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@pumpkinbabe_ menteng jakpus shay @hydrococko rumah menteng yg kalo dijual tanahnya mahal bgtCame across this channel on YouTube. It’s like Liziqi or Dianxi Xiaoge, but make it Muslim and halal.
@dinikopi Waaaa bener bgt >_< aku juga suka kamar gelap remang-remang @lookasz8 oke tp knp ada kucing stretchingAnother example of Jenki style architecture in Semarang. Even the name is ‘Apotek Sputnik’ 😳 the design has a majo… @JakaAdy Wq pas banget aku juga pertama nonton 2016 @skipberat blm apa2 udah kangen predebutnya @BeMarked_as_Lee @aespa_official JAUH BGT W KAYAK KESET WELKOMNYAJalan Martimbang, Kebayoran Baru in 1955 and 2015. @anhtiss @ngalammenfess WHWGWGW pas muncul ajaThe first time I decided to read about Jengki style was after I watched the 4K restoration of Usmar Ismail’s Tiga D…, where the first Indonesian architecture department established, began to receive American professors due to re… @ngalammenfess Haus afirmasi. Karena suka ga percayaan, “ni orang beneran demen ga sih sama gue?,” jadi butuh diyakinin terus menerus. @scoolyosys Waaaa baru tau 🥺 gemes banget, mirip film alien retroThe unique Indonesian mid-century modernism, After the Dutch exit the country in the 50s, with the spirit of freed… @skipberat @skipberat hyuna mianhae @chill_cozy Iya ini kerennnnn, keliatan pewe banget! 🥺 bayangin sarapan di balkonnya~ @skipberat mianhae bigbang @skipberat mianhae momo @Raphe_nucleii Bener banget lampu warm is a must!! Gatau kenapa moodku jelek sama lampu daylight atau yg cool T^T @skipberat mianhae feel special @skipberat mianhae izone @skipberat gw aja yg pergi @skipberat mianhae fake love @skipberat mianhae 2ne1 @skipberat mianhae 2pm @skipberat produce x :( @skipberat karna lebi suka exo, ok, mianhae btsMy architectural preference is pretty much the same since I was a kid (I don’t know the name of the style back then… @Dyanasthasia The one behind rose gold is cute tho 🥺What architectural style would you use for your dream house design? Uhm, just let’s say you have enough budget to make it come true. @catsedih tiktok @rakyatjelataTV kok bisa dah orang mantan banyakThe part of growing old that I’m afraid the most is forgetting things and people. Who am I without my memory? @traveloka window biar kesannya kayak sad girl film indie @skipberat yiyang tp bener2 cocok jadi lead actress di drama cinaAnd that’s the tweet. @inxxah Samaaa 😭 mana mengsong2 poninyaQuite surprise that I can actually memorize almost all OSTs in old dramas I used to watch when I was a kid. And t… @centwijaya Dulu tiap abis nonton lgsg gatau knp ngomongnya pake gaya hyemi 😭 @aeternumautumn Their Genie rendition, of course the title song, and Someday by IU >_< too cute!Rewatching Dream High right now >___< I remember cutting my own bangs to look like Hyemi the first time I watched it when I was 10 😂 @hepburnism2 dia wkt itu udah tutup akun anjir masih aja @mandarinfess nanny rong udah org paling jahat @ustadchen luhan keluar w menyendiri di toilet sekolah sambil menangis @sendagurah dek amer 🥺❤️❤️ happy 17 months semoga makin cantik, pinter, keren, mirip mamak kau aja ya jgn kayak bapakny @angewwie @lilitkis mianhae 😔
@menghanyurkan @Dyanasthasia “eat your ass? no. eat the rich.” @SMilkdrama @VanNessVanWu AAAAAA @menghanyurkan “upset the established order!”From Thomas Allom who visited China’s Qing Dynasty after the First Opium War, “No person in China, whatever his r…“The t*ts are temporary, the glory of Rome is forever.” @aespa_official ok kerenI never realize that actually the summary of ‘O mio babbino caro’ from Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi opera is; “Dad, l… @imanlagi @emogibran abis foto diangkut lagi taro lemariE.g when somebody hits me and it doesn’t really hurt, my body would react as if I’m injured in a soccer match, I wo… @calvinnjo_ Me too, v norak. If I’m amazed about something, I just couldn’t stop woah-ing and talking about itBut to be honest though, irl, I do things in a dramatic manner. Friends and cousins even call me either drama queen… @ladazaa duaduanya b4puk @Trinandanr WKWKWKWKKW sama bgttt dulu juga pas lagi tes padus karena malu aku izin nyanyi tp ditutup tas @eldooraadooo ntar nangis [karna jelek] @kirrauhl romantis sama kehaluan pribadi @patutla soalnya kayak cuma ‘tik’ gitu biar dramatis ajMenurut Pasal 106 Undang-Undang Dasar Hong Kong, Hong Kong menikmati keuangan publik independen & gada pendapatan p… @strawberrychaoz 💅Tiba-tiba keinget pas SD ada ujian musik, disuruh nyanyi lagu apa aja. Gue nyanyi lagu First Love - Utada Hikaru sa… @strawberrychaoz is it just me or she looks like coraline’s mom @notwilona “intinya tuhan baik bgt sama sye” @looneyfrozz that greentea shit is whack @JRoberts38 Hooh itu kan ada potrait Soekarno @pseudoneem Sama sama ❤️ emg banyak kok yang kejebak artikel Indo kalo bunga nasionalnya Kimilsungia 😂Tapi emang ada festival tahunan di Korea Utara yang namanya Kimilsungia Festival (김일성화축전 | 金日成花慶典) sejak 1998. miskonsepsi yg sering banget gue denger di Indonesia. Jadi, temen-temen, Kimilsungia itu bukan bunga nasional… @ustadchen @traveloka Saranghae bah *sun kecil*Mungkin Chinese equivalent-nya qinggong (轻工), tp qinggong yang di fiksi wuxia. Tau gak yg di film wuxia biasa ada o… pol. Kapan lagi ya 🥺’m convinced my friend is a whole different breed, since she call it ‘emcede’ 😭Kalian baca McD itu Mekdi atau Emsidi? Btw pas banget lagi ngidam, eh, ada cashback 50% maksimum 50.000 pembelian… @traveloka gw kpn y kpn y mulu [nangis] @traveloka kpn y @angeulica itu jumlah mantan apa penduduk dusun @jeongssaem aku pernah salim sama kim taehyung @filsafaith Yes, Kim Jong-il didn’t claim it himself, but the myth emerged as a propaganda by North Koreans as ment… lahirnya Kim Il-sung belum pernah baca, tapi yang keren mah mitos kalo dia punya kemampuan ‘chukjibeop’ (축지법)… @Xaint__ Baca dari sini trus kebawah ya of Koreans put ‘Mt Baekdu’ as a place they want to go before they die. For Koreans, Mt. Baekdu isn’t just a tr…, if you watch some Korean TV shows, how do South Koreans go to Mount Baekdu? Oh, boy, it’s through a long journ… @hafidhmukmin bun maksudnya buntelan kentutThe North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il also used this myth, claiming the mountain as his birthplace as well. *cough*… Manchu Aisin Gioro clan also claimed that their forefather, Bukuri yongson, also conceived in Mt. Baekdu, and N… @dsptln Ini lucu bangettt, seungjae gemezIn Korean mythology, the god-king Dangun of Gojoseon was born here in Mt. Baekdu. Later in Modern era, the North K… Baekdu (백두산), the highest mountain in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast China, is an important aspect in the… tahun setelah reunifikasi, Hong Kong dan Macau akan habis masa otonomi untuk sistem ekonomi & administrasinya.… yg berpendapat ‘One Country Two Systems’ seperti yang diterapkan Cina terhadap Hong Kong & Macau ini mirip m… kasih nama anak cewe: Belakangnya A, biar bisa nyambung sama “harta, tahta, blabla” @kang_batag0r @ulyszm -jokowi @txtdrcringe dikata lumpuh apa ya