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Panic Grimtongue in the Unexpectables, Enthusiast of all things awesome, and a huge dork. For business questions, contact me at

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Retweeted by Monster McSpooklydriving into spooky season
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyDevil Leonardo combat animation test by Myles Yeo #fun #gamedev #3dart #animation #3dmodeling #indiedev
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyPLEASE WATCH Hanae Natsuki (Tanjiro’s voice actor) playing Monster Hunter World with his friends. He gets so into i…
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Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @vgdunkey Will Smith can't keep getting away with this @tofu_thots the house fire will really add that extra oomph to the shootRemember to tip your witcher.I can feel my brain trying to die @KuroSakura93 @Lanipator Elliot wears yellows and browns with black accents, his skin is more tan. Akayzey Wears…'s Slam HouseMost iconic VideoGameDunkey video, GO!Da krew is READY for wednesday! Now to sit back and watch sword restoration videos for the rest of the night.I can't believe they finally did it. Thanks @FortniteGame.
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@KuroSakura93 @Lanipator I dont have much info on Jamat, Elliot is a happy little toddler with black hair tied int… @DizzastaVO @FUNimation @littleramyun Awesome work Anthony! I knew you could do it! @MokriSalt week, TF2 outlasted Overwatch, Fortnite and My Little Pony
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @KuuEater Fear the old kush. By the gods, fear it Laurence.I guess i'll do the thing too @KuuEater when the weed is so good that you grow eyes on the insidealright fess up, who keeps pouring this down my throat at night?'s shutting down in 2 days so I'm gonna follow suit and make this appreciation post
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyWhat might be the single greatest action show for kids of all time. @Kingdomkeeper15 I hear you, but there's a lot of steps in order to get an actual spawn that will be subservient to… MADE...........A LOOT TABLE..........FOR DA KREW.................We also made a Warlock Subclass today: The Fanged King Patron. Ever wanted to sell your soul to the progenitor of a… @Balderoc poisoner's kitRobbie Rotten is an Assassin Rogue and that's not an opinion.
@Haarukkamies*Shrivels up and dies of old age* Character Creation Stream, breaking the limits of what characters can do! (Feat. Some homebrew subclasses)… IM MAKING A LOOT TABLE FROM SCRATCH HAHA5e Character Creation Stream starting in about 20 minutes! Should we start with some homebrew stuff? @pr0bait ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US. @BatteryBatty what an absolute ladDu, du hast.
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @BatteryBatty not great for AC, but I think it'll do wonders for persuasion checks. @WonderGamer101 this isn't just florida this is ADVANCED FLORIDAJoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: The Girl OneFinished Jojo Part 5 anime. Pretty damn good, they even threw the Rolling Stones story in there. Can't wait for par… smokey test of my Demonic Brigitte shoulder piece. 😈🔥 @PlayOverwatch
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyHAH E!!!! @BatteryBatty Which is worse, this ad, or the Manscaper? @TabiKato @StarrySeraph @siggykuu @StarrySeraph @siggykuu @TabiKato you must have. @StarrySeraph @siggykuu @TabiKato not this oneYER A WITCHER, GERALT i'm a wot?! ...A WITCHERRRRRRRRRRRR stream might be a little late!A throwback to @SenileSnake's Roll Initiative Wrestling, in which results only matter in this ring. (thanks to Gos…
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my dog: *exists* me:
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @Battlemaster0 concept: A genasi fighter who really loves his mother, but his mother happens to be a hag that thinks if…
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyWWE SmackDown On Fox Drops Nearly 1 Million Viewers From Last Week -
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyYou can program fonts, text, and graphics into this handheld printer
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @swordfanatic no but its tender @strugglenut not that I can seePaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for the Gamecube was released on this day in North America, 15 years ago (2004)
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklymy shoulder's been weird all week. hope I didnt get bitten by anything.D&D Weakest Link! 9 people from the chat will have a chance to win a character slot for Sunday!… hope this is how Primal ends.
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly"In my opinion, the ducktail is the best hairstyle a person can have." "I disagree. For me, the Afro hairstyle is…
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly“Stand with a gun” sample arrived. Detail came out nice. Spooky stand just in time for the spookyween
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@Veggie_blt smit can go fuck himself
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @CitricKing The poncho is one of my favorite clothing items @tofu_thots IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME @Theropod_art There've been hints, so I think they were onto me.When you’re wasted and your friends ask if you want Taco Bell
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly12 years ago today, Sonic The Hedgehog was revealed as a playable character for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @MahjongNucleus thats sad...
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Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @KaiserNeko @Cellspex seconded, beastars is so fucking good.
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Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @sammyguevara @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT @IAmJericho @Santana_Proud @Ortiz_Powerful @RealJakeHager kick ass! @vdsora32 Story beat. Another changeling recognized me. @VoiceOfOBrien snazzy!art by @CitricKing bee tee dubsWell the cat's out of the bag. After 5 sessions the other players in my group found out my wizard is actually a cha…, this is rough.
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Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyi like how doomguy's design changed between 2016 and eternal. by making him slightly wider and by making him so shr…
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @ShieldHeroEN get this bitch off my screenokay, the rings are actually pretty cool.... mumbo jumbo is the new gold standard for cursed shit in video games
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyPSA: Activated charcoal in foods can make your meds less effective, including HRT & birth control. Pass it on!
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyThe distortion sees
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyrussian livestreams are so incredible
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklythis is one of the worst things ive made in my life
Retweeted by Monster McSpooklyFUCK are in Weezer.
Retweeted by Monster McSpookly @GhosteKey cute!
LA Noire VR is amazing holy shit #PS4share
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