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Laurie Voss @seldo San Francisco, CA

Currently taking a break. Previously co-founder @npmjs, started He/him. 🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

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@brianloveswords @izs I just wish I could get into this level of strategy consulting.He's not letting the fame go to his head. @KeziyahL Have you tried OKCupid? It's mostly nerds so I always had better luck there.TIL the movie 9 to 5 was originally written by Jane Fonda as a drama specifically to make points about labor and fe… @BeauLaBelle Honestly it didn't occur to me anyone would suggest that given my long history of complaining about it @KeziyahL Your dating strategies and mine are very similar. (My fiancé was the one to message me first) @BeauLaBelle LET ME TELL YOU WHY THAT'S A BAD IDEAGuff: now on TikTok.
Retweeted by Laurie VossIf you want to refer to someone you know only from Twitter and they don't have pronouns in their bio, do you *personally* @adhall_msft @rmondello What he said. @trott Joseph Goebbels is next, apparently I am doing a run of monsters. @kwyntastic That's like my whole career @anildash @gruber Perhaps even multiple blogs post. @SunOfSeldo I used to schedule the tweets using a Rube Goldberg machine of IFTTT and Tumblr, but they are both real… @foxxtrot Speaking of: I am making an app to make it easier to write and schedule tweets for @sunofseldo, and maybe make it possible… is important to note that these images are actual slides from a presentation given *by SoftBank*, not made up to make fun of SoftBank. @emmiepie Why would you *ever* feel self-conscious about lacking an MBA, it just means you never had $100k and no i… @MatthewStanciu Did it make a sound? @NelsonMRosario Permanent mood.
@lawnsea (I understood in context) @cullend He would light them for photos and special occasions but usually didn't.So that's Curtis LeMay, an absolute nightmare of a human being who killed up to half a million people and then near… capped off his career of atrocities and nuclear brinksmanship by running for VP with openly racist segregatio… the true story of nuclear weapons is not that Mutually Assured Destruction and calmer heads on both sides of the… the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, instead of turning the planes around, LeMay deliberately flew the planes… the 50s LeMay's bombers were always in the air with nuclear weapons at all times, because he believed if the USS… the Cuban Missile Crisis, LeMay got even more aggressive. He thought JFK's deal was a surrender, and told th… was actually happening was the soviets *could* see the planes and had no idea if they were spy planes or nucle… the mid-1950s, LeMay ran surveying flights over the USSR to map where they would drop bombs in the event of war.… result was that the effective control of the weapons was given to LeMay and he could have launched them any tim…'s worth noting that (since Truman) use of nuclear weapons was technically always the decision of the president.… famously never saw any difference between using conventional and nuclear weapons. He believed that if you hav…'s important to note that at the time there was no general disapproval of LeMay's actions. Both military chiefs a… Pentagon never said "fire bomb Tokyo", they just said "bomb Tokyo", delivered tons of incendiary weapons, and l… military knew from Dresden and other war crimes in Germany that you could halt production by burning an entire… worst war crime was the fire bombing of Tokyo. Bombing Japan had until this point been ineffective because war… had a shocking but clear doctrine: if a country goes to war, it should commit totally to winning that war as… changed bombing raids from totally useless and expensive to even more expensive but extremely effective, and c… first time he tried this strategy everyone was so certain that it would result in every single bomber being sho… had ever tried flying in a straight line before because when you do you're a sitting duck for anti-aircraft… Napoleon, LeMay invented a brand new form of warfare and was so much better at it than his contemporaries that… LeMay came to the air force they sucked at bombing. Their primary goal was to avoid getting shot down, and the… photo of LeMay is the same: scowling, nearly always with a cigar in his mouth. The reason for both is practic… was born in 1906, 3 years after the first flight at Kitty Hawk, and so came of age at the same time as the co… you've ever seen the movie Doctor Strangelove, General Jack D Ripper is an almost 100% accurate depiction of LeM… latest historical bio is Curtis LeMay, Air Force General and head of the air force under both JFK and LBJ. He wa… @saysjessbess I mean, as long as you pay I guess @lauraolin A job initially, decided to stay because of the weather, further cemented by a family. @hcatlin I guess you'll learn something from this thread!Well, 73% of you would subscribe to "some kind of newsletter" without further details which is a lot more than I im… @anildash It's funny that the two don't necessarily contradict each other. Schumer is describing a tall, committed racist and so is Omar. @kerrizor I guess the question is whether anything I have ever written regardless of topic is of a quality you would pay for. @davidbailey00 Let they who has never made a deck with such a graph cast the first stone @sailoremo I will see if anybody is willing to pay for anything, which I doubt, and then see what the people who pay want.If I wrote a newsletter, how much would you pay for it per month?Comically related: excerpt from Money Stuff today on how SoftBank plans to turn around WeWork is 100% pure gold, delicately worke… @JackAubrey3 I cannot imagine anyone paying for them, I'm amazed I don't have to pay you to read them.When I talk about React having a gravity well this is the kind of thing I mean. @nvcexploder Excellent retro wet floor effectFacebook's decision not to fact check political ads should be considered in the context that they support the Republican Party.Facebook is run by republicans. @duretti @brianloveswords @sangster He thinks your vibe is "cartoon villain"I finished the Curtis LeMay bio. Should I do a summary thread? @rakshesha Especially at 9am!Guff: now on TikTok. @esaagar Woohoo! I'm glad I voted for him. 🎉Do these people not get media training or did they workshop the answer "well, everybody commits murder sometimes, a…"Your tweet has reached 100 likes. Please wait, an out of context weirdo will be assigned to you shortly."
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @hjharnis It's the V in Malevolent World-Striding Colossus @JonErlichman I will literally never be able to afford a garage. @mspowahs Graceland by Paul Simon. @titanve @Marques_L_J MacOS. @little_bret In a browser! @Marques_L_J I am not sure. I believe VSCode was trying to integrate into the debug logs somehow? So when it crashe… just built a React app that crashed so hard my whole computer rebooted AMA.(In the style of The Beach Boys) 🎵 You're giving me good citations 🎵 Your paper has all notations 🎵 You're finding… @acdlite I walked right into that one. @acdlite Andrew you are definitely a millennial. @cszhu I died at "It's 2007. You're 10 years old"
@goldman "I'm 2'3", weigh 37 pounds, and as far as you know there's two of me"Where does the dog and and the blanket begin? @TechWriterNinja @DJDynamicNC It's a short story. The whole thing takes place on board a ship. Humans are interroga… @animusmachina I love that thread! It is similar to the story but not the story. I imagine a lot of people have had this idea. @TechWriterNinja @DJDynamicNC Jesus, no, it's not that one, this story is a short story and much much older. @DJDynamicNC I am racking my brains trying to remember. I don't remember the author or title so I am googling for s… @jessica_schalz Also: eat more deer.And the interrogation is interrupted because one of the aliens is small and cute and a human absent mindedly starts…"So they do work for you. They are slaves?" "Well, sometimes they work, but they're pets." "You use them as a food… @roach Parenting!This reminds of that science fiction story where humans are part of a galactic society and the thing that makes us… @chimeracoder This tweet was an emotional rollercoaster.Ok last Chesa tweet for a bit. It’s telling that the white dudes throwing a tantrum about his win don’t mention:…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @zackkrida I think Sanders is great on tone, but I don't think he will get the job done if elected. Warren's record… @glompix No but people sure seem to be taking it that way! @zackkrida ? @adambroach It's a 35 hour week, yes. It used to be standard.Yes Mac, him doing it all the time is the problem.