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"Beauty will save the world" Fyodor Dostoevsky. Beauty and the truth. Trying to do both here and at my sites, a blog( me582 Wordpress) and a caricature one.

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All lives matter, but in US it seems that only #oligarchslivesmatterRare footage from the Donald in his bunker.😂 are agents provocateurs most of the time, so they are their men. dropped more bombs than any President in history. Gitmo never closed. Libya destroyed. Trillions spent on nukes.…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitTrump has killed the first American with tear gas. Rest In Peace, Sarah Grossman. You fought for a noble cause.…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitA fascist state- the merger of corporations with the state was finalized during the lock down of the population. Th… since in reality Big Brother is not omnipotent and the Party is not infallible, there is need for an unwearying…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitMinn cops trained by Israeli police, who often use knee-on-neck restraint
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitI disagree-they were rats, big official rats.“Black Lives Matter! (just not Palestinian ones)”
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitThe American Zionist Empire is suffocating . All 5 stages of collapse are here. Bye-bye! scene in downtown D.C. as the sun begins to set. Thousands are lying on the hot pavement in extreme heat a…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitGood start : protests against the repressive apparatus, that does not work for the people , but for the real power:… @jarurik Poland is US' janitor in Europe. President Duda signing the contract. real face of US exposed- propaganda doesn't work anymore.'re not done playing you idiots yet
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitAren't they "freedom fighters"? No? If they were attacking Hong Kong they would have been , isn't it? We have to… where the Minnesota Police learned those moves that killed George Floyd?
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitThis is where the Patriot Act , gifted to us by Bush the moron after the 911 FF and renewed by Obama and the Donald… economy= GDP : -contracted with 52.8% ( -52.8%) -the rest is fiat printing for top 0.01% @BlissNjoy The illusion of freedom and democracy has become too expensive, that's why. was probably checking to see if the bunker has enough MAGA hats. should sanction itself to show consistency with its democratic values. 😆😂 important reminder to take note of: SYRIA will ONLY be for SYRIANS ! What you're seeing now is temporary…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitThe American Zionist empire has the Saudi Oil Cow to milk it gives petrodollars+ terrorists. All presidents, after… " dissidents" and "Tiananmen survivors" with Pompeo. After the photoshoot, Pompeo will kneel on their necks… solved all domestic problems, US Senators will continue to fight the " Red Menace". 4 R+1 D Senators to intr… @one_democratic @profmazare US is ruled by zionists. See who are the shareholders of the Federal Reserve, who owns… @Chahuapa @roy_lanek @HananShamounNL @GeromanAT @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky follow the money. always. @PetrockDollar thanks.It started to breath.
Americans will get to enjoy the delights of freedom and democracy spread by US army to other countries. Karma., but you are wrong: it is the Empire's business to protect its status quo( the petrodollar). If you think that t…
@avier1967c If you believe I have a 'washed brain" why do you follow me?The Patriot Act given to us by Bush Jr on 911 was renewed by Obama and the Donald. People still fall for the fake… @davidsirota @chemrt The Patriot Act was renewed by Obama and the Donald. People still fall for the fake two party… @avier1967c Everybody understands what I mean. You should too.I believe the Bible was borrowed from Pompeo, current Secretary of State and ex C!A director. We all know how the C… @avier1967c Yse. US has hijacked even the name. not my fault.You are here👇 protesters sponsored by C!A in Hong Kong and other countries = freedom fighters. Domestic protesters = ter… @annaleclaire Of course, I was only being sarcastically silly. @OneSpiked Patriot Act was done by Bush the Moron on 911 and renewed by Obama and the Donald.Maybe the army was mobilized to save : -Hermès Birkin handbags , -Christian Louboutin high hill shoes and -Dolce…“When the looting starts, the shooting starts” tweeted the Donald on Friday. And yet, I have not seen any bankster… this is true, why does the Minneapolis police arrest ONLY people from Minneapolis ( except one)? Is the police f…, the year America removed the mask ( how ironic considering Covid-19) and showed its real face : a failed tota… US pressure. Russia is not interested, I am sure- what would Russia gain? Putin's photo with a bunch of losers?… summit was postponed by the Donald. German Chancellor Angela Merkel cannot confirm she would participate . The D… Australian PM and German FM protested . America is losing even its vassals . Even UK voiced its concerns , which… least 125 press freedom violations reported over 3 days of U.S. protests. Sputnik journalist fired at by police… easy will be for the power to declare any protester a terrorist and part of Antifa? How easy will it be to sen… @NorthOnSixty1 @HananShamounNL @roy_lanek @GeromanAT @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky Thank you.America is indeed exceptional if the commander-in-chief can declare Martial Law with a Bible in his hand. 🙃 @GeromanAT @HananShamounNL @roy_lanek @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky Thanks, dear friend. @PetrockDollar My version: On the left is the genetically modified Bald Eagle to fit the Republicans' narrative . O… @Trictrac15 @Charlotte3003G With the mask I can't talk too loud . The mask is a muzzle. @roy_lanek @BNPTRI @BNPB_Indonesia @KemenkeuRI @wiranto1947 @HananShamounNL @GeromanAT @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky De… @kim9973 @Charlotte3003G This is for the top, the zionists who rule US.Divide et impera worked: a racial civil war might happen. if he spends his entire time praying till November 3rd, God might not hear him. On the other hand, there's Jo… Security Council should urgently meet to discuss the flagrant abuse of human rights by the American regime. The… presidents have to "marry" into the system. If not, they may get the magic bullet. Also, nowadays, Epstein's bl…'s' death' was filmed by 5 dancing kippahs. And investigated by inspector Clouseau. Bugs Bunny was there too… hilarity : The Commander-in Chief tweeted Martial Law from his bunker. @ExOligarch I am not only ' not a chosen' . I am an unexceptional American. I know I have to keep quiet and accept this sad fact.The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War - Milley and Pompeo riding the bomb Famine-Powell and Mnuchin riding the d… @DavidFCox the art of the squeeze. @ExOligarch I tend to forget that perversion is done quietly. You see, I don't do it. That's why."We all have individual responsibility, but we're living in a system that seems to be unable to reform itself. And… @ExOligarch Epstein's' death' was filmed by 5 dancing kippahs. And investigated by inspector Clouseau. Bugs Bunny w… knew I have seen the same tactics somewhere. Western police, not only American, is trained by the best in repress… Prince will have more time to eat pizza. Extra cheese? @DavidFCox No, as long as you mention it is my drawing. And thanks.Shazam ! @avier1967c I was joking. Do you lack the sense of humor? I have nothing against calling God Goddess.Anarchy is a euphemism for desperate people who lost everything and now have lost it. BTW, the real looting was don… queasy intensifies. The Donald came out of the bunker to announce Martial Law. Little people's looting will not…
@avier1967c Shorter version.The American Zionist Empire and its Mini Me are specialists in looting. @avier1967c Spirituality doesn't need genitals. 😅 @profmazare I should have added : Zionists ( who actually rule US) : Iran, Iran, Iran...$1200 check can't buy too much stocks. But, 10 trillions given by the Fed to its buddies on Wall Street can go a… is Jean Valjean American version. Floyd forged a check for $42. Wall Street fraud is measured in trillions, if…, Mike! There's nothing of value left in the US to be stollen. Wall Street and the Fed did a pristine job . A… target is unamerican. the real american thing to do is loot iraq iran kuwait pakistan yemen somalia syria a…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitIf Biden shoots Americans in the left leg and the Donald in the right one, maybe Americans won't be able to go vote… S&P is very resilient . It is not intimidated by : -40 million new unemployed -GDP crashed 51.2% -Americ… 2.5 quadrillions) . The Fed pumped 10 trillions in 2 months into Wall Street and probably 40 TRILLIONS since las… Valjean-American version : George Floyd was arrested because he forged a check for $42. He didn't even end up… : China, China, China...China! Democrats: Russia, Russia, Russia...Russia! And I am stuck here in the… @HananShamounNL @roy_lanek @GeromanAT @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky Thank you.Spirituality has only one God : the same for all humans. Syria is an upright country, RESPECT. ❤️🇸🇾 @HananShamounNL @semper_vincit @GeromanAT @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @roy_lanek @HananShamounNL @GeromanAT @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky I believe the second wave is scheduled to be more l… […] @HananShamounNL @semper_vincit @GeromanAT @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit Al-Jaafari, I am fan of his, a most intelligent man of Lavrov's level. Everything he remark…
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