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Utterly vital you watch this right now. I love you @Glamrou on Wednesday the Chancellor will announce his plans for the next stages of the UK economic recovery. Don't…
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorHello this tweet @SELFESTEEM___ @KirkleesLibrary @LoudinLibraries @bbcintroducing @BBCR1
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THE ARTS ARE VALID #LetTheMusicPlay desperately need the government to come up with a proper rescue package for the arts, this kind of stuff is deva…
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorEarlier this year, before Lockdown I was lucky to get to a few gigs. Two of the best were @slipknot and…
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorGutted. I adore this place.
Proud to be a part of @antiracistowls @grthdvd Hahahahahahahahhahashshhashhahaha
I love characters on soaps typing things into fictional search engines with all my heart.
I won’t record without a pile of shit to relax by, call me a diva I don’t care!!! happy delicious big bums came into fashion but please allow the equally delicious thick thighs to exist too. 🙏🏼Women should do whatever they want with their body. However the crazy kardashian body type is not naturally attaina…
It is utterly vital that you listen to the new @nadineshah record. It’s no secret I love this bitch but fuck me it’… PRIDE QUEERS would sell most of my organs to be there again right now ❤️
@stantonkr HahahahahahhahaSexy Roman Roy dream. He was performing on a stage and looking at me the whole time. Glad my love life is now 100%…
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorFit !!! @HeinzJunkins 💦No matter how much I educate myself I will always fancy a skinny dick head 🥴We keep watching the oasis doc for 15 mins when we need a break and holy shit Liam and Noel would both get it all d… could be us but it isn’tGO HARDER FOR BREONNA
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy Taylor23 year-old Elijah McClain was buying iced tea in a ski mask to stay warm because he has anemia. Some goddamn perso…
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy Taylor @supatmiaa @sparkensophangela davis speaking behind bulletproof glass at madison square garden, june 1972
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A lyric about meeting a lad for a shag but only if I’ve not got too much on my plate that day has successfully made it onto album two.I Get Almost Everything so badly want to play a gigBoris: “Ressdrawwwh” Me:
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy Taylortl look dry
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy Taylor @harrisonjbrock HahahahahahahNot much to ask tbf this is probably how elton got thereI really think I could kick most of my vices if I could constantly be hearing the orchestras that are in my head re…
Trump and Johnson running the world whilst these guys are just down there knocking about being this much smarter 🤪💦 thought we could do a show about me and my dad just...doing things! He’s hilarious! He’s my dad and I’m his son!… @jenbren1976 <3 @jenbren1976 was just looking at a pair and thought nah I still don't want em fuck uonce had piece of shit bf who constantly dropped hints that I should wear supergra shoes. them plimsol things. he a… someone very rich wants to buy it hit me upFinished. Took a photo with it like a fucking weirdo. Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please… art from your trauma baby !!!!!!!!!COMPLIMENTS PLEASE
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The one and only cause for rape is the rapist. Clear?
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy Taylor @sparkensoph Yes we need to talk about this nuRave hat situationPhill is turning a very phestive shade of red started watching backdated eastenders in lockers. It’s currently Christmas 🥴
Ready to rock at 4.30 today friend has worked out he can do a good Jason stathem impression. Compliment him please performing at this today!! Booked and blessed at 4.30!!! I block you lot x
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Finishing up the first week working on album 2. Currently want to explode from head to existence satisfaction. I ho… same @sparkensoph I don't think the affair would be with a girlSometimes I put that this is me song on and really vibe
@camillavalerie_ You are who I would ask for this
@BBZoneUK @Rylan @ThisisDavina @JamWinstanI’ll dump a guy for the wrong you’re/your but expect someone to adore me through the fact I can’t do these bastards time last year, I was planning my @glastonbury schedule around the 3 @SELFESTEEM___ sets. This year ...
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorWoof the drums on Halo are not the one anymore ladies !! No no! @secrettracksuit @nhldn NOT ART!!!!I hate this I don’t want to see it anymore !!!!!!!
When I used fresh ginger, garlic, soy AND fish sauce @camillavalerie_ Haha haha ❤️❤️❤️❤️*this is a jokeAlbum two day two just schooling producer on the refs standing in the corner watching you kiss her
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy Taylor @jayzaff Fit💦 me again singing songs on instagram live for @bigissuenorth this Saturday afternoon! @alexkealy Omg same. I have no idea at all what the current state isI’m in this and yes I do recommend ‘Under Rug Swept’ by Alanis. @jayzaff Happy birthday gorgeous xx5 alleged suicides in recent days. All were Black men found hanged. These families deserve rigorous investigations.
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@niccolethurman @jessicaaprilrMy year of rest & radicalization
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorHi everyone, I fled domestic violence back in February and stayed with a friend for a few months. My permanent hou…
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorBig job on @HeinzJunkins Go go gadget debilitating sensitivity!!! @HeinzJunkins YESSSofficially starting album 2 today.
Hey everyone! Writing my final year dissertation on colourism in the UK and would really appreciate if you could co…
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy Taylor @alexkealy @jessicaaprilrImagine if men went to therapy like they go to the gym
Retweeted by Rebecca Lucy TaylorIn the span of a few days, both Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch were found hanging from trees in Southern Californ…
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