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@wraithvo ur american @wraithvo ur 15 @syIv1a yes w @selvvr @okazyey @discord 5 + hi 5 @whosmichela i’m sorry goddess i will make it up to you 😄😉😜🥰 @BenevolenceFPS jeez @okazyey i fucking love u @okazyey ur important to me @zuckrs sperm sel @cwuisey aaaaa :3
@VIRANll thank u @VIRANll me pls @tuxxse @syIv1a its called being irls smh @stonelistt @1aidn @syIv1a @1EDEN_ LMAOO @syIv1a hahahaha see u ;)
@majdpotatoo they’re so funny 🤣🤣🤣LMFAOO @user123460719 @die4nat loolllll @user123460719 bruh last time i swearlast time i’m doin this rt for mutuals lmao
Retweeted by SEL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) @HAD8S @1aidn @ysk1ng LMAOO fr @xxseconds_ thanks @syIv1a stunning @syIv1a IM KISSING U NEXT TIME @syIv1a GOD I LOVE Uhahahahahaha.
Retweeted by SEL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) @nawaazzzz assignment due in 11 hours @nawaazzzz i’m stressed
@nawaazzzz hi hru @1aidn how do i check @nawaazzzz god damnHappy Birthday to Mac Miller. Today he would’ve celebrated his 30th Birthday 🖤
Retweeted by SEL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)Happy Birthday to Mac Miller who would’ve been 30 years old today. Rest In Peace 🕊
Retweeted by SEL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) @syIv1a yes u are bby ur an amazing person @syIv1a post it @syIv1a drugs > guys @syIv1a LMFAOOOO @mulancholy1 u a baddie u pulled through tho @fishszns y not @fishszns create some drama @xefiyyyyy this is why no one likes u @xefiyyyyy fr jordan @stonelistt AAAA UR LEARNINGwho needs valorant dommy mommy carry
Retweeted by SEL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) @ahhhh096 @nicktenndo @ahhhh096 yes @okazyey BANGER @7drww it’s tough out here @7drww cankles
@1aidn can he explain it to me @1aksenas ur a soy boy7 billion people in the world and i still have no valentines
Retweeted by SEL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) @xefiyyyyy only thing you have to change is how you see yourself, there’s nothing else wrong with you @majdpotatoo nope @h2nnyu not me @syIv1a @mulancholy1 we really did <333 @cwuisey nice well done!! @uli4u thanks willem @lilyybunny constantly gives me a wedgie tho @iampermasad @FAITH_LXD damn @mulancholy1 SO PRETTYY @mulancholy1 WELCOME BACK MULAN ILYHi bird app, how’s Valorant new act treating you?
Retweeted by SEL (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) @xefiyyyyy @mangosmxxthie @okazyey @stonelistt ur not wrong @srrirachha aaaaa lmk if ur playing next time @deIilqh 😳 @Ajax_37x actually i can get 60-70 fps @FixltFeIix @malfunction_lol wallah FixItFelix turned to islam @cwuisey hehe hi @__Randoms___ heheh hopefully @srrirachha have u looked in the mirror sarah ?!!?! @1OZNY ok i’ll make an exception @xanderaj_ god i wish @FixltFeIix @ColourryVal why r u letting him violate me @ColourryVal NO I WILL CARRY @webbslie LMFAOOOOOO @ahhhh096 so a mommy @zuckrs carry me cam @nawaazzzz fr @__Randoms___ ok.. @naj4ah BARK FOR ME @minnieism1n1 YESSS @luvxpoison HAHA HI @kidcybr ok bet :D @xxelitism when @Kiropsd hi @nicktenndo i prefer our 1v1s @okazyey I LOVE U MORE @majdpotatoo yes pls @syIv1a HAHA HI @syIv1a ahaha ur single? @syIv1a MOMMYYYYY
who needs valorant dommy mommy carry @xefiyyyyy where’s my name @ @syIv1a mute @kumieho yes yes yes in fact let’s marry @feirwe so prettyyy @cwuisey aaaaa&/‘ks! plslslslsm