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The dark, divisive and anti-Semitic trash that DeSean Jackson amplified this week was a big warning sign as more at…
It’s crunch time for negotiations between NFL and players as the opening of training camps approach. Jackson penalized for conduct detrimental to the team.
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertAs we head into the weekend, here is everything we know and don’t know about the @NFL’s plan to return to the field… explanation, RT’d by Jenkins himself, makes more sense."Risking my health as well as my family's health does not seem like a risk worth taking.” @Buccaneers LT Donovan Sm… hope that Dak Prescott doesn’t do a deal, and states publicly it’s because of Jerry’s silence on racial issues, s…
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertI am sending this to all of my wannabe-outdoor friends who think they’re gonna take an RV trip this summer.
@jzulgad @chipscoggins “Wise Guys” was the best original name of a blog/podcast. @NFLPA Here’s our news story: 1) @NFLPA agreed to this as well. And 2) Entire approach is to minimize risk wherever possible. It's very diffi… tweet out our story on the @NFL’s gamely protocols when it is live, but for now: I know the elimination of jer… the Dallas School Superintendent just told @GarrettHaake he's pretty sure there will be no Texas high school football this year
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertKeep bringing it, 2020....
@kwatt Ha! So I guess there was no “Ring 2” for you??
ICYMI: I broke down the numbers behind the Patrick Mahomes deal and what it means
Retweeted by Kevin Seifert @NFL @NFLPA Both sides wanted an extended period to acclimatize to football activities. @NFL wanted to start camp e…“[T]he NFL is unwilling to prioritize player safety and believes that the virus will bend to football." Here’s our… NFLs unwillingness to follow the recommendations of its own experts will put this season and the safety of all…
Retweeted by Kevin Seifert.@Eagles WR DeSean Jackson posts a quote that says white Jews will “blackmail” and “extort” America. Then says, “I…
One can only imagine the cash involved for a 24-year-old MVP/Super Bowl champion to lock himself down for 10 years. from Nationals GM: "Major League Baseball needs to work quickly to resolve issues with their [testing] proc… check-in: The former director of @CDCgov paints a bleak picture here about the surge of COVID-19 cases…
To be clear: “There is availability for testing, there’s just limitations in terms of how many people can be tested at one time.”Another issue to watch as sports attempt to return. ⁦@NFL⁩ among the leagues that have pledged not to put a drain o… takeaways: 🏈First preseason games won't be played until Aug. 20-24. 🏈 The second week of preseason games is…
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertHere is our news story on the @NFL reducing its preseason to 2 games. first reported the news.Games are scheduled to be played in Weeks 2 and 3 of the original preseason schedule. Could mean we’ve seen the las…, the @NFL has shortened its preseason to two games. Primary driver was the understanding that players will n…
Indeed. Epidemiologist I spoke with last week suggested @NFL teams use “local bubbles” during season. Might seem dr…’s NOT @SeifertESPN ? No waaaay!!!!!!
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@JenLada It has been amazing content.Through near-homelessness and trust issues with dad, Jordyn Brooks attacked a football dream, form-tackling pillows…
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Lions players also working out on their own. Again, no violation of NFL policy. They are on their own time, away fr… @NFL @TomBrady To be clear, neither Brady nor any of his teammates are in violation of NFL rules. They’re working o… @NFL Dr. Allen Sills, the league’s chief medical officer, had this to say when asked about the player workouts that… has advised teams to expect training camp to start on time. (July 28) What happens after that, however, remai… about a belly flop onto the tarp?? @TheRealCarlG @RobDemovsky officials on today's conference call were asked a couple of times about Tom Brady's ridiculous flaunting of NFL…
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertNFL is tracking positive coronavirus tests around the league, Dr. Sills said. He declined to reveal how many infect… owners voted today to tarp off seats in stadiums near the field to keep distancing between players and people o… @TroyVincentSr @NFL NFL planning camps to open July 28, for most teams, on time, league EVP Jeff Pash says..@TroyVincentSr says on today's conference call that @NFL teams will receive what he called “anti-racism” training… also said that testing alone will not suffice to ensure a season. Social distancing will remain a central focus of league protocol.Dr. Allen Sills, NFL's chief medical officer, said "very active discussions" are ongoing with NFLPA about testing,… a conference call, Roger Goodell says owners had a "lengthy" conversation today about the opening training camp…'s story included a section on the need to establish the limits of acceptable risk as @NFL tries to return… the return of football is what motivates people to wear masks and otherwise do their part to slow virus spread,… spoke on @CNN this morning about this risks involved. Short of the kind of "local bubble" discusse…, the @NFL has started what might be a larger process of shortening the 2020 preseason. Per @AdamSchefter,… yesterday: With the help of an epidemiologist and ethicist, I looked at the bigger picture of the @NFL’s retur…
I've said this many times in the past. I can't think of a current player who spawns more disagreement between stats…
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertPublic discussion about the return of the @NFL has focused mostly on process. I explored the larger guardrails of g… is great, @rustindodd. I have been advocating for "Jock Jams" to be the default soundtrack of all fan-less spo…' Ben Roethlisberger says faith has helped him deal with off-field addiction issues, via ⁦@bepryor⁩:
who else is furiously googling NASCAR RULES right now
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertSources tell @JeffPassan and I players have voted against the league's latest proposal to play 60 games. The vote was 33-5 against.
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertThe assumption has been that most @NFL players will accept the enhanced risks of playing amid the pandemic. But man… limited access to racetrack infields right now. ID'ing this human garbage won't be difficult.
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🤔 Father’s Day gift: During the state-ordered shutdown, John Harbaugh was a stay-at-home dad who served as an impro…
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The Tampa Bay Lightning have temporarily closed their training facilities after several players and staffers test p…
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertFelt weird to address a typical, everyday @NFL story. Our @ESPNNFL insiders on Jamal Adams requesting a trade: (E+):"Our decision to memorialize Calvin Griffith with a statue reflects an ignorance on our part of systemic racism pre… Heyward was incredibly candid tonight about police, police brutality and racial injustice. He offered up sugges…
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Response to Fauci comments, first from @NFL and now @NFLPA, have emphasized a testing and isolation plan that is ex… from NFL Chief Medical Officer Allen Sills in response to Dr. Fauci “bubble” comment this morning.
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertI can't comment on what the NFL is or is not considering. A single bubble for the whole NFL seems difficult at this…
Retweeted by Kevin Seifert @JasonLaCanfora @NFL A bubble would seem unrealisticOTOH, I invite you to consider this take from @stephenasmith: "They're going to have their season. They're going to… has been zero public indication that the @NFL is considering a “bubble” format for the 2020 season, which Dr.… part of @ESPNNFL’s look back at the 2010’s, we updated my list of 12 ways the @NFL evolved over the decade, on a…
Last June 17 I was given one year to live. I should have lost the ability to walk, talk, eat and breathe. Instead,…
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertChipped away at this story on the XFL's demise, and possible rebirth, for 2 months. It's now for sale, and there co…
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertI don’t understand why you would even let your child play for Mike Gundy before this t-shirt deal.
Retweeted by Kevin Seifert @rich_moy @minakimes Ha. A nod toward the bad breaks he has had.....
Another day. Another hostage video. Young, talented players, go play for someone else.
Retweeted by Kevin SeifertFor the afternoon crowd: Thread on today's deep dive into the past, present and potential future of the XFL... 👇 @2020_Hindsight_ @MMFBWriter Venue agreements could speak to 2022 or beyond. @timkelly1980 Thank you Tim. My goodness, the timing there....In Minnesota, we're getting baseball only when vigilante townball teams defy the governor’s orders. (Ask… @RickGosselin9 Thank you sir! @nancygay Thanks Nancy! @BenFischerSBJ Thanks Ben.The XFL shut down in April. Did it have to? Today on ESPN Daily, @SeifertESPN takes us inside the final days of th…
Retweeted by Kevin Seifert @BlutmanMark @john_keim Haha. Thanks.Chatted about this and more with @minakimes on the ESPN Daily podcast. Thanks for reading and listening! (8/8) a football perspective, QBs P.J. Walker and Jordan Ta'amu signed NFL deals. In 2021, XFL planned to pursue hig…"The end was frustrating but mostly because it was like, 'Damn it, this was going to work.'" Staffers understood Mc… spent $200 million for 2 years of product development and a half of one season. He had been prepared to spe… Vince McMahon's WWE ran into a rough patch in January, before the pandemic, and has since instituted cost-cut… pandemic was the catalyst for the XFL's demise, especially when executives considered the possibility of the NF… data -- attendance, television ratings, on-field performance -- was mixed. But the XFL had caught fire in s… away at this story on the XFL's demise, and possible rebirth, for 2 months. It's now for sale, and there co… @Hubbard_RMN You did nothing wrong. Without public pressure Gundy wouldn’t have flinched. He didn’t even apologize in this video.
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That is a grave statement…. information came from Elliott’s agent (to @nflnetwork) not from coaches. chief medical officer Allen Sills last month: "Because we think that this disease will remain endemic in societ… @ESPNNFL The @NFL’s attitude toward brain injuries is far from perfect. But anyone who experienced what it was like…