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"Beauty will save the world" Fyodor Dostoevsky. Beauty and the truth. Trying to do both here and at my sites, a blog( me582 Wordpress) and a caricature one.

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#Chile death toll rises to 11, president extends emergency #ChileProtests
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @jarochotrovador It does have a friend, who's also sucking US dry. @BDecimator @Commodore_1853 I don't think UK will make it to 2387.Israel ' s donation from IDF overstock. 🤪😂 There are a few not affiliated and informed . Their form of shielding their believes  and avoiding total colla… "divide and conquer" -listen to Hillary’s 500,000 speeches and dream of Russiagate The smarter ones, who know… The government can’t offer more rights to a part of the population , without infringing on the rights of the r… of family values ( see same sex marriages ) The D: -Being the sensitive side of the spectrum, are offered “gr…, -The Evangelicals, the most indoctrinated ones, get to listen to the word of God through sermons written by C!… feel important because they voted and “participated in the democratic process”.  The country is divided on poli… It can’t have more wings, not allowed: can create a mutant bird and mutations are dangerous. They imprint in t… Kardashians( our national treasure) and the smart phones ( adults ‘ toys). All these are masquerading as educa… more and more circus( to compensate). Biggest circus are the Reality Show called the elections: best paid actor… Its Logo is : My Way or dig your grave. The little people are slaves, but don’t know it. Best form of slavery.… plane/ submarine/ bunker/ there. Needy people. The Corporation’s symbols are the  Wall Street Bull( how appropr… Corporations are people in America: the Supreme Court decreed it. The Supreme Court is the modern day Inquisiti… America is a corporation with a printing press + an army. Even the name, America was hijacked : there is a Sout… Corporation With A Printing $ Press + An Army-Part I What  you know about America is from: Hollywood movies… @MidnightOil Everything is fake. All you know about US is fake. I'll have to repost my 11 threads about it. @roy_lanek @HananShamounNL @maria_engstrom1 @PutinDaGreat1 @GeromanAT @marcelsardo @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky If Pom… @fergus_ezra "#Chemtrails. I don't believe it. Where's your proof?". Me:
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit#Yemen 10-21-2019 The US-Saudi Coalition has launched over 50 raids against Yemen in the last 48 hou…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @AngieSkys All my outrage cooled down when I saw gender neutral restrooms.😆 We've reached peak stupidity and there… @Wirlaufenamok @born2bfree @jenanmoussa I find their treason greater than what US did to them. And, if they were sm… @ferdefleurenpap @DavidLeriche3 @sandrafellous_ Dancing for a depressed Manu , only in a Gilet Jaune ? attacking the Canadian Embassy with rocks, these protesters denounced certain local artists funded by oligarc…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @barrymuse12 Can't find it. @Trevskiworld Our Secretary of Defense , Marc Esper, or as the Donald calls him Esperanto ( lol!) was the biggest l… do you feel about the Kurds' betrayal of Syria ? And their alliance with a foreign invader that created ISIS an… @jenanmoussa How do you feel about the Kurds betrayal of Syria ? Allying with US, the very country who created ISIS and Al Qaeda?Right now in front of Westminster magistrates court!
Retweeted by Veritas Semper VincitJoe, the swamp won't drain by itself ! This is the only case where you can't fight fire with fire , because that fi… is a new ME, only not what US / UK / IL hoped for. Isn't it ironic that they tried to get rid of Iranian and Rus… precious ! @roy_lanek @HananShamounNL @maria_engstrom1 @PutinDaGreat1 @GeromanAT @marcelsardo @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky Where'… @MidnightOil @AngieSkys US doesn't want to show the original papers , but Russia has them, it seems. @r_u_vid I find it very funny how cats find the most impossible places to sleep in. @ejmalrai @EvaKBartlett @VanessaBeeley @RT_com @PressTV @AFP @semper_vincit @Brasco_Aad @SyrianperNews
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @Canthama @ejmalrai @EvaKBartlett @VanessaBeeley @RT_com @PressTV @AFP @Brasco_Aad @SyrianperNews @KevorkAlmassian @ferdefleurenpap @DavidLeriche3 @sandrafellous_ A requirement to become a " western leader" nowadays is to be a ped… @RuNiibi I'll watch it later. Thanks. @thassan1977 @roy_lanek @GeromanAT @HananShamounNL @maria_engstrom1 @PutinDaGreat1 @marcelsardo @nawapon10 @Christo02945852 @sandrafellous_ Those are my drawings. @ZCodewarrior @maytham956 US winning the hearts and minds of people all over the globe. 🤣😂🤣 @tekhelet That's good, if it is 100% pure.Priceless. No need to understand the comments . The love and appreciation US leaves behind is obvious, manifested i… @GringOhome US destroys the world to protect the money it prints, the petrodollar, without which, the US is kaput. @maria_engstrom1 @roy_lanek @HananShamounNL @PutinDaGreat1 @GeromanAT @marcelsardo @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky VP Pen… @AngieSkys They scared me so much that, before going to bed , I check underneath it to see if there isn't a Russian there. @ds13_manon @vestenotcer Well, ISRL has nothing to give either. It did only the taking.big food industry and big pharmaceuticals and health system. That's why we won't see this officially admitted.And this way , cholesterol becomes the culprit. Fats are accused , but no study was done to see what fats . The res… oil is hydrogenated to increase its shelf life. But this makes it difficult to be processed in the body a… did take control , but you won't be able to secure and keep them. You lost your last allies there, the Kurds. the road Uncle Sam and don't you come back No more, no more, no more, no more Hit the road Uncle Sam and don't… @sandrafellous_ @sandrafellous_ I'm really sorry for France. Not that US is better. The way I see it, my caricatures. @BitarReal You forgot UK and IL.It seems to me that Hillary has a purpose: to make the opponent look good. It did it with the Donald. Now, with Tul… is increasing . In inverse proportionality to the collapse of the Empire. It's only natural , as knowled… @sandrafellous_ @LeBobophobe 🤮 @AngieSkys If I remember well, Alaska was leased , not sold to US. You never know, especially after the US ' collap… @DerorCurrency Ukraine is not even a country anymore. And I predict it will go back crawling to Mother Russia. Wit… technology. @mary46624941 @haloefekti Nothing in my tweet says that I think I'm better than anybody. It listed a fact. I have v… job, kitty ! feel like him.
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @haloefekti Kurds are a nomadic people, a gypsy type. Never had a country. Most Kurds in Syria were refugees from Turkey. So, no Kurdistan.Too late, Bibi. Last hope for a Kurdistan ( a 2nd ISRL) is dead. Like Oded Yinon plan. Oy vey ! @GeromanAT @Mekut_Mallet @mr_brunel @DrNaqvi999 Too late, Bibi. Last hope for a Kurdistan ( a 2nd ISRL) is dead. Li… @DerorCurrency As long as the system stays, nothing will change. Nobody who's not "selected to be elected" has any… units of armored vehicles (tanks) and one number of military trucks shipped from the Russian Federation to the S…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @DerorCurrency Are you shadow banned? I can't retweet this.A little anti Semitic , but true. 😂 @SEEKINGTHETRU17 Sword dance. Fondling the Wahhabi Globe. @DerorCurrency @LieBusterSleuth @DogsareLoyal1s We are conditioned to perceive reality in a certain way. We see onl…“I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies stupid .' And God granted it" -…
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @roy_lanek @HananShamounNL @maria_engstrom1 @PutinDaGreat1 @GeromanAT @marcelsardo @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky Listen… @roy_lanek @HananShamounNL @maria_engstrom1 @PutinDaGreat1 @GeromanAT @marcelsardo @nawapon10 @peterpobjecky I thin… is nothing more powerful than love. It transcends everything, even barriers between species. @RomanaVolny There is nothing more powerful than love. It transcends everything, even barriers between species. @Suribelle1 The dream for Eretz Israel, Oded Yinon plan , died in Syria. @AngieSkys One does not exist C!A / NSAyy and this is what they do. @RomanaVolny We are all bleeding.😆Yes. Look at his tweet. Hilarious. He calls Mark Esper , Secretary of Defense, Esperanto. He may be right, as at… I love this! It brought tears to my eyes❣️🇸🇾
Retweeted by Veritas Semper Vincit @LOQUEDIGAELFMI,@Patrick37767160,@40_Ronda,@21wire.@WidmerAriane,@ZCodewarrior,@cryptAunite,@Alvadis_Tveburg,@gabriel67891734,…,@Kariuki_ke,@PatriotSerbian,@Russ_Warrior,@SeekingTheTru17,@ADxtrJuseniorit,@ml_maria_,@OmbokOchieng,…,@fred78510cntf,@gelleejeanluc,@lemaillardpoete,@GuillaumeHerba1,@Kristaline50,@Darksblitz, @remrami9,… @zasaria,@VanessaBeeley,@canmarrai,@ea_potapoff,@Gindel1,@TAlanHorne,@mazzenilsson,@RomanaVolny,@eco_puppy,… Powers That Be =77. Shadow Government =77. Judaism =77. Think of Flight 77 supposedly striking the 77-foot-t… who don't know the significance of numerology ( very important for the synarchy : A. Crawley in Book 77 (Lib… -poor -preventing its development -making it a source for extraction of cheap natural resources. -the country…* PRIVATIZATION, OR DIVESTITURE OF ALL OR PART OF STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, * ENHANCING THE RIGHTS OF FOREIGN INVEST…* Increasing the stability of investment (by supplementing FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT WITH THE OPENING OF DOMESTIC S… * Cutting expenditures = AUSTERITY. * Focusing economic output on DIRECT EXPORT AND RESOURCE EXTRACTION, *… contribute funds to a pool through a quota system from which countries experiencing balance of payments… Tapie : in 2016, Lagarde was found "guilty of negligence, but declined to impose a penalty ".😉 IMF : -hea…–2011), -Minister of Agriculture and Fishing (2007) -Minister of Commerce (2005–2007). Studies: the Holton…