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the bread is mouldy and the circus has low attendance - 21 - she/her.

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this is why it’s sad that the ultimate maxim of twitter is ‘against all the odds we do it for free’would love to be a memoirist. all you have to do is be rich and exist @fyfiefofaen ok but @domhewett yes!!just found out that one of the starring roles of a certain reactionary actor-grifter’s spectacular career was *this* @ciaraellen thank u!!!🥰 @gubbubb just about yes🥰 @alexkealy thank u!! super cool right @e_wanr thank u so much!!❤️❤️ @sam_jja thank u!!!💕💕 @JackHHazlewood ahh belated happy birthday to you too! :)) @rosaluxemburgs thank u sweetie!! isn’t it! @Gilofthepeople me too, where there’s a will there’s a way @HughRBrechin hugh.
@freresheureux thank u pal!! it’s a cracker innit x @JamesWillMarsh thank u!!:) @aijiujoe age gap:( @conbostock thank u sm connie!!❤️ @HxsxxnA thank u sweetie!! @hasbrowitches yarr this year i’ll sail round the horn @ellbutpriv thank u sweetie! ❤️ @fyfiefofaen danke schön!!❤️❤️ @Elliott4CD thank u!!:)) @duckappreciator thank u sweetie!!xx @DumbassMiliband thank u pal!!❤️ @owlsanctuarist thank u pal!! @mcsweeney_harry vibes rn x @TheWildeRobin thank u!! @idvck thank u!!!:)) @FabianFairhurst thank u!!:)) @queerfeministry thank u!!<3 @Smith_n_Chips thank u!!:) @garageflowrr thank u!!:) @DannyBate4 thank u!!:)) @Jasper_CH thank u pal!xx @southernsgothic thank u!! it has been vv nice 🥰 @iriselks thank u iris!! a perfect combination of my interests tbh x @islawhat thank u isla! 💕 @katybee__ thank u sweetie!❤️ @benzos_downer i haven’t heard of her x @OwenWntr manifesting 😤😤❤️ @joe_gorecki thank u pal!<3 @billyhs_ thank u sweetie!!:) @joe_oliver hahaha thank you!! the card is great isn’t it? @imagegardentrax thanks pal! @Tris123 thank u so much!!:) @seandsmyth cheers pal! @Prickard_ cope @DanKedem1 thank u!! yeah man more imperialist monuments in the firing line for this year hopefully @aijiujoe 😂 @resourbut thank u angel!!🥰have had a very...formative 21st year so hoping for a nice run-of-the-mill, bland 22nd year (aka not coming back to… @HughRBrechin thank u pal!!22 :)
crawling around on my hands and knees and howling because my mum is fifteen minutes later back from the supermarket… become a giant neurotic housepet over lockdown i now simply assume that whenever anyone is vaguely late home… work here is done
Retweeted by lottie @aIisoooon >when you’ve seen the labour club do left wing film events but you can’t watch the iron lady together in… @aIisoooon what does this mean?? @aIisoooon the simulation has collapsedsometimes the outcome is good i will concede; howeverevery american i have met i have met against my willLOOKING FOR: WOC or non-binary POC writers, who don't live in Manchester or London, for writing opportunities, Does…
Retweeted by lottie @jm2xu who has spent their whole life in places with (actually comparitively good for much of the country but still… @jm2xu because i’d much rather the conversation stayed focused on regional issues and the argument did become, as y… @jm2xu i’m within my rights to express frustration that convos about how totally dire regional public transport see… @JamesWillMarsh yeah & i rlly do get that further out of london is nothing like the centre *but* in terms of just b… @jm2xu ?? i’m obviously suggesting that everywhere else should be raised up? the entire country deserves public tra… town it went to was just under eight miles away. the terminal stop in the town was a supermarket where you had… can’t seriously listen to londoners complain for a second about public transport when the last time i was in corn… the boys on this website wish they were Mark Fisher
Retweeted by lottienow that’s my idea of a good time
Very important article on Birmingham from the Observer today. The city is bankrupt, with a shiny new city centre it…
Retweeted by lottiegoing to be back in court on tuesday for long awaited stansted 15 appeal. feeling pretty stressed+anxious tbh. its…
Retweeted by lottie @roselyddon happy birthday!!!
@benzos_downer @Cornvvall it never endedglad that’s off my chestgeorge galloway celebrity big brother 2006 original catboy @labourtheo because labour is not FUN! @b_gxld me neither really but i want out @DanKedem1 which is definitely not ideal either but then nor is one organisation for people who are literally of pr… also be nice really for YL to be an opt-in thing rather than a thing you’re automatically a member of, becaus… let’s be honest: young labour basically exists on twitter and it sucks and we all kind of hate it (i mean with… just at the point, irregardless of my personal factional views, that young labour needs to be dissolved enti… @BernieTranders i look at this spinner and i die a thousand times x @MsTamhane 🙈🙊 @eff_hey christ this is embarrassingbring back the dudes that rockso true💕 the same spot today (worked it out from my photos, gutted the old terminal building is gone as apparently i… @YellsOnPolitics @David_on_a_bike yeah this is what’s in the picture! all very overgrown with reeds at the moment -… @jamesDsibley yeah! kind of jarring right?The proportion of firsts from 1990-2010 rose fastest at Oxford and Cambridge, the average grade at Harvard is an A-…
Retweeted by lottiebob dylan crossed on the ferry v shortly before it went out of use - i’ve seen this photo a lot before and expected… muddy and dingy trip to the remnants of the old severn ferry crossing and old (but new-er) severn bridge at au… @_claire_turner_ NOOOO @e_wanr i’m sorry. they are satanic beasts @ellie_mccourt_c thought of her and got so angry i had to tweet xjack russells. the foulest, demonic dogs.