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Laurie Voss @seldo San Francisco, CA

A web developer. Data analyst at @Netlify. Previously co-founder @npmjs, started "Look at this weird graph!" He/him. 🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

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A very common problem I see in data-based presentations is presenting the data and assuming the audience will concl… we should force Twitter to be sold to Microsoft for some reason, that will improve this. @xdesro @TatianaTMac NOOObody expects the extremely outdated meme! @TatianaTMac will get more coverage than the fact that he accused South Korea of lying about how many people have died of c… out of bed EVERY day? feels extreme to me
Retweeted by Laurie VossFriendly reminder that Netflix is releasing a documentary ICE tried to block bc it shows and highlights their atroc…
Retweeted by Laurie VossI’m going to be thinking about this for a long time:
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @p2wy @chimeracoder Yikes.If you can handle 2 minutes and 54 seconds, which I cannot, here is the bit: tried again and when he started talking about the pandemic I bit my knuckle so hard I drew blood.I tried to listen to the Trump Axios interview and I gritted my teeth and dug in but 4 minutes and 18 seconds was t… @chimeracoder I have near zero religious knowledge, what does this refer to?This is exactly what our bed looks like every morning. (I'm on "my side") @rmondello Me and my 38 children on a camping trip @emilyst She said see you luberneter boyRight now we need to cure the symptom and this apparently requires taking the plain white pill called Biden, who's… thousand times this. He's the symptom, not the disease. @ThisIsMissEm @mendel Boo. @mendel What is there other than the shitty auto-detection? That was the shitty part. @jessica_schalz I have not tested extensively but it seems to be getting more risqué. But even the SFW stuff is imp… @resir014 I don't really know what they did to it, it just seems to be growing back on its own. @mendel Are you sure about the second part? @emilyst Hello fellow social media user! Please tell me all about your plans and the locations of the transactions!Have y'all been to Tumblr recently? It somehow got good again? I'm so confused.It is the weirdest fucking thing. @goldman @drbluman The whole thing is just ridiculously tinpot dictatorship. @keithkurson I'm just guessing, but probably to distract you from how small it is. Is it small? @goldman The tops of their heads will be perfectly protected.We're all going to die because nobody paid attention in biology class. a... personal... fee? For performing the functions of his office, however misguided?
Also the people who went monorepo are probably going to swing back to modules at some point relatively soon, they b… agree that the pendulum is going to swing back from all client-side but I think it will swing to serverless funct… covid-19 death count is currently at 52 9/11s and counting. That's one nation-defining, behavior-changing shock… @Andysomniac Sick burnAlready dreading NYT lifestyle articles on micro schools rich people form with their friends: Wilson renovated a ha…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @DerpyScripts It's pronounced "Designers won't work with fascists" @rohit_x_ Nothing to see here, nothing to worry about. @jnadeau "This expensive thing that I do not currently own or need is very costly to maintain" is a really extremel… @_jayphelps Roughly as common as making cocktails regularly ;-) @chimeracoder "Big Tech but not–" *shoves ICE contract back under the rug* "–not Big Bad Tech." @kyleve The desire to solve every problem as if there's no prior art and nobody has ever attempted to solve this pr… @Pinboard @Jer_Diamond @durumcrustulum I disagree with that analysis. @Jer_Diamond @Pinboard @durumcrustulum Assigning sinister motives to every Chinese company because the CCP might ma… @Jer_Diamond @Pinboard @durumcrustulum I'm saying that the Chinese government doesn't allow free expression from an… @Pinboard @Jer_Diamond @durumcrustulum That was my point. @Jer_Diamond @Pinboard @durumcrustulum As have Twitter, Facebook and Google inside China.(One assumes the Nazi problem is less on LinkedIn, because who puts "Nazi, 2002-present" on their resume other than… @Pinboard @durumcrustulum I do not buy that tiktok is an instrument of the state.Also really looking forward to Microsoft's discovery that they have joined the club of companies who have to spend… less important but also of note is that Microsoft have no fucking idea what to do with a consumer social netwo…
Retweeted by Laurie VossTrump's 7-day period of facing the reality of the pandemic is over and he's back to denying it, please remember thi… @k An EXCELLENT strategy that I have been employing extensively. @lachlanjc @Netlify OG!I have been banging this drum all weekend, but TikTok does nothing that Facebook doesn't already do except being ow… @Geek_Manager It's okay, I'm not sure there was any way for you to know that :-)"By all means continue to spy on our citizens, just give us a cut". @justkelly_ok I took it in the spirit it was intended 🙂 @justkelly_ok I'm sorry it didn't have it's intended uplifting effect for you. You're still here and that's a victory in itself. @Jason @CoryMChristian The fact that you don't see the difference is the root of the problem here, Jason.Netlify has hit 1 million developers and I'm number #524,583! You can find your own number at our incredibly elabor… @nhuntwalker @FakeLauraLouise @maggiepint I definitely see your reasoning here but my personal position is that I a… THE BLUF in 2020: "Let 2 or 3 of them eat cake, depending on merit." @Jason @CoryMChristian The public flaunting of your wealth I think is the bit that's going to have people rolling their eyes at you. @Geek_Manager (I lived in London for 7 years so I know!)"We may allow 1 or 2 particularly deserving poor people to share our private school, aren't we nice" is not going t… @davidmarkclem I'm just in a pessimistic mood.The grim realization that when a covid vaccine becomes available anti-vaxxers will refuse to get it so we'll never… @carrickdb @MacRumors @HartleyCharlton A series of unfortunate events: wish. @ken_wheeler Not gonna lie, the Pennsylvania/Transylvania thing threw me when I was a kid, too. @SabrinaHallnyc I am making so many pothos babies. @jilliancyork I haven't worn a button-up in 3 months. @erikburd Three of my most practical, creative friends are missing parts of their fingers from various saw accident… @EmilyGorcenski Show-off 😛 @cestith Oh, super nice, I should do that. @brettrann Which ones?I'm going to bed, but thank you all for your many and varied responses, it has been a real pick-me-up. @brianwisti If it ain't broken, I guess! @jennschiffer Unhealthy tbh @_cat_turner Another mindset change response; I like these. Any physical/practical thing come to mind? @ThunderNixon We did that. @colleencodes Same! @CasseyLottman Not a phone call person myself, I need visual input and if I have it it distracts me from the call.… @jessicamalonso I had one at work and that's what I used to do. Can't wait to have it back. @lachlanjc Nice, I knew you were doing that but glad to hear it's working out like you hoped. @HozefaJ I can't believe that didn't occur to us. @ericreator 👍🏻 @DavidKnepprath I don't know what NTC is? @colleencodes Pandemic bubbles are a solid strategy for people who were living alone. @tuba_man I didn't know you'd had covid! Very glad you have recovered. @CasseyLottman Long walks are proving a popular option. @HozefaJ Fiancé and I tried that but we run at very different paces 😛 @wendyck @durumcrustulum We want dumbbells but the sets are $$$$. @sarah_edo Not a cocktail person but super into long walks, myself. It's when I get my biography reading done. @erikburd I am not sure I will ever be handy enough; I am scared of saws. @SabrinaHallnyc Ohhhhh yes. SO into my plant babies right now. Show me your plants! @ysmithnd Simple yet effective.