it again. 👏 Slay, Pete, slay!
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM. @LauraJMG We have remarkably similar bangs.We dropped off our ballots today! I want to note how safety-minded my hair is. Haven’t had a cut since late 2019.… 9/26, POTUS announced Amy Coney Barrett's nomination. Judiciary held hearings and voted. This week, the Senate i…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM.I hope most Marylanders are asleep at this hour, but I’m headed to the Senate floor now in a last-ditch effort to w…
Retweeted by Lucky ScrEEEAMin’ Mask.Resist.Punch Fascists.BLM. @flyovertruth @sarahkendzior @businessinsider Buzz Aldrin went to the White House. Doesn’t make him a 45 fan. @sarahkendzior @businessinsider Epstein knew everyone, and that was by design. I’m no fan of Feinstein, but this d… @RatsEveryHour I’m a rat. @taesungart I need more true pacifist games. I feel weird doing “shoot all the people” games. My jam is 💯 Katamari Damacy. @alex_engelberg Please pass along my 🧡🖤💕🔥 to Adam! This is SO GOOOOOD!
@sapphiresdust I’m not going to.I was feeling blue this morning and was surprised at how fast my mood changed for the better when I opened the Free… @kathudsonart The only thing I can think of that’s easy and happy is a kitten. 🐱 @brigidkeely I’m totally good not knowing, honestly. Sorry it’s weighing on you, though.
@brigidkeely I wish I’d had your good judgement about what to drop in public. Cat’s not only out of the bag, but r… @kathudsonart YES! The Provensens! 🎨 🐱 @kathudsonart I haven’t heard of some of these artists, or at least not by name, oh boy! I didn’t know you’d become… with me! Work, class, new project AWit! 🧡🖤🔥 @billybobmartinz As someone who parented AND freelanced comics: can confirm friend in monitor. @kathudsonart You use shapes SO WELL. Do you recall having a breakthrough about shape use and language? @kathudsonart I love them! Power couple! @kathudsonart @belladonna Buy yourself that dress! 🦋 👗 @victoriaying I started my twitter account in 2007, too. Some of follower count depends on who you work for, or who… confirm farm culture is toxic. 1969, my gramma was still using a washing machine with a hand wringer, while the… I’ve, we blew that PPP money. @TSComic @JAMALIGLE I thought, “Unless this dude is richer than $500 million a year, he didn’t get a tax cut. 45 picked his damn pockets.”