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Laurie Voss @seldo San Francisco, CA

Data analyst at @Netlify. Previously co-founder @npmjs, started He/him. 🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

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Important brand update:'m not saying Facebook WOULDN'T do voice recognition on the ambient to serve you targeted ads, I'm saying the data…
Retweeted by Laurie VossIt's early days for @glitch and there are a dozen+ product features I can't wait to see. But if open is going to fi…
Retweeted by Laurie VossThis is gonna be like the Death of Superman and there will be six rival Mr Peanuts including an all-steel Robo Pean… @goldman @eparillon Were we even supposed to know that happened? @eparillon @goldman ?For any given data visualization tool, the number of available visualizations is always 10x - 1, where x is the num… @Tron____ Nope. @EngineerJohnO MOAR CHANNELS will fix this @tef_ebooks As usual I was not being cynical enough. @rodolfor I've literally never learned anything about Meg Whitman that improved my opinion of her. @rgigger There is no such thing as unbiased reporting. All reporting involves editorial control and there is no suc… if the democratic billionaires teamed up and bought Fox News and turned it into liberal news? Would that work?… call fox news state TV but I grew up with state-owned TV news and it was nowhere near this bootlicky
Retweeted by Laurie VossQuibi is emitting the warning glow of a smouldering tire fire about to erupt, and I am readying the marshmallows: Admits Guilt in Obstructing Congress
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @EngineerJohnO Counterpoint: threads are terrible. @Chronotope (We were archiving IRC this whole time?) @WhyHiAnnabelle Even when IRC was the only thing available I hated IRC. @Aiiane @LeaKissner I think you've changed my mind on this; thanks for the perspective. @Aiiane @LeaKissner Of course this is how I feel now; the last time I actually worked at a big company I had sexual… @Aiiane @LeaKissner If they were in a different department I don't think I'd need to block them; if they insisted o… @Aiiane @LeaKissner I appreciate your deep experience and perspective on this. @Aiiane @LeaKissner I realize I am speaking from a place of privilege on this but if there was somebody I didn't wa… @LeaKissner @Aiiane I think if you need to block someone to prevent them talking to you at work it should be a matt… @bcoops222 Also I really don't *run* that Slack; I started it and now it runs itself. They would probably need to m… honestly that's fine; at least they are being clear and honest about it. They have defined their market and are… @bcoops222 Many times, but it is extremely tricky to persuade 4000+ people to move.Slack actively does not want to be a community tool; communities are large and problematic and have no money. Their… @lucasjohnston Is this a feature of your app?What I'm asking is: was there a global, benevolent conspiracy to make me slightly less embarrassing when I interact with other humans?It used to be a thing that delivery folks would say "enjoy your food!" and then you'd say "you too!" and die of emb… @dan_abramov @_patmurray It depends where the plane is going and which side I think will see more interesting stuff.I give up, there is no way to know if an ATM is real or not. feeling that all useful software already exists as an Apache project is already strongly reinforced and I am not… Atlas Another "hey, I need that!" project, Atlas is a set of services that provide go… AsterixDB Another fun find! A database, it stores semi-structured data like MongoDB,… Arrow Arrow is a format to efficiently store columnar data in memory, which is the ki… Aries We heard about OSGi components back in Apache ACE and Aries is a set of compone…[catching up after a break!] #17 Archiva Apache Archiva is a "build artifact repository… @SlexAxton @drk But you do have to look down to *send* the message?
@H4N4W4LT @saysjessbess Wowch.Kids are allowed to wear AirPods during class? Also why not just send text messages if you're typing anyway? ever just sit around and think about what a piece of shit mitch mcconnell is?
Retweeted by Laurie VossAnd with roughly equal success rates and similarly dumb names! U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren says if she's elected to the White House she would ask for the resignation…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @saysjessbess Extremely smug that I have been to all the neighborhoods they recommended as "ones you may not know"… @RachaelLudwick Ireland really seems to have it out for women, tbhI think I speak for all of us when I say WHAT Jabba would not be this cute. Baby Jabba would have giant cockroach legs that move him around, and as he gets… are: • Pro life but won't feed poor kids. • For constitutional rights unless it's black people voting.… @sarah_federman Def.My contributions have consisted primarily of "but it would be hilarious if this was our first dance" and then a random pop-punk song.We've been considering entries for our wedding playlist over this weekend which means I have heard a lot of versions of At Last. @kittensnotkids @scottreuwho Holy shit this is correct.Developer accused of unreadable code refuses to comment
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @k9 I was being sincere when I said I'm sure it was just an unfortunate coincidence! @swyx At the time I was running a startup which was measuring effectiveness of links shared on Twitter, so the intr… @swyx It was a big problem about 10 years ago, which is around when was introduced. @swyx As I understand it it was an anti-spam/malware tactic; twitter links end up in many clients that are not cont… @Noahpinion Yes, you have understood the simple and correct thing she said. @scottreuwho We Lauries are few and far between and share an international fraternity cc @laurie_jones @lozzd @keepof4worlds That's no secret. @fkadaveheal @CaseyNewton I find the gym necessary but not enjoyable and having another human paying attention to w…
@fkadaveheal @CaseyNewton The whole concept of the classes horrifies me, I cannot imagine anyone wanting that. @CaseyNewton I didn't try the classes and I have been informed by @H4N4W4LT that the classes are apparently the who… @CaseyNewton They had one at the hotel and I tried it and it was... just an exercise bike? Different in no way from… is a town for, by and of Boomers. beautiful birthday boy. MLK Day! Please read A Letter from Birmingham Jail instead of feeling warm and fuzzy about the I Have a Dream…
Retweeted by Laurie VossThis thrift store is honoring MLK with a sale on "white tagged items" which I'm sure is just an unfortunate coincid… Eagle store gets a nomination for celebrating racial equality by selling products they have named after an ethn… products for men get extra points for male fragility and also riffing on "I have a dream" in their slogan, plus… would be totally into vegan candles and skin care, probably: @Ace_KYD Oh no! ☹️ @eparillon Let me tell you I spent 30 seconds staring at it before deciding whether I would be roasted for RTing it."In honor of MLK call your rep to ban cock fighting" isn't so much inappropriate as just deeply confusing:… have a new contender with "MLK would be in favor of racists with guns marching in Virginia on his birthday"… can't decide if "follow black women who will take your money and do nothing but humiliate you" is a terrible or b… @ftrain You're using the cats to statistically hide your third nipple?Ooh, ooh, scrabble in the dust for scraps of imaginary money! What better way to celebrate civil rights!… civil rights with a... Himalayan salt lamp? says MLK like royalty-themed baby products: @SeanOrfila That was 5 years ago. Has to be fresh!It's time to play our annual game of finding the least appropriate commercial use of MLK's memory in advertising! Bring me your nominations. @delbius Boooooo(urns) @caraesten I'm happy with my gender I just wish I didn't have to share it with all these assholes.What's weird is whenever I shit talk a candidate their stans turn up in my mentions, I have even had Gabbard stans… one was more than 24 hours ago: @sophiebits Oops, I misread.I mean, at least there is one positive thing you can say about the NYT's milquetoast announcement which is that eve… one was 2 hours before tweet was 8 hours before the endorsement. it still an endorsement if you don’t actually recommend which candidate to vote for? want to emphasize that we had never discussed the book and there was no way for him to know that I’d even heard o… he dropped enough references that I figured out who he was being and I called him on it and he nodded an… met at a bar in Soho and my first clue that something was up was he kept using the wrong tense for things - refe… had met by chance the week before by deciding to share a cab to south London after a power outage had taken the… is my chance to tell those of you who haven’t heard the story before about the time I went on a date with a gu…