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d*rry @selowdive she/her

pure brain rot 🖤 #BLM #PLM link below

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Retweeted by d*rrypararel universe me got her nipples pierced for suretidak sabar mentally stable
Retweeted by d*rryundoing all my therapy [SPEED RUN]
Retweeted by d*rryme back FASTER i’m fucking boredbingung @novemberdad bc i'm righthereditary trailer >>>>> the entire MCU filmographythe influence this had on modern horror trailers >>>
Retweeted by d*rryoff to sleep<3 original by nelly and this remix both are bops but i just cant with the fact that the first lyric is 'good grac… i'm not a cake... but i do got cake @novemberdad deletethom yorke orang jawa? leave me alone pengn punya full set nya creepyyeha plis kapan yaMy # 1 favorite place to shop to be the baddest bitch alive #creepyyeha
Retweeted by d*rrythis that robot from the most boring black mirror episode fact that this happened to me... on the phone... while away for uni... WAILING to my mom... with class of 2013…, am i still young? can i dream for a few months more?
Retweeted by d*rryNyerang feminisme biar keliatan edgy
Retweeted by d*rry @sadcosmo no, just this b salty when u can be dead <3
Retweeted by d*rry? mom deadass just asked me jasuke tuh isinya apa aja??? it’s RIGHT there in the name @penakoet taiimagine raising a kid and giving them cakes like these and when they were released into the real world they just go… I hope my future husband is as much of a wife guy as Father John Misty
Retweeted by d*rrystarted smoking and working out again... #balanceaesop rock is a musician? i thought it’s a soapme on acid wish SZA would SZOR me
Retweeted by d*rryNonton film tokoh utamanya namanya Grace. Dan sepanjang film ikutan ditranslate..
Retweeted by d*rryguys b like “you’ve been different ever since i disrespected you”
Retweeted by d*rrywho...... MAINAN HOMO SKSJSJSJSJSJSHSJSJS be honest w u chief i aint reading all that but still, meme this caption in the future
Retweeted by d*rryThe conspirators attempt to stab Julius Caesar only to discover that he too is made of cake
Retweeted by d*rrymy agenda is simple i wake up and create chaos
@riccivall WKWKWK ANJING JIJIK BGT KAN TAI @the_radiodept wkwk kukira doi anak fh @the_radiodept ck yg satu aja fh bukan sih bukan fisip? @riccivall awas diedit @thisisjshh @tubirfess baca reply 😌 @iamcokecaine @tubirfess it’s from an artist who has alzheimer as well, but i got the wrong person haha! @gravebby physically i’m at my depressing poorly lit dining room, mentally i’m at gyukaku @tubirfess @Drynasse @iamcokecaine @tubirfess yes this is the one! @iamcokecaine @tubirfess OK I GOT THE WRONG SHIT this is the correct one from the one i’ve read @tubirfess bisa, Picasso has Alzheimer’s and here’s his self potrait from time to time: @sadderdazz3 lmaooo thank uliked songs kalo di shuffle surprisingly enak?? i thought they gon play some weird ass shit i savedtwo leos. 🤢 i love you uoy ekat neht ",tops a wonk I" ,ekil eb syuG
Retweeted by d*rrybut if u read this i have talked to your friends and also several people bc i need help taking down the account LOLwelp self control: gone i guessfrom an itachi avi????????? nya hawa'm making this my default avi i guess narkoba jauhi saya
Retweeted by d*rryshe predicted covid-19 what a queen yathe only men who deserve rights it’s the one flexing their girl in the replies tap tap tap audacity of men never fails to amaze meWAIT i messed up i meant OPENING not closinglatinas stay winning🔥 is closing its borders from all states except victoria lollll wus going on over theremitski was right. nobody
Retweeted by d*rrytaste
PLEATHE....’s thinking of love. It’s thinking of stabbing us to death
Retweeted by d*rrybars'm so used to giving now i finally get to receive!! need this
Retweeted by d*rryoh it’s down i thought my phone is getting shittier @chokedbydeath @paIImall sis accept dulu accountnya kali biar bisa liat replynya sksjsjkskjadinya malah basic high school flick yg gajelas ceritanya bc i had to write the whole damn thing in a rush smhdulu pas sma hampir bikin film macem audition gt buat final project tp gajadi soalnya gue sok ide nulis scene lari2… GORE) i just love torture flicks man ,an bbaby and me ,an BBOY
Retweeted by d*rryno im mentally ill and paranoid
Retweeted by d*rryi'm blockerwhole ass paragraph per category... is for snitching natasha lyonne in 'but i'm a cheerleader' met a toxic person with a victim mindset? It’s disgusting.
Retweeted by d*rrywhys passion of the christ considered as torture flick....The movie villain The real villain.
Retweeted by d*rrytai bgt chat sama keke kaya surat2an pake merpati soalnya sinyal doi jelekat least my face is clear bruh the secret is to change your pillow sheets and towel often das itlemme just revert back to my high school self and say: bad trip bgt anjinggg