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Laurie Voss @seldo San Francisco, CA

Data analyst at @Netlify. Previously co-founder @npmjs, started "Look at this weird graph!" He/him. 🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

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@PierreSchambac I mean, acupuncture is also regulated as part of the medical system, but that does not make it real.Your periodic reminder that chiropractors are not doctors, chiropractic is not scientific, and the founder of chiro… @micheletitolo I need this kind of optimism in my life.I understand from the stream of gleefully petty vitriol filling my stream that Dominic Cummings is giving a statement. @blaine I dunno man, 2020 seems to be on fast-forward. We've had plague and locusts in the same month.I'm just gonna say, if there's ever a year that zombies turn out to be real and become a threat it will probably be 2020.Wow just @ me next time was seven, I have never played tennis. The reason I didn't hold out a hand to stop my fall was because I was hol… fell out of an umpire's chair at a tennis club and smacked my chin into the ground, biting my tongue in half. is everyone trying their hardest to realize dystopia
I think he's pulling off the windswept look a little better than I am. @squirrelsquee All the books are listed in @aloria Propagation! Depending on the species it will either just be a flower or if you're really lucky the things… @madprofessah @drkarenlord @thecrucianeer Nice!It's 24 years since that day and it's *still* magical that anybody can put up a website in an afternoon and have the whole world visit.The discovery that anybody could put up a page about anything, and that a website I built in an afternoon could loo… earliest Internet memory I have is when I was 15 so I am already hopelessly dated. It was visiting… I always say about impostor syndrome: it doesn't mean you're awesome, it just means you can't be sure if you are… @nhuntwalker Relatable. @jackyalcine @keithkurson Nah, it's totally legal these days. @keithkurson 15-20. @tracy_codes Truly the chonkiest. @irapolis The secret of Dolores Park, having lived a block from it for 13 years now, is that it's always empty until 2pm.Zoom. Enhance.
Retweeted by Laurie VossGuff's pooping strategy involves finding a general area, walking in circles around it three times, snuggling the gr… @jaydestro 🎉🎉🎉 @kf (May is Shawn Mendes, you would like his earlier music) @CHERdotdev What about ketchup, just ketchup @kf Girl it is a billion dollars, I would quarantine with an axe murderer @kefimochi Make chips using OR gates only, since they are not exclusive.100,000. As the U.S. approaches this grim milestone, we're remembering those who have died from the coronavirus.…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @maggiepint Who on earth is throwing a concert today? @saysjessbess Ohhhhh I'm dumb. I really do not think my history-for-the-yucks approach would scale to a whole book. @dokas Attila's biographer mentioned the "baa-baa" theory but not many others have. @Ahsan17896 @_isaacspar If you don't like what I say about religion I advise you to unfollow me. @Ahsan17896 @_isaacspar My biographies are very sarcastic so I'm expecting my coverage of Muhammad to end up being extremely sacrilegious.The USA is 4.5% of the world's population but has suffered 28% of the covid-19 deaths in the world. We have handled this very badly. @GloomyLumi I don't know who can look at 100,000 dead people and think "it doesn't affect me" but they're not going… NYT lists all the names of the dead and calls it an "incalculable loss" and they are right, but this is just ho… don't know what the impact of so many people losing parents and grandparents sooner than they naturally would is going to be. @GregChase That turns out to be a myth. They just made their stirrups out of wood, so they rotted away and aren't f… of deaths from covid-19 in the US through May 20th were people aged 55 and over. People under 35 all together a… @_isaacspar Muhammad doesn't seem very gay at the moment but who knows, I wasn't expecting Alexander or Hadrian to be so gay either. @groby I have found the Merovingians tantalizing but as you say, very hard to find anything substantial. @sebastiangood It's collected at but tweeting about it is the end goal. @saysjessbess Ongoing for several months! I am covering 2000 years of history entirely as biographies: @christosap She was definitely the most interesting part about Justinian! Can't find one though.There are still two very irritating gaps in my biographies project. Justinian the great was rubbish, so there's 100… @GregChase There's one extremely obsessed Hungarian guy who has single-handedly been rediscovering the technique, h… @GregChase Bows and a horse-mounted archery technique that was lost and we are currently unable to replicate.
@dataandpolitics "Cheap, pretending to be modern" @cesidio I have this exact picture saved for exactly this reason. @ngvozden Rihanna's from Barbados as they will never get tired of pointing out. Nicki Minaj is from Trinidad tho :-p @mindlace I mean, Alexander was deliberately going for "bigger than anyone ever" and hit that but then kept going b… @ngvozden Ah, I misunderstood!P.S. This morning I realized that in Disney's Mulan, set circa 500-600AD, the enemy is the Huns, a dramatically ahi… @NevilleKuyt Either way they're responsible for the suffering of millionsAttila was doubtless an amazing leader and a fearsome warrior, but also in the right place at the right time, when… then of course it all immediately went to shit. He had many children and they fought over bits of his empire. T… survived the battle and went back to his palace to plan revenge. He married a lady called ldikó, got extreme… didn't go well! He took huge chunks of Europe but eventually the Romans allied with the Goths (i.e. all the othe…, seeking escape, sent her ring and an offer of marriage to Attila, promising he could become emperor. This… 450 Attila decided to take the "Western" Roman empire. This was the "over-reach" stage of the world-conqueri… "fun" fact about Attila's palace is that it had Roman-style baths built by a Roman architect he'd taken hostage.… Attila and his devastatingly effective army then went on a tour of Europe. The details are mostly dull. They thr… they could fire way, way faster than anybody else. Attila's biographer estimates 2000 Huns could manage to f…"Firing backwards" doesn't really seem like it should be such a big deal but it meant that uniquely of all military… they were able to fire accurately from horseback. Not only were they better than anybody at this, they were… they built bows and arrows better than anyone else. Not slightly better. Their bows took a year to make and… reason Attila and the Huns for centuries before him had been able to drive whole populations to migrate was bec… around 375AD the Huns themselves showed up, led by Attila's father. This is another thing Attila has in… manifested to the confused and terrified Europeans as centuries of invasion by foreigners from the east, the "… before Attila was born, the Huns left Mongolia and headed west. They bumped into other tribes, who fled west,… time around 100BC the Chinese got their shit together and drove the Xiongnu out of Mongolia, ending their live…"Hun" by the way is not the name they called themselves. While they were hanging out in Mongolia attacking China th… thing I didn't realize until reading Attila's bio is that the nation of "Hungary" is named after the Huns because… was born around 406AD. To place this relative to our other recent subjects, this is 10 years after Theodosiu… that for centuries a bunch of people from Turkey had been camped out in Mongolia marrying their leaders to wo… brings us to the next thing we don't know: what he looked like. There's no pictures of him by anyone who saw h… best guess at the moment is that a bunch of people from the area of modern-day Turkey migrated East, settled in… linguistic connection to Turkish is possibly not coincidental, but brings us to the other big thing we don't k… at the most basic: like Plato and other ancients, the name we call him is not his name. "Attila" means "littl… I said, there's a lot we don't know about him. That's because his people, while not illiterate, did not bother… "typical world-conquering general", I mean: new technology was invented, he mastered it before others, he conque…'s kick off this long weekend with #EuropeanBios entry #16, Attila, usually called "Attila the Hun". He's your t… @ngvozden TIL "piping bag". @deanleigh Gruyere is an excellent substitute in nearly every situation. @ngvozden Whoaaaaa how do you do that with icing?Boom @eparillon This is gonna be my billion dollar idea, Ed. Cheesy muffins dot com.Breakfast this morning was also muffins, this time with scrambled eggs. These are the most delicious things I've ev… @saysjessbess This week I expanded the theory and doubled the amount of cheese!It me, again, this morning."We can't restore from backups" @0x604 @H4N4W4LT You shut your mouth.I wake up earlier than @H4N4W4LT on weekends, which means there's a period of a couple of hours where we are in dif… @kpk The nearly 5yo also likes minifigs. I did a bulk order of generic bricks a couple of months ago which greatly… @kpk I believe you can buy books of new models to build? You could get one, find all the pieces, and bag 'em up. Ma… @sm @msquinn Same omg I loved these books as a kid but hate reading them as an adult.