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this filter tho
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】I'll kill you...for no particular reason 😈👆
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Kinda crazy how 10 people can say nice things to you but it's the ONE negative one that sticks to your brain...
@runDEVINrun Omgomgomggggi like my makeup today 🤗
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@jadeyanh yogurt is my number one now but green grape used to be my fave @GabeJRuiz its your bed time isn't itI love a man that’s into me. Like can’t keep his hands off me , can’t wait to talk to me , wants to take me places,…
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A Bulbasaur cone! 🍃
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @myyyyeong Rather than friend groups, I see it in tiktoks/tweets from others about loyalty. If you haven't heard/se… @joshymoony If you understand what your partner's boundaries are & choose to disrespect it then you can't blame the… @joshymoony People have different boundaries and what they constitute as cheating. Polyamorous couples are a good e… @mochienyan i gotchu babe feels like cheating has become such an ingrained part of today's society that we praise s.o's for being loyal wh…’m sure almost every artist has heard about this already, but if you haven’t I highly suggest blocking them just t…
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】No more long hair profile pic until my hair is long again 😤personally i think men should start asking “can i be your boyfriend?” instead of “will you be my girlfriend?”
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I think I may of discovered my favorite kind of bouquet ouo Roses will always be a classic but something about this… @syanne77 absolutely breathtaking 😍
@tsunderegf god really is a woman @baemax at least we're crying togethertoday officials warned that there are COVID outbreaks *everywhere* in LA and that anytime you leave your house you'…
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @ReixLexa Hehe ty <3Iykyk 😭😭😭😭 @onionguy2 A story in 2 partsThe Photographer | The Model
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I'm definitely going to fumble a lot but I wanted to write this out so I can look back on it to remind myself to be a better person/friend.Confrontation doesn't always have to be a bad thing & it's crazy that even as adults it's such a hard thing to do.… I'd like to work on letting people know when their words/actions have made me uncomfy directly to them instead… I K E S @mimsy Pls ruin me 😍 @xojessicv Ty my love 🥺 my hair is getting to an awkward length but thank god styling exists @katieguo I love u @itsBehri We went from 2019 to 2021 LMAOOO @mimsy Yesss trying to be a bit more productive this year but I love to hear you're doing well <3 I'll always be cheering for you 🥰🥰 @itsBehri Hehe tyty!! The days blend together but I try to be productive when I can <3 @itswoori I think I FINALLY figured out how to do the see through bangs w/out feeling like it doesnt suit me lmaoo @softeggie My mom helped me bleach it & it came out so good cuz of it @mimsy I miss u in general 🥺Long time no selfie 😳 san francisco peeps, be careful tomorrow at 8 am. i just saw this notice in a facebook group i'm in
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @RachQuitlol I'd gladly put my life on the line for you milady <3A fanart of Spirit Away! :)
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】Support main LF duo who will treat me as good as this 😭😭
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Lack of communication leaves too much room for imagination
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @runDEVINrun i have the same exact korean spirited away manga lmaooit's literally the same picture
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】I would like what they have 🥺 @_ashleykan CANT WAIT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN AHHHHHHHHH
We've made the decision to remove the PogChamp emote following statements from the face of the emote encouraging fu…
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You can’t describe what’s happening in the Capitol as a “small group of extremists” when they’re being supported by…
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】RT this if you’ve been to an anime convention with better security than apparently the nation’s capital
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @Lycheego Looks very yummmy!!!If we date, I’m pushing you to become a better you.
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】new year.. new hair? 👹
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yeah u cute but can u handle my overthinking
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】if u offer me a sincere apology & change ur behavior, I’ll never bring up our past issues again. But if no apology…
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @DekyFPS CONGRATS!!!!!!!!🦈👑💙#gawrt
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】Sylveon is here! Who’s your favorite so far? 💖🖤🤍 #gijinka
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @xojessicv @theweschan I'm sorry for your wallet wes @theweschan O no, what'd u buy @SailorSaltyTV EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAITI JUST REMEMBERED WHATS COMING THIS YEAR AND I AM HYPED
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@Naeqo @_liquidpyro god her smile lights up even the darkest corners of this dull world @AriaTamagotchi im #1 aria simp fanclub president hehe @jessicahkim Is there still room?🥺 @AriaTamagotchi I'd sell my soul just for u to look my way one time🥺Close enough
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Houston friends! Check out this place in Koreatown if you’re looking for new glasses 😎 Mr. Lee is a really sweet gu…
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @KennTheSky @SaidTheSky @Dubudrop_ "I want to be a hero Someone who can give you all their love I want to be a he…☁️SAID THE SKY GIVEAWAY☁️ This jersey is the most beautiful jersey I’ve ever seen and I wanna make someone smile.…
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @Alex_Alvarez650 JealousyyyyIf we can't be weird around each other then I don't want it
i hope ur dog has a good day
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】This is perfection 😍 By pixel.package / Instagram
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @lol_meowwimacat YOU GOT THIS!!! believe in me that believes in you <3 @Acaidian i've only ever really been to seoul but busan is nice if you like nature/hiking/beaches. w/in seoul i liv…
@IRAMFTW next time when the world is open again pls dont be afraid to say hi!! @scarra 2021 already going to have such a great start @xChocoBars that smile could literally bring world peace 🥰
Retweeted by Senpai 【=◈︿ ◈=】 @hoajuu i wish i could be that chicken @g3nuinejoe u rightLast year I got to kiss cute girls to ring in the new year, this year I won't be getting any kisses at all 😞 @g3nuinejoe 2020 might've sucked but at least it was the year we became ride or dies @Acaidian this means a lot 😭😭 @8bitmaster 2021 senpai army meet!!! @ItsVenumm dude right back atcha! can't believe overwatch led me to such an amazing friendship @Dubudrop_ can't wait until the next event so we can party our lil hearts out!!Me too pls 🥺 @runDEVINrun I think it's kinda nuts how I only briefly got to hangout w/ you at a con years ago but we still get t… was supposed to be my year but that's okay because 2021 will now be my year instead @namo_namonamoo we love fresh beginnings <3