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David Ames @semadivad London, England

Warm prop and word rememberer. Presently Holby City on BBC1. (He/him)

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what doesn’t kill you makes you weird at intimacy
Retweeted by David Ames @shane_reaction_ I did know that. Did you know that octopuses have 3 hearts? @harrisonjbrock I cheered openly. @jonnykarlwade There is now track I could skip. It’s a perfect album.
Presently soaking in the tub whilst listening to the seminal album that is Breakaway by Ms. Kelly Clarkson. @mschakraverty @ErasureFace Always. Followed by half a Vienetta. ❤️ @mschakraverty Michael.I’m just about to start reading this. ❤️ me a mini Daim? you enjoyed #ItsASin then please stand with our trans sisters and brothers. There is always more work to do.
Retweeted by David Ames @Charliecondou The perils of living alone, babe. You bake it, you eat it. @captain_az That looks incredible!I made a total slag of a lasagne. @AlcockVicky I love you more ❤️ @charliejburness I batch cook too. But 4 days of chilli has being very tiresome. @Spiceyben YES! Oh now I want cake. @Wraggywraggster THE BORDIEST FING @mr_opinion8 Two water buffalo.I am so so so so so so so fucking bored of cooking for just me. Bored. TIRED AND FUCKING BORED. solo wander on the Heath. @glenrules He’s a cretin.Let the history books show that with the worst infection rate in the world, everybody exhausted and depressed by lo…
Retweeted by David Ameshi :) this is a great video by @aidsmap explaining what U=U means- today a person living with HIV on effective trea…
Retweeted by David AmesI just put on It’s All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion. It fits nicely to this weather and Sunday vibes. ☺️ @BarnabyEdwards Wholeheartedly agree.The WHO recommends a maximum gap between Pfizer doses of 3-6 weeks, ie 42 days max. So why is the government going…
Retweeted by David Ames @bydarrenstyles DEAL! Xx @bydarrenstyles Exactly. I need more wine. Cannot won’t to discuss with you IN PERSON. Sending lots of love, lovely man xxxOk, just finished It’s A Sin. I can’t speak. Just moved beyond words and so so so thankful for the community around…
@StewartThurlow Absolutely. @martconroy Hahaha. Silly autocorrect just made Cher into share. Share isn’t even a word. @Tweet_Dec PRECISELY. @garethjoyner “Oops”THIS! @shoreditche2 Sending you lots of love, darling. I’m about to do episode 5 and I don’t think I’m quite ready. Xx @garethjoyner I always put a sticker on mine too. Like I’ve been to the dentist and been good. @SadiqKhan Are we able to change this? This should surely have happened by now.
Retweeted by David Ames @SadiqKhan Are we able to change this? This should surely have happened by now. @chrisdclegg I’ve ordered a few books recently to educate even more. I’ve always tried to be as informed as possibl… @lawts_ La! X @Kevin_J_Brady @davidshearing I just finished 4. I had to stop for a minute and top up my wine.Teach yourself about your tribes history. It’s the very least you can have such frustration and resentment. Why we are so bright and want to stand out. To be seen. Because it’… my queer elders told me about. To turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of a community. The absolute… hits me the most about It’s A Sin is the way Russell has captured people’s disgust and lack of understanding o… @Kris27jam Babe, I live alone. There’s not much else to do right now apart from BINGE.It is a fucking JOY watching queer actors play queer roles in a queer written drama about queer lives.I was going to ration It’s A Sin...but I’m 4 eps in now. Fuckin’ ‘ell.Ideas for next season of The Masked Singer: Teat Swim-Bladder Murderer’s Glove Care Home Auton Invasion Piss-Fla…
Retweeted by David Ames @Markgatiss Care Home made me choke-laugh.Me. @RuPaulRyder ASOS! @chrisdclegg Same. I can’t watch any more for a bit. @DeExilio They’re faux Penguin books with the title of every song on Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack. ☺️Mint & mustard. Williams just called covid the largest mass-death event in modern times and I am really tired of people forge…
Retweeted by David Ames @MrMattLister @russelldavies63 Right back atcha, gorgeous man. Xx
@Spiceyben @russelldavies63 Absolutely! We absolutely have to. ❤️ @Spiceyben @russelldavies63 Oh gawd yes! Same! Haggling a cab home after a night at the Astoria! @darren_scott @RuthCokerBurks Just purchased. ☺️ @danboy It’s so bloody good. 🥰 @mdpattison Same, my love. Watching it in my room with the telly turned right down.#ItsASin is so FULL of heart, I can’t help but smile. @russelldavies63 you really are a wonderful human being. The… just made me go glassy eyed and smile. ❤️ I too late to submit?
Retweeted by David Ames @macleanbrendan @GatzReborn BussyCleavage. variant may be more deadly because @BorisJohnson allowed it to run rampant for *weeks* before imposing lockdo…
Retweeted by David Ames @Mikey_Moo Aww it’s cute! It’s not for me, personally, but was lovely to see.Gorgeous ❤️ @davidoreilly25 @KathyBurke It was such a good show. I loved it.
@Wkhnage She was the best in the musical IMO.Kill Barry., Ginny is making me cackle. telling Michelle how much she enjoyed her Angels outfit. @ShadyLawrence gives me such Bride of Frankenstein vibes. Such a fave! loved @veronicaqween in The Greatest Showman.! @sally_lindsay Wasn’t it gorgeous? X @Wraggywraggster It was really so so moving. So nice to revel in some hope and love after months and years of absolute garbage. XxPop. Six. Squish. Bernie. Cicero. Lipschitz.
Retweeted by David Ames @HazellHD It’s so stunning!This was incredible. UK COVID-19 Situation: 1820 dead today 8523 people dead in the last week 19,778 dead in January 2021 93,290…
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@TomZohar @semadivad it you
Retweeted by David AmesSO, AM I UNCANCELED NOW?
Retweeted by David Ames"are you wearing the-" "-the fucking enormous gold dove of peace brooch? yeah, i am."
Retweeted by David AmesPresident Susiedent
Retweeted by David AmesCoats. So many coats. Fabulous, beautiful coats.HOW DO THE SIMPSONS ALWAYS PREDICT THIS SHIT
Retweeted by David AmesWhoever applied the tan to his face this morning was having an absolute laugh. Hats off.
Retweeted by David Ames @MrMattLister @BListAtCapital @AlcockVicky YOU’VE BEEN PARDONED BABES. 😘Triggered.