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my tweets get more likes than ray william johnson’s ig: selmacashmoney

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@ModestCube @OTKnetwork don’t care but cool i guess
@_slim_ak maybe 😕 @badboychadhoy i had a meme image era and i’m honestly thinking of bringing it back 🙄💅 @eljezebelspirit count yourself lucky! @KFCucumber yes. this kids movie is quite lewd and disgusting. @joahsef they haded it 🤤 @OGRealCarl 🤤 @imanol_ultimate santa = real 🤡 @Nihpyang this is like something that i’ve seen on an adult website! quite disgusting! @beck_crow i made it fbfdhsi made this so flop = delete @Valkyrae the grind @urfavoritepuppy @dreamwastaken really needed this today, thank you 🥺 @imane i’ll play 😈
@urfavoritepuppy right 😭😭 mans needed a whole law degree to figure out if i were related to anne hathaway @zendigogh it do 😔btw the argument was much longer but what the actual fuck 😭what the actual fuck 😭 these guys went from arguing to legal advice @LivPosting wtf dhfhdhs 😭😭 @jaubreyYT looks like a very family friendly place 😄 @aksually @JohnCena no @qtcinderella
@imane 102447328% @EliasRudsar it’s okay man. i appreciate the sacrifice @ofeliabear @ModestCube imagine being what? like 50?? old ppl neee to learn to stay off of social media 😬 @ModestCube @ofeliabear also wish that bull stepped on ur head go to heck @ModestCube @ofeliabear saved a piece of my shit for you to eat frick u @ofeliabear IM DAYS LATE OFELIA SO THAT I COULD BE THE LAST ONE TO SAY IT 😈😈 happy birthday my beautiful queen @ofeliabear show the full photo for the person come on 🙄 @Pikaclicks he said addition. it’s written quite clearly! @JaclDude hopefully enough times to have to pay me 10k @medal_of_pizza been there, done that. got the moist follow @sarahsphyxia i cant help that i’m sexy 🥺 @lilkhalx i’m about to be one rich mf 😈 @urfavoritepuppy “ain’t got no tears left to cry” - ariana grande @riIeydbv i’m glad that my crying inspires some people ❤️ @Jetpeggywb “save your tears for another day” - the weeknd ❤️you know what, i’ve decided that i want to be happy now
@urfavoritepuppy @nopeifyaltalt 🥺❤️ love u 5eva @aliteralchair it’s been a while 🙄 @nopeifyaltalt nah u fell off man @MKicklist fuck u it was a banger @urfavoritepuppy @Wheatskins_ thank u ❤️ @Wheatskins_ @zachruuu just replied to me saying “you fell off” @twtselma i’ll take it that we aren’t gamers around here 😒 @tokimetaloc but i love the arbiter tho🥺
@sarinacsgo machamp fr @dajokahbaybee @JacobTheHill well obviously the one you had was gross bc soy milk it great??? and creamy??? and del… @JacobTheHill @dajokahbaybee if it tastes like soy milk then it’s delicious 🤤 @jasminericegirl queen shit 😭😭😭😭 @prezoh @dajokahbaybee IT LITERALLY FUCKING DOESNT
@sivemorten @nopeifyaltalt @urfavoritepuppy thanks queen 🥺 i’m excited just to finally show off my skills @JaggerXTC @nopeifyaltalt more room for money in my pockets @snowiiwtf they created a course just for me 😇 @SOACN1 I STUDIED SO HARD 😭😭😭😭 @chipMFC wow good eye 🧐 @nopeifyaltalt idc if u ratio me as long as i’m getting cloutHOLY FUCK I JUST GRADUATED FROM HARVARD 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @notLockie it’s giving shade bestie 🤭💅 @prezoh mhmm stay pressed 😬 @notLockie it is real 😬
@TheSamsman ofc @hideyourbutter i do @hideyourbutter it was bad and it flopped @merrybigboy it will flop anyway 🤢 @Ray_Mona043 idk i just love the song man @snowiiwtf that’s what the mask is ❤️i fucked up the other tweet just pretend i never tweeted iti guess i listen to dream from time to time 😅 @JackGrossi10 kda tho. icons @snowiiwtf to feel something? @PoliteSL i play luds stream in the background when i’m having sex bc i perform better knowing that i get more pussy than him💪💪💪 @sophiabottt @remember_2008 i love YOU 🤤 @ImYabbe @remember_2008 😈😈hot funny girls do it well 😈 @remember_2008 if we meet at twitchcon next year you’re going to regret it. read and enjoy a fantastic book now whilst you have the chance. @moonyval @remember_2008 wtf 😒 @remember_2008 MAKING A BOOK CLUB RN PLEASE BUY THE BOOK @sarahsphyxia @remember_2008 adorable @cannedpiss @remember_2008 😈hi @tanacamii @remember_2008 delicious! @urfavoritepuppy @remember_2008 i’m going to play it until the game can never be played again. i will never stop playing or flori @remember_2008 hello
@urfavoritepuppy i’m a smegma 🥴 @PeachJarsSimp they’re all horrible @MKicklist stfu 😒 @EduardoRattPack oh no…. it’s the end for you man 😰tbh im only worried about covid variant sigma bc real sigmas move silent but deadly @rooting_around @nopeifyaltalt @DolanDark i would reply with something but it would get me banned @aksuallyanti @nopeifyaltalt @DolanDark follow her insta bc she’s an icon 😈 @nopeifyaltalt @DolanDark @yellowspoongirl HAPPY BIRTHDYA THO QUEEN
@Liv_Agar mr beast actually did something very cool liv… he stole a popular concept!!! that’s the creator economy @Pikaclicks need it @sarahsphyxia don’t worry i got ur dm calling me a “dumb female dog woman with no iq”