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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.

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We could eradicate HIV/AIDS in America. What’s standing in the way? The greed of the pharmaceutical industry. An $…
On the anniversary of the horrific Sandy Hook shootings, we must recommit to doing everything we can to stop gun vi… obstacle to solving the climate crisis is not technological—it is political. We have what we need to rapidly mo…
Fraud is the business model of the military-industrial complex. The time is long overdue for us to stand up to thei… United States must rise to the moral challenge of our time: climate change. We can bring countries together, ha… the swindler he is, the president used charity money for veterans to pay off his own debts. The American peopl…
Good. Now $1,685,456,413,335 more to go. Cancel all student debt and tax Wall Street to fund tuition-free public co…
My friend @RepRoKhanna is right: it is Orwellian for Congress to hand over billions of dollars worth of weapons and… Trump and the GOP passed a tax scam two years ago. They said it would create jobs and boost wages. Big surpris… DeVos will go down in history as the worst Education Secretary to ever hold that office. 50 years, the bottom half's annual income only grew by $8,000. Today, 50% of America makes $27,000 a year. 📈… wants Medicare for All? People who value Americans' health over corporate profits, says @RepJayapal
Retweeted by Bernie SandersIt is too late for us to carry on with establishment politics and establishment economics. This is not my opinion—i…’ve seen explosive growth of student loan debt. In 15 years it's gone from $300 billion to $1.6 trillion. Shackli…
Retweeted by Bernie Sanders
Article 25: "A standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including fo… the price of increasing Trump's Pentagon, Congress could provide all our children with free school meals and tu… around at the big-money interests spending millions of dollars on ads to confuse the American people. How will…'s no great secret Trump's FCC is a friend to corporate interests. That's why it set out to destroy a free and op… the House proceeds to impeachment, Leader McConnell must quickly schedule a full trial in the Senate, where I… Trump is the most corrupt president in history, and he must be held accountable. I strongly believe the anno… about all of the intellectual and emotional damage we do because we ignore the needs of our children. Under… must vote against this disastrous Pentagon authorization—a bill of astonishing moral cowardice. We do not…
The Lower Drug Costs Now Act goes after Big Pharma's greed and makes important investments in community health cent… a young person, I protested the Vietnam war. Americans were lied to and sent to die. After 18 years of lies and… giant @GileadSciences lies and cheats, then asks the government for tens of billions of dollars in monopoly… can you have a decent life today when you're barely getting by? This is what our workers ask themselves: 44% ar…
Today marks the 1 yr anniversary of Jakelin Caal Maquin’s death in @CBP custody. She was 7 yrs old, just a small ch…
Retweeted by Bernie SandersWhen 19-year-old, working-class kids go abroad, it’s to fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan. When Silicon Valle… cannot delay any longer: we must protect our oceans and the diversity of life that they provide for. We will cr… Dems will vote next week to #LowerDrugCosts. Progressives are seeking key improvements to take on pharma gree…
Retweeted by Bernie SandersHere's a radical idea: Workers should be able to organize unions to fight for better pay and conditions without fea…
Amazon was valued at $1 trillion but pays $0 in federal taxes. So imagine my surprise to find out it didn’t need ta…, Congress should be ashamed by its failure to lead. Because of behind-the-scenes, beltway politics, we are…
Retweeted by Bernie SandersToday’s tragedy only further highlights that it is time we put an end to U.S. support for the Saudi Airforce. That’…
Retweeted by Bernie SandersIn my view, it would be insane to argue that our criminal justice system is not racist, broken, and in need of seri…
Public college tuition: 🇩🇰 $0 🇫🇮 $0 🇳🇴 $0 🇸🇪 $0 🇨🇿 $0 🇮🇸 $0 🇲🇽 $0 🇺🇸 $10,230 Please do not tell me that in the… should not even be considering an #NDAA that fails to reduce PFAS discharges into drinking water supplies,…
Retweeted by Bernie SandersMartin Luther King Jr. once said budgets are moral documents. That is especially true with regards to the annual sp…
Retweeted by Bernie Sanders
A greedy drug company deprives Americans of lifesaving HIV medicine, lies about it, then has the audacity to ask fo… you know we once had a Republican president who expanded Social Security? Maybe today's Republicans should list… average interest rate for a payday loan in Utah? 652%. 70-year-old Vietnam veterans are being jailed for not be…, this isn't it, Ms. DeVos. Cancel all student debt.
We take from the poor, we give to the rich: this is the philosophy of the modern Republican party. is helping keep Saudi Arabia’s warplanes in the air as they bomb Yemen—where children are dying of hunger in th… of the richest Americans: $35.4 trillion Wealth of the entire American middle class: $36.9 trillion Maybe,…
Drug companies charge the American people whatever price they want, and they can because our system, and only ours,… this war.
On #CyberMonday, shoppers will rely on the U.S. Postal Service for fast, reliable, and affordable shipping. But Mr.… are taking on the big-money interests who have an army of lobbyists trying to defeat Medicare for All. They a… than a decade ago, advocates for working people warned that the WTO and unfettered free trade agreements would…
This is called oligarchy: government of, by, and for the billionaire class. world is beautiful and fragile. We must put our energies into building the political power we need to solve the… and his friends weren't satisfied with giving away trillions of dollars to the rich—now they're trying to tak…
Nearly half our college students are going hungry. The top 25 hedge-fund managers on average get $850 million a yea… corporations see a future in countries that pay workers pennies an hour. But when they need a bailout, they do… stand in solidarity with Amazon warehouse workers demanding to be treated like human beings. They are sick and ti…
"Tax me!" Let's listen to these Patriotic Millionaires who want their taxes raised, not cut.
Today I am thankful for the people who are making the choice to build a more just and equitable food system in this… often go unrecognized for their vital contributions to bringing food to our tables. But they are vulner… system is worse for Black people and Native Americans, who own less than 4% of farms in the U.S. and are more t… who grew the food we enjoy today only received 12 cents for every dollar spent on Thanksgiving. As agribusi… million people go hungry in America each year. Among children, in the richest country on Earth, how outrageous i… we celebrate, it is hard not to reflect on our broken food system. Millions of Americans are hungry, farmers are… my family to yours—on behalf of Jane, our four kids, seven grandkids and myself—I would like to wish everyone…
The coal industry's own research predicted melting polar icecaps and flooding of major cities due to global warming… will not support the National Defense Authorization bill if we do not have this amendment that brings…
Retweeted by Bernie SandersWe can't bring about real change—health care for all, tuition-free public colleges and universities, transforming o… are in a crisis never before faced by a rich, industrialized democracy. Our people are dying sooner and sooner,… Trump vetoed our historic legislation to end the horrors in Yemen, the peace movement in this country did not… Schumer is right. Congress has got to stand up for the Constitution and tell this lawless president: We are…
Some CEOs get paid more than 1,000 times their typical employee. Most Americans think the ratio should be 7 to 1.… is a full-blown crisis and Trump is only making it worse. Congress must demonstrate the guts to take on the…, a tax dodger who abused and cheated his own workers, has done everything he can to get the government to enr… education agenda will not tolerate billionaires like Betsy DeVos. Instead, we will: 🏫Stop privatizing public s…
The Green New Deal for Public Housing is a win-win-win: we will invest in our public housing, address the climate e… a lifetime of lying and cheating to enrich himself and his billionaire friends, Mr. Trump—shock of all shocks… obscene is a law enforcement system that arrests the survivor of a workplace disaster rather than those who exp…’s be honest and acknowledge that we are seeing a rapid movement toward a political system in which a handful of…
The greed and impunity of the richest 1% is costing us $5,000,000,000,000. America's wealthiest and most powerful… electric buses manufactured in America, with good union wages, local hiring, and apprenticeships to b…—let’s call it “common sense.”
I congratulate @NationalNurses on this major achievement! This is what we can do when workers—facing unacceptable v…!
Retweeted by Bernie SandersIn the richest country in the world, why have 100 rural hospitals closed over the past decade? We know they are les…
Fighting daily, @realDonaldTrump? Drug prices have skyrocketed. Maybe appointing a pharma executive to lower drug p… and I express our condolences to the family of Vermont entrepreneur, Jake Burton. We appreciate his innovation… are locking up millions of Americans in cages—disproportionately people of color—but nobody ever asks, "How are…’m having déjà vu as some in Congress repeat the same arguments used to pass the disastrous NAFTA agreement in 199…
It is outrageous that Trump deployed American troops into harm's way to guard Syrian oil wells. Why? He said he wan…⁦@Ilhan⁩ is right to prioritize affordable housing. Rent is too high for working people.
Retweeted by Bernie SandersGood. If we criminalize compassion, we have lost our way as a society. Providing humanitarian aid to men, women and…
How do you explain the mentality of the billionaire Sackler family? They weren't content to destroy thousands of li…, we remember transgender people whose lives were taken. The attacks against transgender people are part of a… workers lose $28,036 annually and $1,121,440 over 40 years compared to what white men make—because they are… to activists for pushing the state to limit fracking in California. Fracking contributes to the cli… people have the right to protest for a better future. I call on the Iranian government to end the internet blac… I was in the House of Representatives, all the corporations in the world were telling us how great NAFTA would…
I agree with Representative Ilhan Omar: The answer to hate is not more hate; it is compassion. top 1% owe 70% of unpaid taxes. Collecting less than a third of those taxes can fund all of this: 🎓 Tuition-fr…