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@DJTOHBAHD Thanks Tohbahd! 💙 @DJTOHBAHD @bizzleosikoya my sis @TMSKD_dj @LANREWAJU_ That’s just how bad it is. I’ll take Holding/Chambers right now, thankfully October is almost here so B… of us have had an older woman in our lives take us aside and tell us: make sure you have money your partner ca…
Retweeted by Ahine😭😭😭 birthday @JonnyStone11 have an amazing year! 🎈 @LANREWAJU_ Shambolic CB performances. @BoogeyThat All I can remember is Tom Cruise. Can’t even remember the plot right now but these guys need to stop this 🤦🏾‍♀️Hello @Boltapp_ng why am I being charged for a ride that didn’t/hasn’t happened yet? @ThePakuma 0.5% when I get the first salary @showfz 😂😭 my life. You can do better and I can do better too @showfz My own plenty lemme not likeEverywhere sis everywhere they wait till I finish my course? 😂 @sir_k_kezman Not really. I just think it’s common courtesy. Because it makes the entire thing more awkward when yo… @sir_k_kezman What does this actually mean? Explain please @LonieChinjong 💯 @Jaguanaana Exactly! And they always look stupid after this @obajiotareh @eimeekay That’s what disrespect causes @Adangxzi 😂😭 real tears like what in the disrespect @eimeekay Same thing happened over the weekend and the guy came back with the “oh I didn’t know it was you I have b… @Akiinwunmi_ @ThePakuma It’s bad manners forget all these excuses @eimeekay Omg how did I forget about this crucial category! Like she’s hollow woman or something. Such gross disres… @Cashfleu 😂 wow this is serious @ThePakuma 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ assumptions never helped any situation @Cashfleu Lol but that shunning would be sure when you ignored the babe first to say hi to 10 guys before acknowledging her presence. @Ms_Ibia And also if you don’t know the reason for a particular tweet you might also ask. There is a reason that tw… @Ms_Ibia If you had taken the time to go through the previous tweets you won’t be here with this reply. There is no… @TheUnscripted_ 😂 I should adapt this because it’s getting too frequent @ThePakuma Lol it’s a dead logic. It’s just simple courtesy say hi and pass. Because it’s more awkward when you com… @TheUnscripted_ It’s a foolish thing lol Cos it’s always awkward when the guy comes back to say hi to you knowing h… @Ms_Ibia Alright then don’t stay safe. I am a lady and there is no such thing as being too careful. Being careful i… is a thing I noticed some guys do when they get into a place where there are both guys and girls and need to… @kenedavies This!!!!!! It’s sad what logical reasoning has turned into @ThePakuma It’s tiring
@TalkToPayBac Feng shui 🤝 @TalkToPayBac The outfit just like the teaser video you dropped. It’s the universe speaking. Boy band all the way @TalkToPayBac This is it @SegunMaximus This is not a kid. This man pays his tax! 🤯Please be informed, if you're in a car, bus or Keke where the driver is making a call saying" lace" or "Ankara" he'…
Retweeted by Ahine @TruthBy_JD That’s what Twitter has sadly turned into. @keleccini Yo like!!!!!! It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. This shouldn’t turn into a senseless gender bias… @TruthBy_JD Exactly! Some guy tweeted Same and all I have seen are ladies dragging him and making it a sexist agenda.This should actually be a popular opinion. Ladies, stay safe out there!
Retweeted by AhineUnpopular but there is nothing wrong in telling ladies to be safe out there. Until the authorities in Port Harcou… but can you do something about the #PHCSerialKiller our sisters are out there being killed and nothing is being… inspiration Rhanty! Keep going! 💪🏽 @BabajideDosumu @BrymOlawale Well the universe has designed the world to work in a give and take manner. Someone mu… pass a market, they call out to you to buy, you refuse next thing “Ashewo” @BrymOlawale But in order to win someone has to lose. @rockd_iva @tonyvodkaa That’s the main chief! He made me like Ikkaku more Cos that’s the only reason Ikkaku is stil… @tonyvodkaa @rockd_iva 😂I love Ikkaku! That man eats, breathes, sleeps and lives for fighting. Still the best squad @ElewadeBanks He would bring feedback soon 😂 @tonyvodkaa 😂🌚 @ElewadeBanks 🌚 he didn’t specifyThen you beat that only to still battle against Child Marriage,Female Genital Mutilation, Spousal Abuse and Serial… is almost like being a woman is a crime. Society, religion, culture and even nature all with separate agendas a… Dubai is cheaper(more logical) than most of those other visa free places especially if they are within Afri… no Qwaser.
@Calix65 @ElewadeBanks Say what????? @SegunMaximus @ElewadeBanks I’d gladly go to Dubai over spending that 300k to SenegalThis serial killer just knew the right MO to use to carry on killing people. Killing women in hotels. The self-righ…
Retweeted by Ahine @ElewadeBanks Minus Airbnb still better than with I Africa @ElewadeBanks No cap. Ain’t nobody got time fi dat @ElewadeBanks David Luiz, get Okoto meow kututu meow Skr. #Facts @The_Hemsley It’s not worth it @lanrezz I blame EmeryYES. And that’s perfectly fine too. never have signed Luiz in the first place. Should never have sold Iwobi. Should not have even taken Ozil/Ceballos off today 🤦🏾‍♀️ @showfz Not surprised at all! It was obvious right from kick off @EskimoFranchy 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ FC has mastered the act of solid placement. A joy to watch 😊Mesut Ozil that’s the tweet.😂😭 Watford were beginning to feel like Barcelona for a minPhew. Aubaaaa @TheCharlesIsidi Ok this is way more elaborate than I thought. Thank you! Definitely my kinda movie @BabajideDosumu Ghana sef Dey boom plus constant power so I don’t mind the send back sef @Felishhhh_ @arin_nolablack I always thought it was one person 🤦🏾‍♀️ @CarefreeChello Ok then I’ll watch @SegunMaximus Going to watch now @BabajideDosumu Lol it’s part of lifeIs “7 Days In Entebbe” any good?Wow @rockyamartey @showfz Funny and sad you know. But I’m getting used to these thingsWhat I find funny is that most times people who “know you” are the least reluctant to pay for your services. My m…
Craving bread and suya like this 🤦🏾‍♀️ @ope_adroit 🙌🏽 @Intel360 @TalkToPayBac 😂 I’ll definitely need you on it 🙌🏽Soundcheck ✅ Life is a 🏝 @LearnTheCreator Thank you! 🙏🏾🙌🏽This is super dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by AhineYou're a beast!
Retweeted by AhineTHAT’S WHAT HE SAID!! 🙏🏾 Thank you Boogey 🤗
Brilliant ads. @TalkToPayBac @LearnTheCreator @Jonnjnrr Twitter won’t let me upload the longer version so let’s enjoy this one 😁W