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Mom to Theo, Henry and dog Maple. Wife to Jonathan. U.S. Senator for New York. Not “very polite.” She/her.

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Sending love and strength this Thanksgiving week (10/10)For now, we have to remain careful, and do our parts to keep ourselves and our communities safe. The pandemic is fa… most of all, the promise of future Thanksgivings where we safely can gather with our friends and family once again (8/10)Remember, there is still much to be hopeful for. A number of promising COVID-19 vaccine candidates. A president-ele… Stay active. I try to take our dog, Maple, on a walk in the park near our house every morning. It helps me clear… Reach out to your loved ones—particularly the most vulnerable among us. Zoom fatigue is real—trust me, I underst… Take time to recharge. My son Henry and I have tried to squeeze in an episode of @SchittsCreek after dinner most… if you’re in need of assistance, you can use Feeding America’s website to search for a food bank in your area (… Give back. Our country is facing an unprecedented hunger crisis, and our nation’s food banks are stretched thin.… looks different this year. Our country is hurting. We’ve suffered enormous loss, and I know it can fee…
I'm proud to team up with @ewarren and @SenGillibrand to introduce the Justice for Black Farmers Act. We need to b…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandMayor David Dinkins was a trailblazer. He loved NYC deeply, and spent his life working to ensure our "gorgeous mosa…
Happy birthday @chuckschumer! Grateful for your friendship, your leadership, and for the privilege of serving New Y… @dorakathryn @CoryBooker I have no idea what a collab channel is but any chance to work w/ @CoryBooker and I’m in!Nearly one quarter of American households have experienced food insecurity this year. Senate Republicans: You are f…, thank you for your tireless advocacy for gun reform. Sending you love and strength 🧡
American families need relief NOW. And if Mitch McConnell were serious about passing COVID relief, he wouldn’t thro…
Wishing our President-elect @JoeBiden a very happy (and sweet!) birthday!🍦
This week, we honor the momentous work that transgender activists have done to make a better way for the LGBTQ comm… check = true
.@ReverendWarnock and @ossoff are phenomenal candidates, and they have what it takes to win their runoff races in G… people are siblings, parents, children, friends. We see you, we hear you, we love you. #TransAwarenessWeek strong economic recovery should start by addressing the long standing failure to support women in the economy. Fr…
@JamaalBowmanNY 👏Yes! So looking forward to working w/ you in Washington
“Mitch McConnell has not even tried to negotiate in good faith, in fact he’s put poisoned pills in every bill he’s…
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May this year’s Festival of Lights bring your family peace and prosperity. Happy #Diwali
Tammy has led an extraordinary life of public service and I'm so thrilled that she now has the chance to tell her s… have a great deal of hard work left to ensure that all of our veterans are cared for.   An estimated 3.5M vetera…"The reality is, is that Joe Biden won this election and the fact that they are unable to have an ascertainment of…
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Sen. Gillibrand to push for better health care for veterans
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandOn Veterans Day, we reflect on the incredible sacrifices made by the service members who keep our country safe. Tha… election has been decided. @JoeBiden won. It's absolutely outrageous that President Trump refuses to concede an…
Today, SCOTUS hears oral arguments in the Republican lawsuit to strike down the ACA. If successful, millions of Ame… country is seeing 130,000 new cases everyday and more than 238,000 Americans have died. But rather than work wi…“For this person to continue to play politics when this election has been decided is really outrageous and harmful,…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandJoining @chrislhayes tonight: @davidplouffe @TomPerez @SenGillibrand @ashishkjha @ossoff #inners
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandThe truth is that @JoeBiden won the election. It's concerning that Republican leaders can't seem to say those words…
Our first and most important priority is COVID relief. President-Elect Biden is already taking important steps to… turned blue for the first time in nearly 30 years! And now, all eyes are on Georgia for control of the Sena…
There's much to celebrate, but more than anything, I'm excited to celebrate calling my friend @KamalaHarris Madam V… country faces many big challenges, and I know that @JoeBiden will rise to meet them with decency and compassio…
We were honored to have @staceyabrams on our virtual stage in June, talking w/ @SenGillibrand about fair elections,…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandWe've taken the lead in GA—and that's a testament to the work of @StaceyAbrams, @fairfightaction, and the organizer… Vote. Must. Be. Counted.
.@CoryBooker, I am so grateful for our friendship and for the opportunity to work alongside you in the Senate. Cong… on your re-election, @TinaSmithMN! Minnesota families are lucky to have you representing them in th… is one of the most graceful, impressive leaders I’ve worked with in the Senate, and I'm so glad tha…, @BenRayLujan! I know you’ll do an excellent job serving the people of New Mexico as you have throu…, @GaryPeters! Michiganders are so lucky to have you fighting for them in the Senate and I’m thrille… has spent his career working hard for the people of Colorado, and I have no doubt he’ll continue to…, I am thrilled to send my warmest congratulations. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do for the peopl…’m in. @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris need our help and I know we can all step up. Chip in to help us raise $15k:…
I have a great deal of optimism today. We will count every last vote. And I have faith that we will win.
@SenGillibrand speaks with NowThis Senior Correspondent @versharma to share her Election Day insights in the wake o…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandWe asked @SenGillibrand if she imagined she and Connie Britton -- who roomed together in '88 -- would one day both…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandToday is Election Day! There is so much at stake—and it’s your last day to cast your vote in this election. Now i…
Only 1 day left. Make it count. week started frustrated and angry, but it ended another way: Brave. Let’s finish this. Turn your frustration… am thrilled for my friend @KamalaHarris. A victory for her and @JoeBiden would make a seismic impact on history,… in these toughest of times, we are seeing the best of the American people—from the essential workers, postal w…’re voting to protect our health care. We’re voting to protect our rights. We’re voting to say enough is enough.…
Our voices are our power—make yours heard at the ballot box.
My friend and Team Gillibrand alum, @TimsDesiree, is running in OH-10, one of the most critical districts that can… will power @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris to victory. Have you voted? Yorkers, please don’t forget that you can vote on the @WorkingFamilies Party line for @JoeBiden and…
Donald Trump just announced that he's coming back to Michigan on Friday. And Sunday. And Monday. This marks four v…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandI had so much fun getting out the vote in Pennsylvania for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris—check out some of the highli…’s an injustice that Latinas must wait another 11 months to make what their white male counterparts make in one y…
Chester County for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! @BacktoBluePA #BacktoBluePA stop: Chester County, PA! Thank you @HoulahanforPA for the introduction! @BacktoBluePA #BacktoBluePA County for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! @BacktoBluePA #BacktoBluePA stop: Delaware County, PA. Thanks so much to @MaryGayScanlon for the warm welcome! 😍 @BacktoBluePA County loves @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! @BacktoBluePA #BacktoBluePA sweatshirt ✔️ Mask ✔️ Getting out the vote ✔️ We are so thrilled to have @SenGillibrand in Montgomery County…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandI'm in Pennsylvania to help get out the vote for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris! First stop, Montgomery County. Thanks…
Congressman John Lewis said it best: "Time is our most precious and limited resource." In the midst of this pandemi…
Retweeted by Kirsten GillibrandWe have one week to change the future of the country and restore the soul of our nation. Make your plan to vote:… week. Hang in there, everyone.We have eight days. Make sure you have a plan to vote: single best thing we can do to fight back—and protect the rights that are now in jeopardy—is to take back the S… am frustrated, and frankly, very angry. It did not have to be this way. By rushing to confirm this Supreme Court…
The weeks we should have dedicated to negotiating a real economic relief package have instead been spent rushing th… American people are calling on us to provide them with real relief during this crisis. That should be our numbe…’m leading the amicus brief in this important case to finally end discrimination in foster care and adoption. Ever…
The American people believe in access to reproductive care, in equal rights for the LGBTQ community, and in science… @BetoORourke! I'm so excited to make calls into Texas with you today. You still have time to sign up and join…
Tomorrow, @BetoORourke and I will host a virtual phone bank, where we discuss what’s at stake in this election befo… across the country are suffering—but Mitch McConnell remains unwilling to even have a conversation about p… is the wrong judge for this SCOTUS seat. This rushed confirmation is hypocritical, it’s dangerous, and it’s…’m teaming up with @BetoORourke to call Texas voters on Sat. October 24 at 2pm ET/1pm CT to encourage them to get…
I need @HaleIndy, running for Congress in Indiana's 5th district, by my side to help us get good things done, but w…, I mailed back my ballot to cast my vote early in this election. This year, there are several safe and ea… of paying attention to the suffering of millions who need relief from this pandemic, Senate Republicans are…
I voted! I just mailed back my ballot to cast my vote early in this important election, and you can too. Please mak… day, we read about beloved independent restaurants forced to close their doors for good. These are small busi… is devastating and these children will be forever traumatized by Trump's cruelty. Families belong together but…, we have the power to restore the soul of our nation. We have less than two weeks until Election Day. Vote…
I look forward to doing Call Your Senator every month. Thanks again for having me, Brian! spent time over the last few months visiting food pantries across the state, and let me tell you, the suffering t… a very happy birthday to my friend—and our next Vice President—@KamalaHarris. Her birthday wish is for ever…