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Laurie Voss @seldo California

A web developer. Data analyst at @Netlify. Previously co-founder @npmjs, started "Look at this weird graph!" He/him. 🏳️‍🌈🇹🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸

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Defunding the police isn’t radical, it’s real.
Retweeted by Laurie VossThat people should pay for their own healthcare. already know about Bitcoin. love the stock market because when it goes up we get nothing but when it goes down we all lose our jobs. Except d…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @othiym23 I bet we could figure this out if we looked for the newspaper article announcing the name and the quotes… @othiym23 Maybe they were huge fans of the highway system. @othiym23 He made a ton of money in California and lived there most of his life, maybe they liked him? @Blackamazon @CarrieCnh12 Sounds like my type.If anybody goes to jail for GameStop I am going to be extremely angry because nobody went to jail for 2008. Likewis… @SchmiegSophie I still do that. @BounceOffEd You would have to ask them? @neojp It's shocking that they do.True story: I opened a Robinhood account to buy $100 worth of Dogecoin for lolz and they gave me $200 worth of free… can see you're all about to lose your shirts making trades you don't understand and would like to establi… @codebytere @0x606 SHELLEY. PHRASING.Definitely the saddest thing today has been people in my mentions insisting that GameStop is actually a good invest… @EriPDev Oh I got nothing done that day.
@EriPDev @loudblkgrl Relationship goals tbhOmg yay! @MylesBorins @npmjs 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Part of the GameStop absurdity and chaotic revelry is seeing news outlets publish Reddit usernames with a straight…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @erin_hemenway That's a good bet. @keithkurson @DaleJStephens Literally less than zero, index funds consistently do better, hedge funds are a weird anachronism. @tylerscruggs @keithkurson This is both the correct answer and also a summary of what hedge funds do. @DaleJStephens @keithkurson It's not a hedge fund tho.The Simpsons doesn't predict anything we just haven't fixed any of America's problems since 1989.
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @jdecked Definitely not.Biden cancelled the Keystone XL permit and the right wing is trying to frame this as "anti-union" because the peopl… @SecShea I was certainly being sarcastic. @RandPaul Have you always been a traitor to democracy or is this a recent change? @amxn @TransCinderella @madg04t "Staying afloat" is never going to justify the current price. @amxn @TransCinderella @madg04t And that's enough to justify a P/E ratio of literally infinity? @LauraGlu Who would demand regulation? Wall Street crying out for regulation would be novel. @rohit_x_ Blockbuster's stock is also up 700% even though it is bankrupt: somewhere is liquidating their hugely profitable Bitcoin position to get into GameStop and truly, we live in an age of wonders. @amxn So is it a value investment or is it a short squeeze? @JDorsey33 What about revenge is a rational motive? @amxn @madg04t Amazon owns thousands of physical stores. @alvaro_montoro This is the test case. Soon Reddit will realize they can wreck any company and they will. @amxn My friend you have been horribly misled. @seldo Hahaha everyone loves "creative destruction" until they're the one being creatively destroyed
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @amdev I see what you did there.Everyone involved here is going to lose their shirts, probably pretty soon, and the press just doesn't know how to… am absolutely *dying* at the financial press, whose bread and butter is inventing rational explanations for marke… Street, such a fan of companies that disrupt industries, is discovering what it feels like to have your industry disrupted.Financial corporations: “Regulations are bad and will kill market innovations!” Also financial corporations: ”OH M…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @GThinhNguyen 🎉 @leonmo It's truly a sight to see. @cococoyote Water In The Raw.GameStop should issue $1bn worth of new stock and then pivot to being literally anything other than a physical reta… Bitcoin which does absolutely nothing is worth $34,000 then GameStop, which probably has at least one physical s… days ago GameStop was trading at $15 and it is about to open at $350. @nikcorg Wild! (Domesticated) @sachasayan Luckily I am not a public corporation so they're unlikely to want to own me. @chamath What for?These nerds cannot believe how successful they are at setting fire to the place. God speed. @nikcorg @AkashaThorne I thought that was how all onions grew! I did not know about seeds.I feel like not enough has been made of the fact that the 2nd amendment folks who were all "I need guns to protect… republicans are just going to pretend the armed insurrection isn’t such a big deal?
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @MxMippy Not bad, not bad. @idangazit The former. @LittleMxSurly Ooooh @foxxtrot Authors keeping fucking up my plans to steal their ideas.Best suggestion so far is "favorite animal" followed by "daemon". @beka_valentine @SchmiegSophie This is gonna be like when I found out 20% of my followers believe I'm trans @oliviacpu I hear those are really dark?I hate to break it to those suggesting "fursona" but that word already has a VERY SPECIFIC meaning not at all what I have in mind. @CrashandCern This is legit the best suggestion so far? @theleoji @H4N4W4LT The suits are so expensive @something_void What is this, Tumblr in 2009? @SchmiegSophie That's definitely going to lead to awkward misunderstandings involving furries."Spirit animal" is cultural appropriation and "patronus" is transphobic now so what do I call an animal with whom I strongly identify? @Belko99 @terronk What? You think people buying GameStop stock today are geniuses?I really needed this today., if the people of America are going to form chaotic mobs that destroy institutions I am much happier if they a… @terronk Issue $500m worth of new stock. If idiots are going to jack up the price of your stock you may as well cash in. Works for Tesla.
@madg04t The GOP is not going to play ball either way.Mitch McConnell's party literally stormed the Capitol earlier this month and he's here talking about "oh no scorche… the goddamn earth, dems. @LeaderMcConnell You have been scorching the earth for six years and want it to stop now that you're not holding the flame thrower."A scorched earth senate would be a nightmare" says the man standing in the smoking ruins of the senate that he has… @AkashaThorne TIL onions can grow from seeds.Trump's misuse of power in June to deploy troops to quell peaceful protest meant the army held back for crucial hou… @pinkpushpop Jesus. @pinkpushpop Yikes, very sorry to hear that.Seeing a lot of Verizon customers complaining about their Internet access right now. @pinkpushpop It's such a strange situation -- why did she have the photo, why would she post it? -- that the idea t… didn't know that my opinion of KellyAnne Conway could fall further but here we are.🧔: Did you make John a purebred companion like I asked you? 😇: Yep, I made his dog entirely out of bread. 🧔: What…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @EmilyGorcenski I have a bunch of MP3s from the 90s transferred by dodgy null modem cable that have pops and glitches. So warm.I saw a tweet that said “I feel like I’m constantly worrying about the next part of my life without realizing that…
Retweeted by Laurie Voss @drfarls This is so tricky! Probably the Diego Martin River in Trinidad or the Thames in London. @QuinnyPig Strongly agreed.Is McConnell going to filibuster every single thing? Yes. Will this keep happening until the two democrats who supp… @maciejmalecki I'm not an expert and the experts did not agree but on balance I think he can't force a *sale* per s… @i_am_camilo @ewindisch No, nothing happened.Breaking news: man with no power did not get what he wanted. I say nothing happened: nothing at all happened. No portion of TikTok was sold to anybody for anything. The wh… @hunterwalk Commission-free trading has created absurd market volatility and it's hilarious to watch. @ewindisch He didn't get anything! The sale never happened.