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I just had to burp & sneeze at the same it was extremely season 🦆
Retweeted by Frank 🐨nice @Nihill76 the fact that Dak is making more than Lebron is criminal @zoeheiler I’m pulling all the receipts next time on god @aliii_cpj must be nice @_MaddieSims yes @zoeheiler just book a one-way flight next time, 200 IQ @NotKevinKlutch I don't buy it, you be safe though @NotKevinKlutch delete this, I like the confidence though @NullTruth delicious @VinkolaJokic W @savyrue 🤔🤔🤔 @millamiaxo that’s real pain @millamiaxo I’m just sitting at the bar looking at flights & I’m going crazy from not going anywhere since last Juneyeah I’m bored, who’s tryna pull up to Miami for a weekend? @LittleMissFURY lmk @LittleMissFURY season 🦆 @jeriiiiika mannnnnnn I miss NYC
@HervGotti It’s the level of shade with it. @zoeheiler ahh wearing the white & greens I see @HervGotti Blue Kennedy’s in the pipeline 👀 but needed Reds for summerIYKYK 🤝 @youlovethefabby they got me in Hell at the moment @Riviction_ @silly702 No. You enter in for the draw. If you win, you get charged. If you don’t, you don’t get charged. @JakeDMND_ my statement stands regardlesshopefully this means COD Twitter is going to have the same energy and hit the rewind black Air Force 1s 🚩 @StaxOfDonuts yeah trail bottoms were not the waveyktw 🍕 need? have a puppy running around the shop today & I would very much like to take him home.someone help me pick something 👀Vinemas best thing to happen to Twitch since sliced breadthey finally shipped my Tesla tequila I ordered two months ago lmaooooo @devynrichardd @YenSauce I’m just being a menace (vouch btw) @devynrichardd @YenSauce she literally just said 1s @MyNameIsCaitiee @MyNameIsCaitiee send it @PaulTweetz2Much LeAnkle my GOAT 🐐 @thatgirlgatto I’m ugly but lmk @FuckMarky delete your account @FuckMarky and who?? @Lisserboo if me and the homie don’t get picked it’s rigged @Lisserboo may the best team win 🤝 @_MaddieSims’m the ultimate hype man and always bring the premium, it’s really that simple ⛽️ @CityCaela @VinkolaJokic’m still genuinely confused how people support Trump.might be the worst thing ever tweeted @millamiaxo It’s cute that you think I get Monday holidays off. Based on my tweets you should know my LIFE is pain lmao. @NullTruth I usually don’t hate but this is BADI wish I was kidding, but another kid just walked by me wearing the exact same thing but instead of a UCLA jersey/b… @millamiaxo being confined to the East coast is painthis guy in the bar just walked by me wearing a camo hat, a UCLA basketball jersey with a black hoodie underneath,…
@millamiaxo I waited too long to book Vegas now my ass needs to wait until November unless I wanna do a quick jet t… are there turkeys running around Harvard?Network Errors on SNKRs app can suck my dick @FuckMarky FedEx is literally garbagewhoever designed the FedEx app deserves the chair @LittleMissFURY coffee @bVPeanut @nessdies all around pain @nessdies how is your day going? @ClawdiaFox the other one literally just came back after I found and messaged him on Facebook, deleted all his twee… @ClawdiaFox I will at least give one credit for responding politely. She came back for the election, but then disap… @ClawdiaFox Odds are slim, but it could be worse. TWO people, who I’ve managed to make contact with, are just sitti… @zoeheiler no u @flowerrrrrrssss noooooo I can’t unsee it lmaooo 😭
@NullTruth @PaulTweetz2Much Vinemas saved Twitchwhat in God’s name is a chicken ring??’re in her DMs while I’m blocked by her on Twitter, we are not the sameDeon, Jaysse, Chris, Mayor, Conceited...list just goes on reallyThe best wear size 8-9.5 in sneakers. These are simply the facts.heard Twitter has a new tipping feature @flowerrrrrrssss I’ve seen worse @flowerrrrrrssss it really be white boy summer out here huh @MvsonMae minding my business & carrying on because fashion is what you make of it @JenLethal happy birthday pal
@_MaddieSims probably neverreal ramen hours 🍜 @PaulTweetz2Much I don’t know the scale but I actually pull decent engagement so take that for what you willI don’t understand why people think this is the wave four basketball rims have returned to Trum Field. Nature is healing. @millamiaxo I’m just here until someone comments with answers @backdoorxyz gimme that 8.5 @silly702 retail therapy and/or @AsiaVsTheWorldmutual respect is everything 🤝 am both honored and appalled to have the designation as Twitter Guy @sblasi21 @Kittyghostin mood @Bamfxoxo suddenly a warlock main @LittleMissFURY Coffee @omfgnataly there’s no shot it’s been this long🧐🧐🧐 @mariealaynaa @cuteccumberr this thread was a movie, quality content 🤝 @Noobomi sounds like you need more beer @BenJNissim top quality content